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Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  3:27 PM Reply with quote

I cannot guide you because that is the domain of Allah.

As for misguidance... that is the domain of Allah too. Through your own ahwaa', through blinding you to the truth, and through your buddy shaitan.

Excellent, Marwan!!!!!

Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  3:35 PM Reply with quote
May Allah save us from the guidance of Marwan! We are better off without it.

Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  3:51 PM Reply with quote

May Allah save us from the guidance of Marwan! We are better off without it.

May Allah save us from the guidance of Oosman! We are better off without it.

Posted - Wednesday, December 13, 2006  -  7:06 PM Reply with quote
cant you come up with something original?!! how pathetic

Posted - Thursday, December 14, 2006  -  12:18 AM Reply with quote
captain marwan comes to the rescue of side-kick zulfi !

Posted - Thursday, December 14, 2006  -  11:16 AM Reply with quote

This forum having been polluted by a puppy virus I am obliged to quit for good.

And what about the tilawat virus polluting this site??? And I am not obliged by the exhibited hypocritism of yours.

Its good news for all the tilawaat is not polluting these forums with his/her secular liberalism.

Excellent Marwan!!! The guys proclaiming liberalism everywhere are nowhere even at their homes.

the bad news is that you are still polluting it with your extremism.

The extreme has two ends and you, oosman, are certainly of the worst end!!

It seems tilawaat is still around polluting the forums...

Not seems but a confirmed fact!! See below.

beware tilawat nida, he/she is a trickster and secular religionist.
He/she is as much a muslim as I am a Christian.
He/she only wishes to crush your faith under the guise of secularism.


Go back to you atheist and secualr friends tilawat…

Excellent Marwan!!!

In fact, I myself am in doubt about my gender.

Tilawat, What a nonsense, stupid and of half aqal statement of yours is!!!!! You must have said that you could not disclose your personal identity instead of saying ‘In fact, I myself am in doubt about my gender’.
Your statement clearly shows the fact otherwise to your exhibited identity (username). Or, are you are a EUNUCH???

Anyway, as you said, it does not matter here what is one's gender - except to a takfiri.

If anyone like tilawat and oosman, is not liar why they hesitate to tell about their gender. Their statements clearly show the fact otherwise to their exhibited identify (username). They are frankly telling a lie!!

In fact, I myself am in doubt about my gender. You live in Pakistan and I live in its capital, Islamabad. Why not come and see me or let me have your address to see you.
Btw,why not be friends, the relationship in which sex/gender is immaterial.

See below, tilawat.

I am not a fully grown up girl yet. I'm a teenager.

Therefore Nida, someone is inviting you at Islamabad. See the above quote. The old prostitute is inviting you at her brothel. Do not worry at all, The liberalism does not ban such places.

its clear tilawat is a freak... nida, some advice, don't go near IT.

Excellent Marwan!!!!

your scum sucking filth of a mind is incorrect tilawat.
I am only concerned that a sincere muslim sister is not tricked and polluted with the like of you.
I unlike you have made and do not intend to make any personal contact with her, either by email or in person.

Excellent Marwan!!!!

Posted - Thursday, December 14, 2006  -  1:58 PM Reply with quote

cant you come up with something original?!! how pathetic

cant you, oosman, behave in the honest and un-hypocritic way?

captain marwan comes to the rescue of side-kick zulfi !

Oosman, he can rescue you, also, if you are not a liar. Have you seen any side kick??

Posted - Monday, March 21, 2011  -  9:30 PM Reply with quote

a good response on this, and one that actually make more sense is to be found here: -


“Ma Malakat Aimanukum” is one of the most misunderstood, misused and abused term of the Quran. It is usually taken as to mean “female slave”. Before we discuss the correct meaning of this term, it must be borne in mind that there is a specific word in Arabic language for female slaves and this word has been used at least twice in the Quran, once as a singular [“amatun” which is used in 2:221] and secondly as a plural [“imaaun”, which is used in 24:32].

“Ma Malakat Aimanukum” literally has the following meanings:

-What your right hands possess

-What you rightfully have

-What you [already] have

-What is rightfully yours

Now “what your right hands possess”, or “what you rightfully have” or “what is rightfully yours” or “what your [already] have” could be any of the following:

-Your wife

-Your spouse

-Your servant

-Your possession, or property

-Your slave [both male or female] because “Ma Malakat Aimanukum” refers to a neutral gender which is applicable to both male or female.

-Your prisoner of war

Now let us explore each key word in the term “Ma Malakat Aimanukum”, a little further.

The word “Malakat” has the root meem-laam-kaaf [M-L-K]. It primary signification is:

-To possess or own [something or someone], particularly with ability to have it to oneself exclusively

Other meanings include:

-To have power to command or exercise authority

-To acquire

-To take over

-To Marry

As can be seen that one of the meanings is “to marry”. This is according to one of the most authentic dictionaries of Arabic language [Lisan-ul-Arab by Ibn-Manzoor Vol. 13, page 184]. Another authentic dictionary of Modern Arabic also describes this meaning [The Hans Wehrs Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, page 1081].

According to Lisan-ul-Arab, al-milaak means


-The bond of holy matrimony

According to the same dictionary, milaakun also means


The word “milkun” which has plural “amlaak” means:





-Real estate


The word “mulkun” means:




-Right of possession [what is rightfully yours]

In the term “Ma Malakat Aimanukum”, the word MALAKAT is in the PAST tense, which signifies “What you ALREADY have”, or “what you ALREADY possess” or “what CAME in your possession”. The word, grammatically, cannot be taken as to mean “what you WILL possess” or “what you WILL have”. The future or present tense form of this word is altogether different and has been used in various verses of Quran [5:17, 5:76, 10:31, 13:16, 16:76, 17:56, 19:87, 20:89, 25:3, 29:7, 34:22, 34:42, 35:13, 39:43, 43:86, 82:19]

Now let us see the word “Aimanukum”.

The word “Aimanun” is the plural of “Yaminun” and means “Right hands”. The root of this word is ya-meem-noon [Y-M-N].

The word “Yaminun” also means:

-A covenant

-An oath

The word “Yumnun”, has the same root Y-M-N and means:


-Good luck

-Good fortune

-Good omen


Now think of “Marriage” which is also a covenant [as described in Quran] and an event of auspiciousness, then see the suitability of the use of word “Aimanun” in context of marriage, as well.

From the above it can be seen that “Ma Malakat Aimanukum”, may not only refer to “slave” [which could be both male or female] but also to:




-Prisoners of war


-What is rightfully yours

Before we move further, another important word [which is used as conjunction] must also be explained. The word is “AW”, used in the phrase “aw ma malakat aymanukum”. “AW” is usually translated as “OR”. There is no doubt that “OR” is one of the meanings of “AW” but as a matter of fact, this word is used in no less than 12 different ways [also explained in Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon]. One of the uses of this word is TAFSEEL, [i.e. elaborative or explanatory]. In other words, “aw” is also used to add some meaning to the previous word or to explain a previous word or to give some attribute or characteristics of the previous word.

Please refer to 17:110. In this verse, there is a phrase “odAAoo Allaha awi odAAoo alrrahmana”. Note carefully how “Allah” and “Rahman” are separated by the word “aw”. Now here “aw” does not imply that “Allah” and “Rahman” are two different Beings. Without doubt, “Allah” and “Rahman” is one and the same Being. “Rahman” is an attribute of “Allah”.

Now refer to verses 23:6 and 70:30.

23:6 Illa AAala azwajihim aw ma malakat aymanuhum fainnahum ghayru maloomeena

70:30 Illa AAala azwajihim aw ma malakat aymanuhum fainnahum ghayru maloomeena

In both the above verses, “azwajihim” and “ma malakat aymanuhum” are separated by “aw”. Here it does not mean that “azwajihim” and “ma malakat aymanuhum” are two different objects. Actually, they refer to one and the same object. “azwajihim” ARE “ma malakat aymanuhum” i.e. “their spouses” are “what they rightfully possess”.

In 4:24, the term “ma malakat aymanukum” refers to those married women which are wives of the disbelievers [as explained in 60:10]. The verse 4:24 makes unlawful to marry all married women except those married women that have come to the believers as prisoners of wars or emigrants but their husbands are non-believers. [After becoming of these women believers, Quran renders their previous marriage to the unbelievers, null]

In 4:3, the term “ma malakat aymanukum” means “what you rightfully possess” or “what you [already] have”.

In 33:52, the Prophet is forbidden to marry any more women in spite of their beauty except to MARRY only the slave girls or prisoners of war referred in 60:10, to make them part of the family and give them status.

Posted - Sunday, March 27, 2011  -  6:17 PM Reply with quote
Alif Lam Rá Is In America: To Let The World Know That ‘ALLAH Is ALLAH’! Allah Is Allah From Australia, To Canada, To Jamaica, & To Libya. Allah Gives HIS Message To ALL; Each Time He Sends HIS Messenger; From Noáh To Muhámmad To Alif Lam Rá: The Message Is The Same; IT IS ‘ALLAH IS ALLAH’!

The Original Qur’an From ‘ALLAH’ To Muhámmad & Alif Lam Rá

The Book (Qur'an)

Sura 1

1. Alif Lam Mim

2. This is The Book. In this book is Sure Guidance, without doubt, for those who are conscious of Allah.

3. Those who believe In The Unseen, who are steadfast to pray, and who spends of what Allah has provided:

4. And those who believe in the revelation sent to them, and sent before this time, and In their Spirit is the assurance of a Life There After;

5. They Are On True Guidance To Their Lord & It Is These People Who Will Prosper.

6. It is Allah Who has created for you all things that are on earth. His design comprehends the Complete Universe; the Seen & the Unseen.

7. Behold, Allah said to His Angels: "I will create a Vicegerent on earth."

8. The Angels said: "Will You place therein one who will create mischief; while we celebrate Your praises and glorify Your Holy Name?"

9. Allah said: "I know what you know not."

10. And Allah taught Adem the nature of things; then Allah placed the things before the Angels, and said: "Tell me the nature of these if you know."

11. The Angels said: "Glory to Allah. We have no knowledge, except what You have taught us. In truth it is You Who are perfect in Knowledge and Wisdom."

12. Allah said: "O Adem! Tell the Angels their natures."

13. When Adem told the Angels, Allah said: "I know the secrets of heaven and earth, and I know what you reveal and what you conceal."

14. Allah said to the angels: "Go down to Adem" and they Went down. Satan Did Not: he refused and was arrogant:

15. Then Adem Learned Words Of Inspiration, while his Lord Turned towards him; for Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.

Sura 2

1. Alif Lam Mim

2. Allah. There is no True God but He: The Living, The Self-Subsisting, The Creator Of Eternal.

3. From Allah, Nothing is hidden in this Universe.

4. It Is Allah Who shapes Us in the wombs as He pleases.

5. It Is Allah Who has sent down 'The Book': In it are fundamental verses.

6. Behold! An Angel Said: "O Mary! Allah gives you glad tidings and a Word from Him:

7. You will have a son named Jesus, held in honor in this world and the Life After.

8. He shall speak truth to the people in childhood and in maturity. And he shall be in the company of the righteous."

9. Said Mary: "How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?"

10. The Angel said: "Even so: Allah creates what He wills: When Allah has decreed a plan, He only says to it, 'Be', and 'it is'!

11. The likeness of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adem; Allah created them from dust, then said to them: "Be". And they were.

12. This is The True account: Allah is indeed the Exalted in Power, and Wise.

Sura 3

1. Alif Lam Mim Sad

2. Call on your Lord with Humility, but do so In Private.

3. The Mercy of Allah is always near to those who do good.

4. It is Allah Who sends the winds like heralds of glad tidings, going before His mercy:

5. When The Clouds Become Heavy, Allah drives the clouds to a land, then makes rain to descend, so every kind of harvest may come forth:

6. Allah sent Noah to his people. Said Noah: "Adore Allah Who Created You. You Have No Other Protector But Him."

7. The leaders of his people said: "Ahh! We see that you are evidently wandering in mind."

8. Said Noah: "My people! No wandering is there in my mind: on the contrary, I am a Prophet from the Lord of the worlds!"

9. But they rejected Noah, then Allah delivered Noah, and those with him in the Boat.

Sura 4

1. Alif Lam Ra

2. To Allah is the return of all. The promise of Allah is true and certain.

3. It is Allah Who begins the process of creation, then repeats it, that He may reward with justice those who work righteousness;

4. It is Allah Who Has made the Sun to be a Shining Glory, and the moon to be a Light of Beauty; so we would know the number of Years and be able to count Days.

5. Those who work for the sake of Righteousness: Allah will guide them because of their Faith.

6. O Mankind! There has come to you a direction from your Lord with a healing for your Spirit; Guidance and Mercy.

7. It is Allah That has made the night, so that ye may rest therein, and the day to make things visible to you.

8. Some say: "Allah has begotten a son!" Allah is Self-Sufficient! Allah Creates and Sustains the Universe! Glory be to Allah!

Sura 5

1. Alif Lam Ra

2. Allah sent Noah to his people saying: "I have come to you with a Clear Warning: Allah is The Unseen Creator of the Earth."

3. "My People, I ask you for no wealth in return: my reward is from none but Allah."

4. It was revealed to Noah: "Construct a Boat under the guidance of Allah and His Angels."

5. As Noah Begins Constructing the Boat: The Leaders of his people would passed by him, and throw ridicule on him.

6. Such are the stories of the unseen, which Allah has revealed:

Sura 6

1. Alif Lam Ra

2. Behold! Joseph said to his Father Jacob: "Father! I saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon: I saw them prostrate themselves to me!"

3. Said Jacob: "My dear little son! Relate not this vision to your brothers, lest they concoct a plot against thee: for Satan is to man an avowed enemy!"

4. This Is How Your Lord will teach you the interpretation of stories and events. Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom."

Sura 7

1. Alif Lam Mim Ra

2. Allah has created The Universe without any pillars that can be seen.

3. Allah has subjected the Sun and the Moon to His exact course.

4. It is Allah who spreads men around the earth, and establishes Cities & Countries Standing Securely.

5. Allah makes the rives flow, the oceans hold firm, and produces fruit of every kind.

6. Every single thing, unseen and open, is before Allah's Sight and Provision!

Sura 8

1. Alif Lam Ra

2. The Parable of those who reject their Lord is: their works are like ashes; blowing furiously in the wind.

3. The Parable of a Bad Word is just like of a Bad Tree: It is torn up by the root from the surface of the Earth: It has no stability.

4. Allah will establish righteousness, with an understanding that is settled; in this world and in the Life There After.

Sura 9

1. Alif Lam Ra

2. Behold! Allah said to the Angels: "I am about to create Man from a mud clay molded into shape;

3. "When I have fashioned him, in due proportion, and breathed into him his spirit, fall to earth in obeisance unto him."

4. So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together: Except Satan!

Sura 10

1. Alif Lam Mim

2. For those who have hopes in the meeting with Allah in the Life There After, let them strive.

3. And if any strive with all their might, they do so for their own souls: for Allah is free of all needs from All Creation.

4. Those people who work Righteous Deeds, Allah shall reward them accordingly.

5. And those who adore Allah & His Creation, shall be in the company of the Righteous.

Sura 11

1. Alif Lam Mim

2. It is Allah Who begins the process of creation; then repeats it again, and again.

3. So give glory to Allah, when you reach an eventide and when you rise in the morning.

4. It is Allah Who brings out the living from the dead, and takes the dead from the living.

5. Among Allah's Signs is this: He created you from dust; and then you are men and women scattered far and wide!

6. Among Allah's Signs is this: He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your Spirits.

7. Among Allah's Signs is the creation of The Universe, and the variations in languages, and The different colors of people:

8. Among Allah's Signs is the sleep that you take by night and by day, and the quest that you make for livelihood, out of His Bounty:

9. Among Allah's Signs is How He shows you the lightning, by both ways of fear and of hope; He sends down rain from the sky and with it gives life to the earth.

10. Among Allah's Signs is this, The Universe stands by His Command: then when He calls you, by a single call from the earth; behold, ye straightway come forth.

11. To Allah belongs every being that is on earth, and all are in the presence of Allah.

Sura 12

1. Alif Lam Mim

2. Here is a Guide and a Mercy to the Doers of Good.

3. For those who have faith in Allah and work righteous deeds, they will abide in Gardens of Bliss and dwell therein forever.

4. The promise of Allah is true: and He is Exalted in Power, Wise.

Sura 13

1. Alif Lam Mim.

2. This is the Revelation of 'The Book' in which there is no doubt.

3. No Person knows what delights of their Spirit & Eye are kept hidden in reserve for them - as a reward for their good deeds.

4. Those who are Conscious Of Allah, In Righteousness, will have great delights with their efforts.

http://www.facebook.com/Alif Lam R&#225;

Posted - Friday, April 1, 2011  -  9:59 AM Reply with quote
Rather than posting a long post, "Isn't better to post just the link for better convenience of the moderator as well as the site?"

Posted - Sunday, April 3, 2011  -  1:08 PM Reply with quote
The verses 4:24 and 4:25 are talking about slaves and war captives which were considered as slaves or property in those times. We donot have slaves now and prisoners of war are not considered property either. So these verses have no relevance today."The Quran is also a historical record of past events. In this capacity, some of its verses are situation specific and not universal."

Edited by: saba2 on Sunday, April 03, 2011 3:00 PM

Posted - Friday, October 13, 2023  -  9:43 PM Reply with quote
السلام عليكم
I left this forum many years ago, and had requested the admins/managers to delete all my posts.
Since they have conveniently ignored my request, I advise the readers to ignore my posts, and I openly retract from anything I said that was against the Qur'aan, Sunnah or way of the salaf.
I also free myself from this website, for its 'aqeedah and manhaj is not what the salaf were upon.

Learn true Islaam instead of wasting your time listening to people's opinions on forums.

www.tawhidfirst.com (English)

www.imamdarimi.com (Urdu)

(Posted by member, Nida_e_Khair)

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