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Posted - Tuesday, April 12, 2005  -  11:44 AM Reply with quote
Asalam ualaikum:
First timer, but here goes:
Person 1:What is the most dangerous part of the car?
Person 2:The "nut" that holds the steering.

Posted - Tuesday, April 12, 2005  -  6:58 PM Reply with quote
thats funny!!! :P .xXx. Salamz

**just cos its a first doesnt mean it has to be a last! if there's more one liners then post em! PLEASE!!** **thank you :)** .xXx.

Posted - Thursday, June 9, 2005  -  8:25 PM Reply with quote
All I Need is a Miracle

A woman was walking along the beach when she stumbled upon a genie's lamp. She picked it up and rubbed it. Lo-and-behold a genie appeared. The amazed woman asked if she got three wishes.

The Genie said, "Nope. Due to inflation, constant downsizing, low wages in third-world countries and fierce global competition, I can only grant you one wish. So, what'll it be?"

The woman didn't hesitate. She said, "I want peace in the Middle East. See this map? I want these countries to stop fighting with each other."

The Genie looked at the map and exclaimed, "Gadzooks, lady! These countries have been at war for thousands of years. I'm good, but not THAT good! I don't think it can be done. Make another wish."

The woman thought for a minute. She said, "Well, I've been trying to find the right husband. You know, one that's considerate and fun, likes to cook and helps with the housecleaning, has a great sense of humour and gets along with my family, doesn't watch sports all the time and is faithful. That's what I wish for. A good mate."

The Genie let out a long sigh and said, "Let me see that map again."

Received from www.understanding-islam.org

Posted - Friday, June 10, 2005  -  8:07 AM Reply with quote
A great joke; very funny indeed.
Such a wise Genie!

Regards To All.

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