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Posted - Saturday, June 9, 2007  -  11:55 AM Reply with quote
Most humbly my respected brothers in Islam, in my very limited knowledge Deen ilam aur amal key tawazan kaa naam hey.

For me if someone is learniing Islam from Qur'an directly and someone is using ahadith to interpret Qur'an is not that important an issue. More importantly, the way we are debating the issue. We are discussing Allah's religion and using words like childish and possessed by satan if the other disagrees. Is this the way of prophet pbuh? is this the way of our religion.

This is an academic discussion forum, there is a bigger audiance of new muslims and non muslims reading our exchanges and perhaps becoming more disillusioned. We may win the battle but we certainly loosing the war.

IMHO The single cause of downfall of Muslims today is not lack of knowledge But they do nopt practice what they preach. There is contradiction between what we say and what we do. Let us deliberate and ponder on our mennerism.

My responsibility is not to convince and convert but to present my case or what I have learn't in the best way and with reasons. I must have an open mind to accept truth when presented and this is the real tets of our lives. I have to be sur ethat I am not just an outcome of my environment but have insight to accept and see things with an open mind and accept truth when presented

If I have transgressed the limits of my religion in writing the above I humbly apologise.

Posted - Saturday, June 9, 2007  -  2:30 PM Reply with quote

Why quote a reference which you dont understand...bit difficult to back your point when you actually dont understand t yourself.
Really! I am sure you understand what you are saying.

Yes God is merciful but this in no way explain your reference. Besides I thought it was beyond you undrstanding
If you cannot understand this Nothing more I say is going to make any sense to you.

points taken
thanks and salam

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