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Posted - Sunday, February 20, 2005  -  7:34 PM Reply with quote
many of us hv saved a life, with God's help ofcourse, by operating on a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. as i came across one such case recently where the patient was a teenager, i just felt this is too little an age to be exposed to such risks to one's life.
my present project "The Silver Ring" looks into the consequences of different attitudes regarding sexual behaviour and disciplines with respect to women's sexual health; and the risks involved as consequences; main measure being the level of mental stress due to the fear of STI(sexually transmitted infections) and disturbed family lives. and we know from evidence that mental health is the corner stone for a good general health and a peaceful n happy life.

If you think this issue needs our attention as doctors please back my project up by sending your comments here so that it helps getting through the local ethics committee; or email me

many thnx/j.k. n wassalaam


Edited by: hkhan on Sunday, February 20, 2005 8:29 PM

Posted - Sunday, February 20, 2005  -  8:13 PM Reply with quote
I think it's a very interesting and very important topic. As many teenagers think of sexual relations are just part of their relationship with the opposite sex, and the consequenses are not always good. Pregnancy, or STD is the result, and they end up leaving education and try to either get a job, or like here in the UK, live on benifits. What kind of life is that? So I agree that doctors should always give advice, if not more against all this, and show the community the dangers of early pregnancies and unsafe sexual relations.

Posted - Tuesday, May 31, 2005  -  12:34 PM Reply with quote

Some of the protests going on today in England. All can help in this campaigne, by encouraging themselves and the ones they know who are trying to quit, with available resources and other ideas. NHS is helping by providing nicotene patches and many are trying to quit using these.

However we strongly believe that besides all this, prayers must not be forgotten as prayer is the weapon of a believer to get jobs done- insh'Allah.

Because there is sense and logic in this, all revealed religions have discouraged every thing which could harm human body or soul. Cigarettes clearly have been proved to do this; so have been other drugs.

As people become more aware of the disasters of smoking, the cigarette industries are highly likely to trade into third world in order to compensate their loss in the developed areas of the world; and this has been happening already.

Therefore our brs and srs in these countries must be on guard; instead of buying more of this deadly product which may be sold at cheaper rates.

I know some people in Pakistan who have given up smoking by using nicotene chewing gum.



Posted - Tuesday, May 31, 2005  -  11:35 PM Reply with quote
You Know You're Addicted to Smoking When...
You put scotch tape on a broken one.

You only smoke half of the cigarette so you can start on the next one sooner.

A big white truck with the picture of a camel rolls up to your house twice a week with your supply of smokes.

You are considering changing your name to Malboro.

You smoke in the shower.

You've convinced yourself that second-hand smoke is not harmful if you inhale really really deeply.

Your children are named: Winston, Philip Morris and Misty.

R.J. Reynolds sends you a Christmas card.

You're waiting for the last few pews to become a designated smoking area before you'll go back to church.

People invite you outside to admire the stars, and it's daytime.

Every time you light up a cigarette your family stops, drops and rolls.

Your family's Christmas wish list consists of gas masks, fire extinguishers and air fresheners.

You have an environmental awareness group protesting on your lawn.

Your family goes to Los Angeles for fresh air.

Your friends have named their secondhand smoke related coughs after me.

Your cat has taken to wearing "The Patch"

Your family uses fog horns to navigate around you.

Just watching the 400 metre race during the Olympics makes you tired.

The local iron lung dealer sends you their product brochures.

Phillip Morris sends you their annual report and thanks you for your help.

You recently read somewhere that your former cigarette manufacturer went out of business shortly after you switched to a new brand.

Your doctor [excitedly] asks for your permission to use your lung x-rays at his next "Quit Smoking" seminar.

You take baths because the shower puts 'em out

Your nickname at work is "Breakroom."

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Smoking.

**all taken from http://www.blogthings.com/Smoking.html**

Posted - Tuesday, May 31, 2005  -  11:37 PM Reply with quote
I AM NOT ADDICTED TO SMOKING!! it was funny, thats all... :P

.xXx. Wasslam, hope you enjoy!

Posted - Wednesday, June 1, 2005  -  8:43 PM Reply with quote
Never not the liars do the self recommendations. Neither is there any question nor any request in this thread to tell about oneself whether he/she is smoker or not. So the first statement of this text stands to be not false but true.
Take care!

Edited by: Irsalfwalsh on Wednesday, June 01, 2005 9:00 PM

Posted - Thursday, June 2, 2005  -  8:50 PM Reply with quote
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Almost every body knows that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking and the chewing (quid of tobacco, betel and similar others) are one of the major causes of oral and other cancers. The causes are easily remembered by “6Ss” (Bailey), Smoking, Spirit, Spices, Sepsis, Syphilis, Sharp edge of the tooth causing repeated injury to inner side of lips and cheeks.

It must be remembered that a non-smoker, near a smoker is equally rather more affected in the short term because of lack of adaptation to withstand. And in a non-smoker a small dose of the smoke (nicotine) may cause the same consequences as the heavy dose in the smoker. On the other hand God, His prophet (peace be upon him) as well as His people dislike foul smell, which is surely, in addition to other injurious effects of smoking, a gift to the smoker. This foul smell is not easily removed by even regular mouthwashes and brushing.

In a Hadith, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) had forbidden us, having eaten a raw onion, to enter the mosque and when this order is for a Halal thing what about the smoking, which is a bad thing?

IN ADDITION to the smoking there must also be a walk against the excessive use of spices especially chillies, which disturb the whole alimentary system.


Although lung cancer is more common in men, the rate in women has increased while that in men has decreased. The cause may be explained by giving up smoking by the men and increasing smoking among the women.

One of the REFERENCES: Cuschieri A, Steele RJC, Moosa AR. Tumours of the lung. In: Essential Surgical Practice, 4th Edition; Vol. 2. Arnold, London: 2002, Page. 1159-79.

Posted - Sunday, June 12, 2005  -  7:38 AM Reply with quote
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Once a young man having a self inflicted wound on his neck profusely bleeding, was brought in the emergency ward. He was fully conscious and well oriented. He admitted fully that he had done himself. However his life was saved successfully. When he was interviewed he said, “I am not an ordinary person but chosen by Allah”. In short, he told that he had been ordered by Allah to kill himself and so he had acted upon. After listening him carefully the department of Psychiatry was called and later on they had diagnosed him as a case of Schizophrenia.

Posted - Monday, June 13, 2005  -  11:37 AM Reply with quote
wow thats scary loveall

i remember in medical college when in one of the psychiatry lessons, a scizophrenic patient was brought to our lecture theatre who lectured us about his appointment from god and the important mission he was on.
may god protect each of us from such and many other similar conditions and diseases as one never knows ......

Todays headlines. BBC 1

1 in 15 doctors in UK are addicted to alcohol or some type of drug.
Serious consideration is being given to help them give up the habits.

I strongly feel and have submitted my concern a couple of times to the local relevant authorities, as I am copying this writing to the British Medical Association and Doctors Net today, that no resourses whatsoever are available/used to look after the moral values for doctors.

Tired doctors return to their rest rooms to find pon magazines awaiting their attention, or may be a bit of music, tv etc.

Many NHS hospitals are now allocating space for multi faith prayer rooms/sanctuaries etc. but what is there to encourage drs to visit those rooms.

The 2nd News is that BBC is broadcasting some programmes to inform teenagers about the harms of coccaine.

When we take our children away from God, even if not deliberately, but the system we have designed around has done it over a period of time, then we ought to realize that being humans, they need some sort of support; if not God, it shall be Drugs!!!

Posted - Monday, June 13, 2005  -  3:22 PM Reply with quote
comments from doctors net

Clean hands or a Pure Heart?

Hospital managers have denied they are planning to ban bedside Bibles - although they admit they regard them as a hygiene hazard.
Managers in Leicester say they are looking for ways for "safer storage" of religious materials.
The city's hospitals have been reported as planning to remove the bedside Gideon bibles.

Two reasons have been cited for the decision - fear of MRSA and alleged offence to muslims.

Pauline Tagg, director of nursing at Leicester Universities NHS Trust, told the BBC: "They are not disposable they haven't got a wipeable cover.

"If they are stained or contaminated then they cannot be cleaned effectively."

Trust spokeswoman Anne McGregor said: "We are taking advice from our infection control teams - and our service equality panel - to see how we can best make religious material available."

But Gideons International dismissed the claims of an infection risk as "nonsense".

(I personally cannot understand why should it be an alleged offence to muslims as we still find words of wisdom there.)

Posted - Wednesday, June 15, 2005  -  8:29 PM Reply with quote
QUOTE: Clean hands or a Pure Heart?

Perhaps I would not have respond if it were not our ignorance, which we sometimes come across at various places. The quote were more right, if would have been taken as “Clean hands as well as a Pure Heart”

Many people do not regard the Holy Books; they take them in their dirty laps and start reading even sometimes the saliva trickles down from angle of their mouth on the pages. If we (men and women) touch the Holy Books without Purification of our body in this case, with addition of saliva, such types of the news are right to realise us. Unfortunately, even some doctors, who know size of the microoganisms and size of the pore of linen/fabrics through which the organisms pass, are absolutely careless about the principles of sanitation and how we can blame others who are not doctors.

Posted - Friday, October 14, 2005  -  11:36 AM Reply with quote
Dear Friends,


AL-hamduillah, we found a method of getting doctors and trained medical staff to Pakistan at no expense to them. Inshallah we can also get payment for their time out in Pakistan. So if you know of any Doctors who wish to help in Pakistan please contact me on 0044- 07802 407045.

All arrangements will be handled for the individuals concerned here and in Pakistan, Visa's have also been arranged, so we just need the trained personnel Inshallah.

Make Dua.

Shaukat Warraich

Posted - Sunday, February 19, 2006  -  12:22 AM Reply with quote
The role of doctors in our lives may be, a little bit, understood by the earthquake incidence in Kashmir and the northern areas of Pakistan.


Posted - Sunday, February 19, 2006  -  2:45 PM Reply with quote
yes inshallah i shall jot down some details abt this soon. has been an imp opportunity for the medical and paramedical staff

Posted - Monday, March 6, 2006  -  12:21 AM Reply with quote
Role of doctors in our life is not merely to facilitate saving life but also to bring the victims to the pre-morbid state. Hence reconstructive surgery is now the major challenge to the medical profession to eliminate the disabilities and restore the various functions as well as the appearance (cosmesis).

Posted - Friday, March 10, 2006  -  5:31 PM Reply with quote
i was impressed by our pak. drs working night and day for the relief of the earthquake victims. hv jotted down some of my experiences on home page stislam and serving humanity our sister site. i'm sure surgeon akhlaq, you must hv been able to help a lot specially at the time of rescue when surgeons were needed the most and as you say, its an ongoing process.

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