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Posted - Monday, November 22, 2004  -  10:16 AM Reply with quote
thnx all for your valuable comments.
Plz do add your patients' comments as n wen as well.
We have got some from our patients and would try to post in.

Posted - Saturday, November 27, 2004  -  10:00 PM Reply with quote

Yesterday, a patient named Mohammad Yaqoob 50 years old presented in the emergency ward with acute intestinal obstruction due to strangulated inguinal hernia from five hours. He was drowsy having thready pulse and hypotension, sighing breathing, severely dehydrated due to profuse vomiting, and had distended abdomen. He was about to succumb to death. He was resuscitated. The anaesthetist refused to anaesthetise the patient for his bleeding profile to be corrected first, which was impaired due to associated chronic liver disease. But condition of the patient did not allow doing all that as suggested by the anaesthetist. So with the name of Allah, I opened up the case under local anaesthesia to save life of the patient. I succeeded to save a life and a considerable length of the intestine, which was near the gangrenous changes, and to be resected if delayed further few minutes. I came out successfully after doing all the needful procedures.

Today when I reached the ward the patient was sitting on the bed having a cup of tea in his hand. When he saw me, put the cup on the trolley and raised both hands up to pray for me. He will be discharged tomorrow or a day after.

We doctors are only a source but one who is saving the lives is Allah Almighty.

May Allah help and forgive us, Aameen!

Posted - Sunday, November 28, 2004  -  5:23 PM Reply with quote
You are right;and it is a great source of satisfaction and reward from Lord if you could help someone. We are therefore trying to organize it further in order to help eachother, help humanity, where n when and as n when; through our Communities project. It would be nice if each of us introduces more members of our friends and family to this project so that more and more people are there to Lend a Hand to eachother in whichever way one is able to help insh'Allah ; regardlesss of religion, caste or creed.

Posted - Thursday, December 2, 2004  -  8:25 PM Reply with quote
Dear Dr. Henna Khan,

How do your patient Tiffiny Andeson do, whom the Case report by you “Splenic artery aneurysm rupture in pregnancy” is published in JCPSP (Journal of College of Physicians and Surgeon of Pakistan) 2004; Vol.14 (5): Page.298-9.
She was operated about six months ago.

Any latest information, if any.

Posted - Friday, December 3, 2004  -  10:37 PM Reply with quote
Thnx for reminding Dear Surgeon Akhlaq
Have just written to her
Shall let you know on hearing insh'Allah


Posted - Saturday, December 4, 2004  -  11:53 PM Reply with quote
Have received quick reply from this sr. but sadly she is v. unhappy. May Lord give her peace n comfort. amen.

Re: SAA aneurysm USA/response from a surgeon
Date: 03/12/2004 22:43:39 GMT Standard Time
From: @yahoo.com
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To: HKhan135@aol.com
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Know I do not feel lucky for myself. I was not under
competent medical care and that is why a code was
called, a thoracotomy performed and I lost my spleen
and part of my pancreas and suffered liver injury too
not to mention the 34 plus units of blood and blood
product I received. My whole point in sharing my
experience is to help doctors (ER and OB's) to THINK
outside the box. Yes, I do thank God for my baby. But
I have been left damaged for life. If the OB's would
have called for a surgeon or find the source of
bleeding and not just sew me up and send me to
recovery, I would not have coded, had my chest cracked
open, lost part of my pancreas and missed out on the
last 3 years of my life and my sons. We are a miracle
but no competent medical staff came within minutes of
taking my life not saving it.

Also I have had serious infection due to the loss of
my spleen. I am now a strep carrier, I have a 3 and 6
year old and am always ill and have pain issues and a
whole range of medical issues from my liver to my
pancreas. I am not trying to be rude but I do not feel
grateful to anyone but GOD. I am married to a active
duty Marine Officer and am left with 2 little boys to
care for sick, in pain and traumatized.......maybe if
the doctors in my case did not assume a magic blood
fairy cured the bleeding they would have saved me, my
family and my body the horrible path we have been
down. I thank God not doctors!


Subject: Re: SAA aneurysm USA/response from a surgeon/wishes
Date: 04/12/2004 23:54:41 GMT Standard Time
From: HKhan135
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To: @yahoo.com
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My dear sister


Indeed I feel sad that you are in pain and not happy. But may God reward you for your patience and members on my websie pray for your health n comfort n a v. happy family life. amen
We also thank you for sharing your experience with us which you did purely for the sake of bettermemnt of other patients. May Lord reward you for this as well. amen

I am asuming that you are under care of a competent haematologist and physician now.

Best of regards
Dr Henna Khan

(plz post your comments/advice here for this patient if any wishes to. thnx/j.k.)

Edited by: hkhan on Sunday, December 05, 2004 12:05 AM

Posted - Sunday, December 5, 2004  -  9:26 PM Reply with quote

Thank you Dr. Henna Khan for providing the information.

She (Tiffiny Anderson) is right for the feedback, as she is feeling not comfortable even six months (approx) after the operation.

Being a qualified surgeon, I feel very well that at the time of surgical operation the surgeon is confined within the triangle made by uniting three points i.e. Allah almighty, the patient and the surgeon himself. During surgery I have seen sweat on the forehead of even my teachers, in spite of the winter season and high quality air conditioners in the summer season. This is the sign of feeling of the responsibility, as one who has steering in one’s hand knows well than the others. Moreover after opening the abdomen and intestine, the faeces and other secretions, pus etc are removed by the surgeon himself. There are many other similar works serving a patient, which even the relatives of the patient perhaps might not do. Dr. Henna Khan knows very well about Surgery, which is involved in whole of her speciality as well. Many times the doctors have to miss their meals and some personal liabilities at their homes as well. This is dignity of the profession. The aim is not self recommendation, which is a fact, but to reassure sister Tiffiny Anderson that what had been done was only what the concerned people could do within their limits set by Allah Almighty beyond which He has all the powers and our prayer are with her, Insha’Allah.

She must not think, “If I were had been operated at somewhere else, perhaps would not had been like that” The results achieved by the doctors are many times more encouraging than the expectations and references of the health literature all over the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was height of the human limits after which they had NO way other than to pray.

ADVICE (in addition to already given by the doctors)

1. Removal of terminal portion of the pancreas does not affect the digestive and endocrine functions of the body and it is same for the liver injury too.

2. Removal of the spleen needs proper prophylaxis, against the opportunistic infections, after which she must feel OK.

3. She needs chest/breathing exercises as advised by the physiotherapist to produce flexibility in the scars to reduce pain in the daily activities. If she has some ugly scar, may easily be revised into a hairline one, by a plastic surgeon.

4. As she has undergone major surgery and knows about all the procedures, so she needs psychotherapy by an experienced psychotherapist. It is same as doctors and nurses are very much difficult patients.

5. Regular follow up by all the concerned specialities, as she needs a multidisciplinary approach.

I request Dr. Henna Khan to please convey my message with best wishes to her and her family with special love to her children.

I pray for her good heath.

Posted - Monday, December 6, 2004  -  3:05 PM Reply with quote
"Thank you and I have qualified doctor's now.....I was
also MRSA exposed and in isolation for a long time.

I hv emailed her your comments Dear Surgeon Akhlaq
Will keep you informed

Many thnx for your precious time
Hope she feels uplifted with your info.


Posted - Wednesday, December 8, 2004  -  9:30 PM Reply with quote

Most welcome,Madam Dr. Henna Khan

I am happy, if I am able to make someone happy.

May Allah help and forgive us, Aameen!

Posted - Saturday, December 11, 2004  -  7:59 PM Reply with quote
in answer 2 the question WHAT IS THE ROLE OF DOCTORS IN OUR LIVES....

to stich us up wen we'r hurt

to help us out wen we need then

to do things wich include a lot of blood **liks lips** **yeah im a vampire...** :P

and do other doctorly things...theyr like healers who heal people :P With Allah's Help ;)


Posted - Tuesday, December 14, 2004  -  11:07 PM Reply with quote
DON’T WORRY, xxbasxx

Islam has already stitched such wounds by the sutures of relationship of brothers and sisters among us but only application of the ointment is required, for which we are independent as the nature does it very well and in such cases we are all doctors who can enhance this natural process with the help of God.

Don’t worry; brother and sisters are around to arrange a lot of blood.

We must not be “Vampires” but We (V) Umpires (ampire) i.e.
We Umpires, to do the justice to kill the root cause of the hurt, which is the proper treatment otherwise the catastrophic recurrence is impossible to prevent.

May Allah help Aameen!

With Regard!

Posted - Sunday, January 30, 2005  -  9:18 PM Reply with quote
Interesting topic, the directions has slightly deviated from the original question.
Why is necessary to do anything since God has preordained everything?
It is my humble opinionion God has created this vast Universe with its own laws and limitations, we work within those laws and boundries. God does not interfere regularly in this universe but lets the world revolve around the laws he has created.
I think the doctors do save lives, few anyway. Although if you balanced this the other way I am not sure what the net result be. Howeve if you are not sure then conduct a simple trial. let us take a very simple disease such as appendicitis. Treat one group with orthodox surgery & the other group to be left to their pre-determined outlook. I think we all know what the result will be.
If I understand the drift of the argument, from many doctors, and please correct me if i am wrong. it is that what the doctors do makes no difference then I am slightly confused as to why they are still practicing surgery, worst still subjecting patients to horrendous surgery which will make no difference to their outcome.
God Bless You all & Salaam

Posted - Wednesday, February 2, 2005  -  12:35 AM Reply with quote
Thank you Perv1

First of all it is cleared that I do not know “How to create a new topic”. I tried but it seems to be the case sensitive therefore I posted here an article for a common problem to help the parents and children.

You are right; nature does tend to resolve all the problems, even the acute attack of appendicitis without operation in the initial stages. But the problem is that repeated attacks increase the morbidity, mortality and the serious complications therefore the operation is necessary to get rid of the cause in time and it is same for the other operations too.

It must be remembered that operations are only done if the non-operative treatment fails but operation is the first line of treatment if already proved by studies that conservative treatment is never fruitful. If we do study in two groups as you suggested then who would take the responsibility if the non-operative group were complicated. It is not feasible. The authorities will do reject the topic. If there is some way of treating without operation, it is good and I admit that operation is not a good way of treatment in any disease.


Posted - Wednesday, February 2, 2005  -  10:45 PM Reply with quote
Dear Loveall
I think I probably have lost the turead of this discussion having only joined it recently. I was merely responding to the initial question which was posted way back in 2003 i.e. do Drs save lives. My point was simply to point out that if doctors make no difference to human well being then, i.e. all is preordained, then what is the pont of any treatment. the appendicitis example was to just illustrate my point although judging from your comment I am not sure I illustrated it too well.
Love to all!

Posted - Friday, February 4, 2005  -  8:23 PM Reply with quote
Thnx for the interesting discussion.
I think we all agree on the fact that a dr, just like any human being puts all his/her effort and the results surely lie in the hands of God--as would the drs who have faith in God would believe.

"Struggle is the meaning of life
Defeat or Victory is in the hands of God
But, Struggle itself is man's duty
And should be his joy"

I feel this faith really gives the dr. confidence that there is a Helping Hand by his side as he endures to save a life.

Posted - Saturday, February 5, 2005  -  3:28 AM Reply with quote
A Dr the profession is like other profeesion but we deal with physical pain and sufferring at close quarters.True everything is pre ordained but the releif of the pain and releif from the suffering is also preordained and the Dr is an instrument or a way by which this is achieved.Allah swt gave the pain and also the releif from the pain both are His mercy and his blessings.

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