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Top 10 Popular Questions

Pre-Marital Oral Sex
(Added: 1-Jul-2004  Hits:36766)
The Concept of Londis
(Added: 7-Dec-2004  Hits:24286)
Relationship with One's Mother-in-Law
(Added: 16-Jul-2007  Hits:16765)
Was Eve created from Adam's Rib?
(Added: 5-Nov-2008  Hits:15469)
Can Menstruating Women touch the Quran?
(Added: 11-Jul-2004  Hits:14856)
Oral Sex
(Added: 27-May-2005  Hits:14303)
Societal Convention on post ‘Nikah’ Sexual Relations?
(Added: 12-Jan-2005  Hits:13977)
Difference between Sunnah and Hadith
(Added: 16-Feb-2009  Hits:12136)
Status of Eunuchs in Islam
(Added: 31-Oct-2007  Hits:12135)
Why is Anal Sex Prohibited?
(Added: 1-Sep-2004  Hits:11975)

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