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Ablution after Eating Camel Meat?
Question asked by Sandra.
Posted on: Monday, January 31, 2005 - Hits: 11164

Why does one have to perform ablution ‘wudu’ after eating camel meat?

The following Hadith indicates the necessity of performing ‘wudu’ after eating camel meat.

Al-Bara’ b. Azib narrates that when asked about camel meat, the Holy Prophet replied: “Perform ‘wudu’ after eating it”. On being asked about mutton, He replied: “Do not perform ‘wudu’ after eating it”. [Sunan al-Tirmadhi (81) and Sunan Abi Dawud (184)]

The majority of Muslim scholars do not act upon this narrative. In what follows is the translation of relevant portions of the commentary on the narrative from Tuhfatul Ahwazi, a commentary on the Jaamih al Tirmadhi:

Nawawi said: Scholars have differed on the question whether eating the flesh of camels breaks ‘wudu’ or not. The majority holds that ‘wudu’ is not rendered void by eating camel meat. Those who hold this view include the four rightly guided caliphs, (Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman, and ‘Ali), Ibn Mas‘ud, Ibn Ka‘ab, Ibn ‘Abbas, Abu Darda, Abu Talhah, Aamir Bin Rabi‘ah, Abu Amamah, major successors, Imam Malik, Abu Hanifah, Al-Shafi‘i and their followers.

Those who consider that it breaks ‘wudu’ include Ahmed Ibn Hambal, Ishaq Ibn Rahway, Yahya Ibn Yahya, Abu Bakr Ibn Munzar and Ibn Khuzaymah. Hafiz Abu Bakr al Bayhaqi holds the same opinion. Al Hafiz has said in his Takhlis: Bayhaqi says that some of their scholars have reported Shafi‘i say: ‘if the narrative were authentic I would have also held what it commands’.

Some traditions and the perpetual practice of the Ummah negate and contradict the purport of this narrative. Therefore, the directive mentioned in this Hadith is not considered authentic and applicable.


Tariq Mahmmod Hashmi
Research Assistant, Studying Islam

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