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Posted - Thursday, August 12, 2004  -  6:25 PM Reply with quote
Now most of u will say that who has stopped, so my dear brothers go and ask the Maulvi, who is considered as the only source of Islam to more than 80% of the population. They never encourage ladies to come to mosques. We know that there were no female mosques at the time of Prophet (sws) but the point is, at that time nobody discourages women going to mosques.

You yourself said nobody is encouraging the women to go, and thats the right thing to do. The prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said it is prefered for women to pray at their houses. He also said that in a mosque the first few lines of men are the best and in the females the last few lines are the best. What does this mean? It means that for the men whoever is in the first lines usually arrived first and had been there for a while praying and reading the quran before the time to pray. So thus, they gain the most good deeds. But for the women the last few lines are the best because the women who arrive last when it comes time to pray are the best because they had been home taking care of their families while the other women in the front might have been at the mosque for several hours leaving their children unattended to. So from this we clearly see that it is better for a women to be at home and pray salat then be at the mosque where she is leaving her children and she is exposing herself to some other dangers which might arise from this.

So, considering this situation, if some women are couraged enough to take an initiative I think we should praise them. Atleast this way these women's will start going to mosques and we (men) will accept it as well because the men of this part of the world are not ready to give these women the status Islam has given to them.

I've just explained to you the status of women when it comes to this particular subject. Men are required to pray in congregation while women are encouraged to pray in the comfort of their homes. I'd also like to add that a lot of mosques don't allow women to come because they don't have enough room to fit them. If they let women come and theres not enough room to fit everyone then some men will be left outside while women are inside the mosque praying. Thats not right because the men are required to pray in congregation, especially during Juma prayer.

Posted - Thursday, August 12, 2004  -  8:36 PM Reply with quote
(frm young minds circle slough berkshire)
if women were ment 2 hav a mosque 4 hemselves then they wud hav had permission frm Muhammad s.aw in the prophets time
but women shudnt bcuz we shud all hav equal rights
and equal rights means building a mosque 4 men and women with the same facilities
if women were 2 make a mosque 4 themselves then wudnt the men want 1 2?
then it cud lead 2 contraversy btween the sexes and a lot of mind aching arguments will be born from wat seems a harmless thing 2 do

Edited by: xxbasxx on Friday, August 13, 2004 3:13 PM

Posted - Thursday, August 12, 2004  -  8:46 PM Reply with quote
>>and equal rights means building a mosque 4 men and women with the same facilities

Why dont you read the article, the link to which I had posted earlier.

"The mosque will be a symbol of our awakening. Men are welcome to come and pray, but women will manage the affairs and be on its jamat," says Sharifa.

The main issue is that of empowerment against male chauvinism and discrimination.

Mind you, they are not getting together for kitty parties as of the Begum Sahibas or rich ladies.

These are poor and oppressed women with real issues.

Posted - Friday, August 13, 2004  -  5:59 AM Reply with quote
I would like to answer the queries of brother Abdullah. Brother you said that in the mosques first few lines of men are best and last few line of women are best. You have given a very good explanation of it as well but I see this command in another perspective.

If women are standing in front of men, then believe me no men will be offering prayer.... you can practically experience it by standing behind some women. I think this order is to keep prayers as prayers otherwise there wouldn't be "prayers" anymore if women are standing in front of men.

Secondly you said that "women are encouraged to pray in the comfort of their homes". What I see here is there is a privelage for women that they can pray at home, but what if they want to come to mosque ? are they allowed or not? Surely they are allowed. Now problem is that we men don't allow these women to join us in the mosque so as a consequence they are building their own mosque.

Brother xxbasxx has said that if women were meant to have a mosque for themselve they would have had permission from the Prophet (sws). I agree that we can't see any permission from the Prophet (sws) but at the same time we can't see any refusal of building such mosques. Basically, at that time this was never required and was never a question of building a separate mosque. The reason is very simple that nobody stopped women for going to mosques at that time. Actually the problem is evolved now & we have to seek a solution now. I believe that we have to see if there is anything contradicting the basic rules of Islam then we have to condemn it otherwise there should be no problem.

And if we want to stop the ladies for building their separate mosques, then we have to change the thinking of our society and let the women join men in the mosque.

Posted - Friday, August 13, 2004  -  6:18 AM Reply with quote
What I see here is there is a privelage for women that they can pray at home, but what if they want to come to mosque ? are they allowed or not?

Yes they are allowed to come into the mosque according to Islam. It's just prefered that they pray at home for many reasons which I stated earlier. But for men it is prefered that they pray in the mosque. So if women want to come to the mosque to pray they can but I see it as their getting more good deeds if they pray at home.

I dont think anyone is stopping them from coming to the other mosques. What they want is to have full control inside of the mosque, so that they can discuss whatever they want inside. That means a female owner, female imam, female teachers, etc. They also said that if men want to come and pray thats fine. I see a big problem with this though. Men and women cannot pray side by side, and men cannot pray behind women. Seeing as how there probably going to be a female imam, this is wrong. If it were all females it wouldn't be wrong for one of them to be the imam but if there are men praying behind her I see this as sinful. Women should be in a seperate room of the mosque or atleast be praying behind the men not infront or to the sides of them.

Edited by: abdullah099 on Friday, August 13, 2004 6:20 AM

Posted - Friday, August 13, 2004  -  3:29 PM Reply with quote
rele we shud al b together and be united etc

Posted - Saturday, August 14, 2004  -  9:21 AM Reply with quote
Brother Abdullah, you agree that women are allowed to go to mosques but u said that its better for them to pray at home. Well, I don't agree 100% to this because we know that at the time of Prophet (sws) women used to go to mosques for the prayers, If it wasn't a good deed, the Prophet (sws) must have stopped those women.

Secondly u mentioned that" I dont think anyone is stopping them from coming to the other mosques"
Brother, this may be true in that part of the world where u r but here in Pakistan rather in complete sub continent and middle east there is no concept of womens going to mosques. I can guarantee that majority of the people here think that it is PROHIBITED for women for going to mosques because this is what the "Maulvi" is telling to them.

What if some women are managing some mosque, afterall this is same what our men maulvis are doing. Brother you have assumed that men & women will be praying side by side or women will be standing in front rows. Well first of all there is nothing mentioned like that, its written that men are also allowed. There may be that of men go there, the women moves towards back rows.

Actually it is not clear that in that case what they will do & if they do somethign against the rules of Islam then surely that is nota good act and unacceptable but right now we can't say that what will happen in that particular case.

Posted - Saturday, August 14, 2004  -  9:43 PM Reply with quote
Just to buttress Mr. Atifrafi's point on women not allowed to pray from the Tamil Nad article.

"The majority of mosques do not allow women to pray," says Badar Sayed, a Chennai-based lawyer and chairwoman of Tamil Nadu's Waqf Board.

Posted - Sunday, August 15, 2004  -  7:17 AM Reply with quote
"Well, I don't agree 100% to this because we know that at the time of Prophet (sws) women used to go to mosques for the prayers, If it wasn't a good deed, the Prophet (sws) must have stopped those women."

I never said that it wasn't ok for women to pray at the mosque. I said that they will get more good deeds if they pray at home, but that doesn't mean that they will be doing something wrong if they pray at the mosque. And also, the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.'s wife Aisha (RA) use to pray at her home. So keep that in mind.

Posted - Monday, August 16, 2004  -  9:59 AM Reply with quote
Brother for the wives of Prophet (sws) there are so many special orders in Surah Ahzaab. Those are not necessary for all women in Islam. Moreoven if women stay at home to pray that 100% acceptable and at the same time if they want to go to mosques that is also allowed.

Posted - Sunday, September 5, 2004  -  3:01 PM Reply with quote
Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu,

Where is the basis for an all-woman masjid in Islam? Isn't this considered an inNOvation?

JazakAllah Khayran

Posted - Tuesday, September 14, 2004  -  4:50 PM Reply with quote
Asalaamu alaikum

There is a lot of talk about whether the Prophet (saw) explicitly gave permission for an all women mosque or whether it is an innovation. This is where Islam is falling behind. There are many rulings and hadith that are redundant now simply because the system is not as it was in the Prophet's (saw) time and there are many things that did not need to be considered at the Prophet's time simply because they didn't exist.

This situation is new, there was no need for an all women's mosque at the Prophet's (saw) time, but that is not to say that it isn't allowed under Shariah. We need people who have studied the Quraan and the Hadith to deduce the answer from what is present. Just as there are no explicit Hadith on cloning the Scholars studied the Quraan and Hadith and deduced, based on the rulings on similar cases, what the Islamic rulings are.

It is good for us Muslims to discuss such cases since it is in all our interests but in the end, to ensure fairness and justice, people with in-depth knowledge of the Quraan and Hadith and have spent their life studing it are the ones who must be heeded.

Just a little note, banning women from mosques is not always due to lack of space. A new mosque was built next to me which is absolutely huge with several floors, yet men and women share the same exit and women feel very uncomfortable praying there. Perhaps with an all women's mosque a husband or brother would feel more at ease with letting his wife/sister go and pray at the mosque.

Allahu Aalim

Posted - Friday, September 17, 2004  -  5:11 AM Reply with quote
Salaam to All

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please keep this in mind that in our religion:

1) women are allowed to go to Mosques & to Offer their prayers there BUT it is much BETTER for them if they offer their prayers in their houses.
2) There is NO HARM if a women's Mosque is Built though it's a very rare thing & one can find it in the PAST as well.


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