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Posted - Saturday, July 15, 2006  -  6:56 PM Reply with quote
Junaid Hasan Said:
Whenever I have asked him to bring an argument from the Qur'an in favour of his viewpoint(s), he has had no answer to it.

Rather you are well unanswerable- I have pointed you alredy and It is really useless to waste time over your stubborn viewpoints. The Point is discussed in detauil in Quran and Sunnah forum, you will get the answer or read Quran yourself, if your understanding is not erroneous and without bad intentions.

Nida e khair said: This Zulfee guy has some very serious problem or DISEASE that needs to be treated now!

How can anyone, like you, say, if he/she is himself/herself a PROBLEM or DISEASE rather a ‘NASOOR’?

Edited by: ibrahim on Monday, July 17, 2006 6:34 AM

Posted - Sunday, July 16, 2006  -  12:18 PM Reply with quote
Zulfee has just proved he is a liar and cannot keep his word. He said in second last post

In this regard, it is my last post.
. Then he posted again.

I agree with student1. If the moderators do not do something about Zulfee, then I see no point in coming to this forum to get repeatedly attacked by Zulfee.

Minara and Zulfee have called me mushrik, and Zulfee continues to call others who do not agree with him as ignorant, foolish, etc.

I request the moderator to discipline such arrogant members or I see no point in wasting my time here.

Posted - Sunday, July 16, 2006  -  3:21 PM Reply with quote

Wa 'Alaikumu-ssalaam brother Junaid.
You wrote:
Point No. 1:

You wrote, “The thing is that the material in these courses is debated over. I don't care what the definition of Sunnah actually is. I, being a Muslim, just know that it is supposed to be followed.”
It is your personal opinion that I have no right to interfere in. But I want to ask you a couple of things regarding your opinion so that we may remove some confusions:
a) Interpretations have always been debated over even if they were from persons like Ibn Taymiah, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik or Maulana Maududi (RA). Does it mean that we should ignore all the interpretations?
b) When someone does not know what is Sunnah, how can one practice it?

Well, I have good news for you. I've started with the course 'Understanding the Sunnah' because I had taken it as soon as I had registered to this site. Maybe if I study the course, I'll realise a few of my mistakes. I've also taken the course 'Introduction to Ahaadeeth'.

You wrote:
Point No. 2:

You wrote, "Brother Junaid, I'm not a scholar and it's thus going to be very hard for me to prove this Hadeeth to be correct, judging it by the points that you've mentioned. So if I can't prove this Hadeeth to be correct, why don't you prove it to be wrong? I think that'll be much better.”
I have already discussed this Hadith briefly and have provided a link for the details.

I've finally read the link. This is what it says, "....Ibn Hajar has also mentioned that according to the opinion of some Hanaabilah (followers of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal), if removing of such hair from the face becomes a symbol of lewdness, then it would be prohibited, otherwise it would only be something of the category of what the pious should generally refrain from (Fath al-Baariy Vol.10, Pg. 378)..."

I totally agree with Mr. Moiz Amjad that plucking the facial hair is part of cleanliness if one has too bushy eyebrows or something that looks untidy. However, the words from the link that I've quoted above imply that plucking facial hair is Haraam if done for the purpose of looking more attractive. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. Do you agree? If you do, then please consider that this is exactly what the women of today are up to. They pluck their facial hair for the purpose of looking more attractive. I do not know their intentions, but the fact that their eyebrows are so unnaturally shaped proves that they've attempted to remove the hair in order to look attractive.

You wrote:
Point No. 3:

You wrote, “Excuse me? I'm not referring to Surah Ahzab. I'm referring to Surah Noor.”
Earlier you wrote “In several authentic Ahaadeeth, it says that when the verse ordering women to "draw their veils over their bosoms" was revealed, the women of the Ansar tore part of their outer garments and covered their faces with them.”
It is Surah-e-Ehzab in which the verse is reveled that orders Muslim women to cover their heads and faces (in the extreme circumstances). (Surah-e-Ehzab, Verse: 59)

I'm sorry brother, I thought you were saying that the verse that speaks of lowering the gaze is a verse of Surah Ahzaab. Now that I've read what you were referring to, I will agree that this verse was revealed for a special circumstance, i.e. to distinguish the Muslim women from slave women. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them.I shouldn't have referred to this verse. I referred to it because I hadn't started with 'Norms of Gender Interaction'. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. Now that I've finished studying the latter, I'll agree that the verse hardly refers to the women of today. But you do agree that the permanent orders for the Hijab are there in Surah Noor. Most of the commentators say that "illa maa Dhahara minhaa" refers to the face and hands. I hope you agree with that. My point is that these women on the TV screens appear with part of their heads and necks uncovered, which is prohibited.

You wrote:
My point was when Allah T’ala has not given anyone a particular order, we have no right to impose it on anyone or criticize anyone for it. I know you haven’t imposed but you have criticized women.

These words of yours are in conflict with these that you wrote earlier: "Back-biting is allowed in five situations in Islam one of which is when someone has to criticize a wrong deed..." Isn't this what I'm doing? Ain't I criticising a wrong deed, which you say is allowed?

You wrote:
Second, even if women cannot generally rape, they can attempt on a handsome man.

I approve of your statement. In replying to this statement, I would also like to reply to this one: "Women are more attractive to men only. Why do you forget that men are of attraction to women too? i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. The covering of sex-organs is essential for both men and women. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. I agree that women expose their bodies and adornment but men also wear tight jeans and see through shalwars (with no under garments) and similarly shorts – why don’t we criticize them? It is because we men only think in our own perspective and have a habit of imposing everything (whether it is a Religious or any other matter) on women alone."
Brother, my topic was basically on religious persons. So the question of tight jeans doesn't rise. Uptil now, I have yet to see a religious person on TV who exposes his satr. But these religious women, such as the Naat-Khuwaans that I mentioned earlier, have this habit (or whatever you'd call it) to expose their satr, i.e. necks, etc. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. You're talking about tight jeans; if I had wised to write about tight jeans, I would've first written about the Muslim sports-guys on TV that wear shorts, such as while playing tennis, etc. It should also be noted that I did not mention any actresses or models, because I'm discussing religious persons over here.

You wrote:
Point No. 6:

You wrote, “I don't think there are any views that support women not covering their heads in public.”
You say so because you have only listened to the Religious viewpoints that are famous in the sub-continent and also observed the practice of covering the head in the very culture of the sub-continent.

I've not listened to any such views. The only view I follow is that of the people at the time of the Prophet (SAW), and their women never uncovered their heads in public. Secondly, nowadays there is no "culture" to cover the head. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. All women that I see around me are hardly particular about covering their heads, so the "culture" that you're talking about hardly exists now. Also, it must be remembered brother, that I do not wish to follow any 'culture'; I merely wish to follow my 'religion'.

You wrote:
You further wrote, “These women fail to realise that they're appearing in front of a million men, and there are chances that they may allure over 90%. Ask men who may have seen these women on TV. Ask them if these women look attractive. Most will reply in the affirmative.”
Again you are only thinking in men’s perspective. Men also appear in front of a million women on the TV and allure them.

Brother, as I've stated earlier, I'm only discussing religious persons. Therefore, religious Muslim men/scholars on TV hardly allure women because they do not try to look attractive by exposing what Islam requires to be hidden of them. On the contrary, these religious ladies tend to expose that which Islam requires to be hidden of them, i.e. necks, etc., and thus they have greater chances of alluring the opposite sex. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them.The point is that even if a male scholar appears attractive by his face, he is not to be blamed for it because it is natural of him to look that way; but some of the female scholars or religious persons are to be blamed if they look attractive because of their attempts to shape their eyebrows to a great extent, because of their red glossy lipstick, etc. (N.B. I've used the word "some" for these ladies). i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them. And it should be remembered that if these women were in full Hijab, i.e. exposing nothing except the face and hands and not applying heavy makeup, then I'd agree that it would be no blame on them if they still appeared attractive.

You wrote:
Point No. 7:

You wrote, “This statement of yours justifies my criticism, except for the point where I called them hypocrites.”
I put forward that statement to tell that you were not back-biting. It was not to criticize any of your viewpoints.

Brother, I think you misundrestood me. I wasn't trying to say that you're criticising me. You, Alhamdulillah, are a wise and logical person and I don't think you would criticise anyone, except if that person's absolutely wrong--if that were the case, you would be allowed to criticise--what I meant to say is that your saying i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them."Back-biting is allowed in five situations in Islam one of which is when someone has to criticize a wrong deed..." justifies my criticism for these ladies, i.e. this saying of yours means that I can criticise these ladies who are wrong. That is, I can backbite and criticise these ladies as I know that they are wrong--that's what your statement above says. So my point was that when you say that criticism is allowed for a wrong deed, why do you think I am wrong in criticising these women if they are wrong? That's all that I meant to write.

You earlier wrote:
By normal circumstances, I mean, “not at all unless there's a threat to the woman". Surah-e-Ehzab’s Verse 59 has a specific background. It cannot be generalized for all the Muslim women living in the normal circumstances. Great scholars of Islam have had the same viewpoint about the very verse. The ahadith that you quoted in one of your earlier postings also are in regard to this specific verse of the Qur’an and should be understood accordingly.

"Not at all unless there's a threat to the woman" is what you agree upon, right? This means that according to you, a woman should not cover her head unless there is a threat to her of getting molested, etc. i am a bitch and i like my dirty pussy be licked by the big dogs and then vigorous course by them.Is this what you meant? And you say that Surah Ahzaab's verse was also revealed when there was a similar threat. I agree with the latter sentence but I do not agree that a woman should not cover her head unless there are threats. This is because Surah Noor tells you to cover your head, not directly but indirectly, i.e. firsly through the fact that women at the Prophet's (SAW) time were not seen with their heads uncovered, secondly because the majority of commentators say that "illa maa Dhahara minhaa" means face and hands.
And brother, by mentioning the following, what did you mean?
"There are four permanent orders for Muslims in the Qur’an regarding the exposure of men and women:

1. To keep the eyes low. (This order is for both men and women.)
2. To cover and safeguard the sex-organs. (This also is for both men and women.)
3. To cover the chests. (This is specific to women alone.)
4. Not to expose the adornment. (This is also specific to women only.)"

By mentioning this, were you trying to say that none of the 4 points above mention the covering of hair? If yes, then I would say that none of the 4 points mention the covering of the stomach or back either. Does this mean that a woman can reveal them?

In the end I'll just say that I will consider myself to be right as long as I'm not proved wrong. This belief of mine that I'm right is not out of arrogance dear brother, it's because I have proof that I'm right. If you prove me wrong, I'll accept my mistakes without any hesitation, and I'll in fact be thankful for that. As one of the Companions (RA) once said, "May Allah have mercy on anyone who gives me my faults as a gift."

Jazaak Allah!

Posted - Monday, July 17, 2006  -  6:41 AM Reply with quote
I wud request Participants to JUST ignore Mr Zulfee Do Not Reply to Any of his POST for the Time being. Nevertheless if he Continues to Do what he has Done Till NOW, In Sha Alalh we'll Strongly Consider Cancelling his registration Though we DO NOT WANT to Do SO.

Posted - Monday, July 17, 2006  -  3:06 PM Reply with quote
Look at the stupid members, like they are some parliamentarians, who want to get away?
What will happen if you all get away and not scatter ignorance and illiteracy on the site?


As per your routine of telling a lie and allegating others, Nida e khair said too, ‘she is very busy and cannot respond’ but she did again and again.


oosman, if you say yourself Mushrik on the behalf of others, it is the noble Quran, which is explicitly proving you which you really are!!! Don’t throw rubbish on others. Correct yourself first according to the noble Quran otherwise you are really a Mushrik.

Posted - Monday, July 17, 2006  -  3:15 PM Reply with quote
Dear moderator,

You are allowed to cancell my registration at any time!!

Posted - Tuesday, July 18, 2006  -  12:44 PM Reply with quote
for ur kind Information only, we Do NOT need ur Permission to Cancell ur Registration
We do NOT want to Cancell. We Just want U to be GOOD & wellmannered in ur Replies.

I'm looking forward to SEE a Change in Ur behaviour. Like others U r too a valuable member for US & we respect ur Views & hope the Same from U.

Thanks a lot

Posted - Sunday, July 23, 2006  -  1:22 AM Reply with quote

for ur kind Information only, we Do NOT need ur Permission to Cancell ur Registration


Posted - Sunday, July 23, 2006  -  12:53 PM Reply with quote
This is wrong to cancel zulfee's membership..

He has his opinion on every topic,he paraticipates in..and replies what he feels better..

we may have differences in opinions..but that is totally theoritical and this shouldnt be taken personal to that extent where we think so and so person is bad..

If I,you or anyone else have difference we should try hard to put it in the best way during arguments..

It is good to have a person who is against of one's opinion coz it give us a chance to think over that topic from a totally different prospective..
It broadens our area of thinking and resulting in gain of extra knowledge..

Moreover it gives you a chance to experience ALL kind of people and not SAME kind of people only..

I request zulfee not only to participate in all topics but present his viewpoint more clearly..and invite others to join


Posted - Monday, July 24, 2006  -  7:46 AM Reply with quote
we've NOT cancelled his Registration & we do NOT want to Do SO.
We Only request him to be WELL MANNERED in his ALL posts.

Posted - Thursday, August 3, 2006  -  1:24 PM Reply with quote
it is better 2 close this discussion

Posted - Saturday, August 5, 2006  -  3:58 PM Reply with quote
i agree with sahira. i requested b4 also and i request mr. moderater 2 close this discussion if its not possible 4 u 2 take any action.

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