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Posted - Sunday, August 3, 2003  -  12:52 AM Reply with quote
Intellectual lethargy?Political turmoils?Fall of Mu,tazillas?
Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Tuesday, August 5, 2003  -  7:34 AM Reply with quote
Slamming the doors closed to intellectual growth.

Posted - Saturday, August 16, 2003  -  8:48 AM Reply with quote
How should we clamber out of the pit of blind following(Andhi Taqlid)?

Posted - Saturday, August 16, 2003  -  12:48 PM Reply with quote
I think we can do that if we inculcate critical analytical skills in our children and us. Unless we learn to question something and appraise its validity, we cannot hope to do away with blind following.

The levels of intellect can vary from person to person but a certain basic level of intellect has been given to everyone. This also incorporates the sense of judgment. I believe, that is the precise reason why ‘jahils’ are condemned i.e. they could have used their intellect had they chosen to do so.

Allah is not unjust and would not punish us for something that was out of bounds for us.

Posted - Saturday, August 16, 2003  -  8:32 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaikum,
I think one other reason for Taqlid is that people nowadays are looking for shortcuts in their lives and an easy way out for everything.

Also the love of this world and the materials in it derailed Muslims. may Allah protect us and guide us.

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Thursday, August 21, 2003  -  4:38 PM Reply with quote

How should we clamber out of the pit of blind following(Andhi Taqlid)?

Not an easy thing to do. Education seems to be the only cure at the moment. Educating the masses that ideas only matter and not personalities, that a man remains a simple man even after acquiring a great deal of knowledge, that difference of opinion should be respected, that ideas should be criticised and not those presenting them.
Abdullah Raheem Ali

Posted - Sunday, August 31, 2003  -  9:58 PM Reply with quote
Assalam u Alaikum,in my out look on the matter,man has not learned after all these years and messengers sent to us by allah, over and over again. That to devate from the revealed message just a nitch,causes confusion and separtion.

inter net
Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Tuesday, September 2, 2003  -  11:13 AM Reply with quote
But I do not think that blind following is concerned with deviation from the divine message.

Blind following is to follow so rigidly one school of thought developed by some Muslim jurist and deviation from the divine message is actually 'putting aside the message of the Almighty'.

I know it may overlap yet there is a subtle difference between the two terms/ideas talked about.

Posted - Wednesday, September 10, 2003  -  12:38 AM Reply with quote
I think the downfall of the muslim ummah relate to the misperseption of the religion (ISLAM).


Posted - Thursday, September 11, 2003  -  5:34 AM Reply with quote
As salam alikum,

Can somone please explain in detail the word TAQLID?

Posted - Friday, September 12, 2003  -  1:37 AM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaikum sister,
The word taqlid means blind following. In this case it means following a school of thought developed by jurists e.g. some people follow the maliki school of thought by Imam Malik so rigidly that they feel anybody who is not following the maliki school is a kafir. There are hanafi, hanbali,shafi'i and other schools of thought too.

These followers (muqallidin) do not accept flexibility to accommodate the other schools of thought and they attribute perfection to these scholars despite the fact that the scholars themselves have said if any of what they say contradicts the Qur'an or sunnah it should be rejected.

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Monday, September 15, 2003  -  3:16 PM Reply with quote
"Taqlid" is actually a verbal noun which means "to gird your neck with a band". This thus shows obedience to and following a particular person.
As a term, it denotes following someone without asking 'reason or argument' for the religious verdict so forwarded.
Initially, taqlid was not related to one particular school of thought. Common Muslims were only supposed to go to the scholars and without asking them any reference or argument for religious verdict, take fatwa from them as regards their problems or issues.
Later, Muslim scholarship thought that this may give rise to 'following the low desires' by taking fatwa from so many scholars and then accepting only that which is favorable to the seeker. In other words, the scholars thought that allowing the Muslims to take fatwa from many scholars would cause them to fall prey to satanic whispers since they would not be following Allah by Satan by accepting easy verdicts.
Seeing this, the Muslim scholars took another drastic step. They issued the verdict that only ONE JURIST should be followed throughout the lifespan. Since four schools of thought as described by the sister above was only preserved in complete form, the Muslim scholars propagated these to become prevalent among all the Muslims. In the beginning, there seems to have no bigotry among the adherents of these four schools of thought. However, as it was based on 'following without thinking' , false feelings of pride and prejudice ultimately found place in the hearts of the blind followers. This is why that the adherents of these schools, if they do not call Kafir to each other, they do think of others as inferior.
I hope you understand that this is totally against the spirit of Islam—a religion which supports critical thinking.

Posted - Monday, September 29, 2003  -  7:16 PM Reply with quote
Some supporters of Taqlid contend that loosening the grip of Taqlid would lead to more split and schism in Ummah.Are they right?

Posted - Thursday, October 14, 2010  -  2:48 PM Reply with quote
what is islam?
are we born for islam or islam got birth for humanbeing?

why the islam has different face in different cultures(countries)
whay islam lack the capability of having deep penetration and control on cultures, why islamic faces are different in different areas? why cultures dominate islam?

why only (almost) in islamic countries, the governmental systems and others are based on feudal system and corruption and dictator system is common.
if someone says (stupidly) that it is all because we are away from islam, I am sick of this answer from the ill literate and ill mind mided people.
life is not the same what they had before.
it is very complex , difficult, short (life span is too low), if one starts understading the life (in realsense) his time comes near.
chritianity has 2 or 3 o 4 or 5 firqas but we have so many and according to Mohemmad saw it will be 72.
why we the muslims are mean why the Islam (the immortal religion) doesnt have that tight control on minds? why it depends on mentality/financial condition/ social conditions etc.
if it is from the ALMIGHTY ALLAH than why it does not have total control?
i know one will reply that ALMIGHTY ALLAH try to selecet the righteous from you???? shall I laugh at this statement or shall I cry on it?
Arabs are still very hard (unlike others like subcontinent people),
I have seem people in subcontinent,who are dying due to life's difficulties and for food.
someone replied once to someone that practice SABR,
SABR for how many days? untill monday? or wednesday? or friday? or a month? or a year? or 5 years? or for 10 or 20 or 40 years?
after 40 years of SABR one asks , now what? where is my fruit of SABR, one of us replies, ok you will get someday, if not in life than after life definitely you will get.
I respect SABR.
but what I wanted to say that, the people who are dealing islam they are the one who ruined islam, they know nothing,
islam is not in books, it is in real practical life.
go out of your rooms O so called silamic scholars, follow a poor man on the street and try to have wink in his life, I swear you will cry.
Islam is a dignified religion, but (unfortunately ) being dealt by mean people.

not planned to hurt any one,
just expressed my views and kept some questions for those who really know about islam.

Posted - Saturday, October 16, 2010  -  1:27 AM Reply with quote

first of all , just to correct the facts:


chritianity has 2 or 3 o 4 or 5 firqas but we have so many and according to Mohemmad saw it will be 72.

Christianity has more than 100 sects and then many other small groups....so in this way we are only 72...lols

secondly, hadees about 72 firqas of muslim is not authentic and some scholars consider it fabricated....so do not go on this hadees...

Lastly, I think , you did not read many of other topics/threads in this forum....answers of much of your concerns were there.....

in short, if you think islam is here to solve your worldly problems, then u r wrong,,....

islam (or previously other true religions as christianity, judism, ibrahamic etc) IS HERE FOR YOUR LIFE AFTER DEATH....

yes!!! if majority of you and me live according to Islam, then
it is simply a by-product that you may have peace and prosperity in this world as well...

God knows better

Edited by: safimera on Saturday, October 16, 2010 1:41 AM

Posted - Saturday, October 16, 2010  -  6:28 AM Reply with quote
"Islam is a verb and a noun at the same time."
The first meaning of "Islam" is the verb from the root "aslama" (a verb), meaning to: "surrender; submit; obey; sincerity and in peace."

The second meaning of "Islam" is the noun form from the same root, and it describes the last and final form of the way of life as perscribed by the Creator for His Creation. This is the name used in Quran for Muslims to call themselves as followers of "Islam". This would make them "Islam-ers" in English, but of course in Arabic the prefix "mu" is added to denote the one preforming the action or verb and instead it becomes "mu"-"islam" or "Muslim."

Why do we have different faces of Islam in different cultures?
In my opinion it is because not all of us read the Quran and we specially in Pakistan believe in rituals so we try to integrate them into Islam. Quran should be our main source of guidance eg. for marriage Quran has given us the basic guidance like with whom Nikah is Jayaz , meher, how the nikah should be conducted like consent of the girl and boy. Gathering of a few people to celebrate and announce the union the Valima. Now in Pakistan we have dholki , mayon , mehndi then nikah rukhsati and finally Valima. All the ceremonies we do here are all cultural except the ones pointed out earlier.
Is there anything wrong in doing these cultural rituals we do in our marriages? no there is nothing wrong as long as we don't go overboard and do things which are not appreciated in Islam like showing off your wealth and status. spending obscene amount of money on each function like a simple dholki at home with a few relatives and friends verses a dholki in a hired place with a DJ and organised by party organizers and instead of sharing a simple meal you have a lavish spread.
The dress we wear in each country is unique to it's own culture and weather conditions. The guidance in Quran is modesty and to cover the chest for women we all do our own interpretation and dress according to our cultural needs as long as the Islamic fundamentals are covered it should not matter.
you are right life is very complex and to find answers is not easy sometimes looking at life when our prophet lived and life now there is no meeting ground. Things have changed science and technology has done that, so what do we do? Reject this life go back to the way it was? We can't do that and we shouldn't do it ....One thing we can do is listen to our instinct develop our sense of understanding or differentiating good from bad. We are all born with this instinct but we loose touch with it.
Allah has given us guidance and the instinct of judgement, we are also given the power to decide the path we want to follow that is why we are different from other animals. Now it is up to us how we mold our lives. We have choices to live our life the way we want to if we make bad choices it is not because we were not given the best of tools.
Life is a trial for all of us some inherit hardship some wealth, yes wealth is also a trial not only poverty.how responsibly you use your wealth is the trial and how bravely you face poverty is the trial in both cases.
Life is not smooth for anyone. on one hand a family has 5 kids and the father cannot even feed the children let alone educate them and give them a comfortable life, on the other hand there is a couple financially very sound educated yet they cant have kids. The trial is in both cases.
Everything we do in this life should not be done for a reward, it should be done because it is the right thing to do. When there is no hope so much suffering around it is cruel to talk about sabr, right now what is needed is help and action to alleviate the suffering we are not in a good situation in Pakistan because of floods so are we going to go and preach Sabr to them ? no we are not that is why people are out there helping as much as they can.
There are people who are dishonest and corrupt in our country they are more because no one follows laws and no one is held accountable. Allah has given us the sense , understanding and guidance it is up to us to follow that guidance.
There is no hierarchy system of scholars in Islam like Christianity nuns fathers cardinals bishops etc. We have the Quran which is unchanged and the same for all.

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