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Topic initiated on Saturday, December 11, 2004  -  10:19 PM Reply with quote
I want to speak my heart out

Asalam Aalaikum

I want to speak my heart out,If my brothers in this forum find my post offensive then they have full right to criticize me because what ever I'll speak here in this forum will be true and truth is always difficult to digest and I would like to apologize for what I write in advance.

I returned to Pakistan from USA in 1994,and the main purpose for my return from USA was that I wanted to live in Pakistan since I was homesick in USA and I thought that by living in Pakistan, I will be more happier since Pakistan is an Islamic country.

But when I came to Pakistan,the first thing that really surprized me was the high use of International TV channels through cable services and in almost every house I went,whether it is a house of a middle class person or a house of a high class person,I saw people happily watching International TV Channels especially dancing songs.
Even my cousins whom I thought would be pretty nationalists and Islamic turned out to be unIslamic and had very little consideration for their country.

I have lived in USA a country which my Muslim brothers curse alot and

but Iam sorry to say that when I was their I hardly found a house having international tv channel cable service or any other dish service which is pretty common in Pakistan, also people in USA dont even get time to watch international channels since life is pretty tuff their and people hardly are able to take some time out of their busy life,people in USA dont live a luxuries life like People in Pakistan.
But the most interesting thing to note is that Pakistan being an Islamic country is more involved in TV entertainment then USA which is an
Un-Islamic Country.

Another thing which I noticed in Pakistan was lack of justice in almost everything,either you visit court or any other complain center, their is to much favouritism and people dont get their deserving rights contrary to USA where justice is common to every one and every citizen of USA can access justice.Like Pakistan their are many other Countries where justice is not common but since being a citizen of Pakistan , Iam concerned about Pakistan.
Pakistan being an Islamic Country should have justice easily accessible by common people.

Another negative thing which I have noticed in Pakistan is lack of conciousness of Islamic values and Culture.
In Canada out of 100% Muslim ladies,around 80 or 90% ladies wear
scaf but in Pakistan I have hardly seen ladies wearing scarfs, and it is surprizing to see that even in the holy month of Ramadhan, our ladies feel proud to move on the streets without head-covers, I have myself seen ladies having their head hairs all open and dont even have respect in their hearts for the month of Ramadhan, If they dont want to wear scarf normally, atleast they should respect the month of Ramadhan by wearing scarf.

Another thing that I have noticed in Pakistan,is the fashion of having a girl-friend and boy-friend. On bus stops of common streets or colleges, the way girls and boys chat and interact with each other and the way they sit close to each other seems pretty un-Islamic and Iam pretty sure that this is not what Islam wants from us.

One of my girl cousin came up to me and asked me that do I have a girl-friend?
I replied no, then she said that I should make girl-friend because it is good to have a girl in your life.
Now I wonder what kind of relation she wants me to have with girls.

Another important thing to note is that during the month of Ramadhan ,the prices of items especially food items increases tremendously in our Country contrary to USA and Europe where the prices of food items become half on Christmas.
Now being an Islamic Country do you think that prices of food items should increase during the month of Ramadhan in Pakistan?Do sellers and shopkeepers use to increase prices of their food products in the month of Ramadhan during the lifetime of Prophet(pbuh) or during the Caliphate of the four Caliphes?

Another important thing that I have noticed is that their are so many marriage halls in almost every city of Pakistan and in USA I have not seen even a single Marriage hall ,all the marriages in USA take place in Churches.
Is their a concept of Marriage Hall in Islam?

waistage of food in Marriage Halls in Pakistan, this is one of the most important issues that I would like to highlight.More then half of the food after marriages are thrown out of the halls now why do the organizers of the marriage cook more then enough?
Dont they think that during the Day of Judgement Allah(swt) will hold them accountable for waisting that much food?

Now another new and interesting thing to note is that recently when India and Pakistans relations started to improve,the singers,actors and actresses
from India are comming to Pakistan and vise versa,and their culture is being so much penetrating into our land that almost every person in our country likes to follow Hindu Culture.

Our Girls love to put a bindiya on their head and dont think of wearing a scarf on their head which is a part of Islamic culture ,our ladies love to adopt Hindu Culture but hesitate to adopt Islamic Culture which is so beautiful.This fashion of bindiya is becoming so common that even some of our drama actresses are putting bindiyas on their head and feel proud and happy to do that.

Even our Dramas are taking some indian touch in them.

After noticing these things I feel very hurt and disappointed because Iam a muslim and I cant tolerate all these things happening.

In Harvard University, westerners are doing research on Islamic Finance and Banking System and in one of the European Countries out of 100% Banks, 70% Banks have become interest free.

Are we really working hard to make our Banks interest free and doing some intensive research on Islamic Economic System?

Brothers sorry for posting all this but when a persons heart is badly hurt ,then their is no other option but to sit down on internet and speak out the truth. Please brothers dont think that Iam trying to show that Iam very religious ,Iam a sinful man but we should realize these things and shoud develope a sense in ourselfs so that we could understand the difference between right and wrong.


Posted - Saturday, December 11, 2004  -  10:51 PM Reply with quote
the more i read the sadder i felt. but unfortunately brother whatever your heart says seems to be more than true... and im ashamed because im a pakistani too.

most of the things going on in pakistan are because our people highlight the glamorous things and styles taking place else where for example Hollywood became Bollywood and now everyone bows down at every bollywood movy that actuall makes it beyond India.

and the food issue! Astaghfirullah!!!!! there are so many people dying in Pakistan because they haven't enough food to keep themselves alive...and so many resort to begging...doesnt it just make you feel so guilty when you see a poor mother on a street corner of Pakistan begging for food to keep her young alive and then you think about how bloated you feel after that delicious meal down at mac donalds and how you had to throw so much away because you simly couldn't eat anymore?

we are so thoughtless. and unfortunately, this thoughtlessness seems to plague my home country **Pakistan** and other countrys all over the world

and we shout so proudly PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD!!! well what is pakistan now? its simply a really bad photocopy of america, england, india, africa and all the other countries out there. but we havent copied any of americas good points, we dont seem to pay attention to india's educational standards, no, we copy their nuditity and we copy their anarchy and we copy their tv shows and music...Astaghfirullah even now while we live in england or the US or India or wherever there's jamaican music, gothic music, rock music **my favourite kind** pouring in on us from all sides and eventually we're going to drown and forget EVERYTHING about what Pakistan was ever about.

a purer nation? ...i guess not...


Posted - Saturday, December 11, 2004  -  11:07 PM Reply with quote

dont just sit there and talk about it!! spread the word. spread how you feel. spread your hearts sorrows and Insha'Allah your voice will be heard ^.^

its people like you mr student1 that change the world, or a small part of it. i know it was hard to come out of your shell at first and say exactly how your heart felt because we humans are so bitter... there are threats even in the most peaceful communities.

for example, there is a little trash can icon which you can click on and the opinion you don't want to have to deal with suddenly goes away. thats a threat **and its on thisss website** to YOU brother because then, you're going to feel uncomfortable with your opinions.


you said what you wanted to say, people WILL respond and now we have to pray to Allah to help us to be the ones who make a difference Insha'Allah ^_^

ROCK ON!!! you let your feelings out. i respect you for that. : )


Posted - Sunday, December 12, 2004  -  9:02 AM Reply with quote
Asalam Aalaikum

Brother xxbasx

Thank you for your great compliments brother and thank you for showing your concern over this matter.

Majority of the Pakistanis are too busy with their work that they dont get even a fraction of time to think over the current situation of the country ,only handful of people are thier who have sense and think over the matters.

Brother, now we should question ourselves that were muslims of subcontinent looking for this kind of freedom before partition, If this is the freedom that Muslims were looking for ,then Iam sorry to say that their is no use of creation of Pakistan because this is not what Quaid-e-Azam and Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamt about the newly born Muslim State.

Our Singers make beautiful songs on Pakistan and very proudly claim that we are Pakistanis but should we be really proud of our COuntry?

Countries dont become progressive and great by beautiful songs ,you have to take practical steps to move the country forward and in the right direction.

Nothing happens by day dreaming. Do you know why Westerners are ahead of us?They are ahead of us because they dont believe in just words and day dreaming,they take practical steps inorder to bring their thoughts into reality.

I was also a nationalist before , but after getting closer to Islam, my national spirit has reduced and now Iam more concerned about Universal Muslim Brotherhood because I think that this nationalism is the main hinderance in our union. Even in Arabs , I have noticed that Muslims are mostly concerned about Arab nationalism rather then Muslim brotherhood.
In India ,I have heard Muslims saying that they are muslims but they are proud to be Indians.

Brother Frankly speaking ,After reading all what I have written, do you really think that Muslims are moving in the right direction?

I would like my other Pakistani brothers to participate in this thread and share their views.

Posted - Sunday, December 12, 2004  -  1:59 PM Reply with quote
xxbasx is our Sister. plz note that

Posted - Sunday, December 12, 2004  -  2:27 PM Reply with quote
xxbasx is our Sister. plz note that

Posted - Sunday, December 12, 2004  -  8:42 PM Reply with quote
With the Name of Allah, the most Merciful and Gracious!

Salam to all,

Maasha’Allah and Jazak’Allah, the people like you Mr. Student1 and others like me having the same positive thinkings/intentions, may change the world otherwise the reward according to our intentions has been credited into our accounts with Allah Almighty as the Holy prophet (sws) said.

Now we have to pray to Allah to help us, Insha'Allah

With regards!

Posted - Monday, December 13, 2004  -  12:17 AM Reply with quote
I think that its easy to say hw u feel n jst mope around about it no offence but the important thing is to actually try and do sumthin about it
The problem with us is that we dnt recognise the word community
So many muslims hav decided to 4get about small countries such as Pakistan or Bangladesh or sudan and rule them out completely just cuz they rnt xactly majorly developed countries lyk saudia rabia
Remember that the only reason the jewish community hav such a strong economy and sense of brotherhood is cuz they stik together and cuz once they get out of their home countries, the learn, succeed and GIVE BAK 2 their community that’s hw they bcum stronger
So learn frm others plz and help build 1 community- islam
Not a community of Pakistanis or Saudis or Bangladeshis or Indians…. Jst muslims

Posted - Monday, December 13, 2004  -  12:26 AM Reply with quote


im really touchy about this matter sorry about my mini outburst bro-brother.... **grinds teeeth**

right wen u go to a big Nasheed Extravaganza what do you see wen you look at the brother's half. you see PATATOS sitting there IDLY with camera fones out taking pictures of the SISTERS to fulfill theyr gruesom hermet-like 'pervert'ions.

**sighs** and what about the sisters? hmmm? well they are on theyr TOES supporting everything to do with Islam...but NO its a nation of BROTHERS isnt it?? bcos sisters CLEARLY mean NOTHING 2 us ne more


RONGGGG!!! without the sisters you wouldn't be here! HELL I WOULDNT BE HERE AND WHER WUD THT TAKE US?? HUH??? NOWHERRRREEEEE!!!!

basiclly my point is when you're trying to build a building DONT LEAVE THE SISTERS OUT we make everything...pretty. GOT IT??? =_=

thank you for your time .xXx.

Edited by: xxbasxx on Monday, December 13, 2004 11:40 AM

Posted - Monday, December 13, 2004  -  6:33 AM Reply with quote
Asalaamalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatullah I was so happy to read your feelings since I am also extremely depressed about the un islamic affairs in our dear country.Please do stick around and do something like starting a group which forbids all these evils in public like they have in Saudi Arabia.First you will have to get permission to start it and that would be a jehad -a greater and most important one and the other important thing is congregational dua for only angels can perform miracles through us.May Allah Ta'ala guide us all and stop the evils that are around us every where and any where.Good luck and all the best.

Posted - Monday, December 13, 2004  -  7:49 AM Reply with quote
Asalam Aalaikum

I appreciate your inputs which reflects your concern. Unfortunately Our Ulemas have not played a kind of role which they should have played.
When the prices of food items increase during the month of Ramadhan, Our Ulemas remain silent and dont raise their voice against this injustice.
When the unemployment rate increases ,our Ulemas remain silent and dont consider it as an important issue.
In their eyes only watching TV and working in Bank is a major issue and It seems that they have made Islam pretty limited and it has become difficult for common individuals to follow the teachings of Islam in this modern age.

This is the reason why I prefer great and open minded Muslim Scholars like Dr.Zakir Naik and Ahmed Deedat who have infact understood Islam with an open mind and are preaching Islam in the best way that is possible.
We need these kinds of Scholars and Orators in this modern age who explain Islam with reasoning and evidences and try to make Islam compatible with our time.

I also give value to the Scholars of Al-Mawrid Institute because I see solidness and rationality in their answers although I donot completely agree with them, but Mashallah one thing that Iam really proud about the team of Al-Mawrid Institute is that they are open to any criticism and allow negative feedbacks as well which reflects how true their intention is .


Posted - Monday, December 13, 2004  -  8:06 AM Reply with quote
Additional information:

Our Ulemas criticize General Pervaiz Musharaf and force him to take off his Uniform, when the opposition doesnot find any true and solid fault in a person ,then they try to search for other excuses which could help their movements to continue.

Even if you view this situation from Islamic Point of view ,you will come to realise that having a post of army during the leadership is not against Shariah(Islamic Law).

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) during his lifetime was not only a Prophet and a Messenger, but he was also holding other positions as well.
Apart from these two divine positions, Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) also held wordly positions.
He was a Head of State, a religous leader and an army commander as well.

Now If our beloved Prophet(pbuh) could hold more than one positions why cant Mushi hold more than one positions?

Our Ulemas should present rational justification for their propoganda.

Another most important thing to note is that they have problem with General Musharaf Pervaiz's Uniform but where were they when Zia-Ul-Haq became the president of Pakistan and remained a president with his uniform on and imposed martial law on the country for 10 years which damaged our economy to great extent.


Posted - Monday, December 13, 2004  -  11:47 AM Reply with quote
this is about food during Ramadhaan. do the prices really go up...?? o.O

i didnt know that. maybe its becos people wont buy as much during Ramadhaan because they only eat after 5, two main meals are skipped and us being Pakistanis can't resist a few snacks in between breakfast and lunch :P but those are forbidden during Ramadhaan **because we'r fasting duhhhh** and like that could effect the people sellin the food...right?? so they make the prices go up so as not to dent their financial lives...

uhhh....i think...


Posted - Tuesday, December 21, 2004  -  8:21 PM Reply with quote
Salaam brothers, this is not just about Pakistan, this is the way most Muslim countries are presently running, the main issue is that we need to stop limiting ourselves by classifying issues as Pakistani, Arab, Turkish, Malay, and the like and move to solve our problems as one Ummah, We have been divided and concuered.

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