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Author/Source: DR HKHAN  (hkhan135@aol.com) Posted by: Studying Islam UK
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The Engineer/Creator of our body says in the second last verse of surah Haameem Sajdah, in His last Revelation that soon He would show us such of His Signs within ourselves (anfus) and in our surroundings (aaf'aq) that we will cry out that this Qura'n is the Truth.

Our ancestors who were not in the era of science, fasted in submission to Lord's injunction and so do we with His will/insh'Allah; but we have the opportunity to fast with stronger faith as we live in the age when we can perceive the effects within our body systems.

When the 24/7 at work machinery of this body needs servicing/M.O.T., Ramadan comes as mitigation for every system of it.

Take a look at the cleansing system of kidneys for example.

The well packed nephrotic tubules (tubes inside the kidneys) which are excreting the waste matter from the blood and absorbing the needed salts can spread over a distance of 40 miles (from Lahore to Gujranwala or from London to Oxford); this mammoth and miraculously system has been packed in a small receptacle of a kidney; you can say a fantastic example of micro chip. The cleansing system has thus been designed by the Creator by giving this break of a few days of fasting; but surely at a great discount :) only 30 days out of 365!

Same goes for the bowels, the stomach; our food processor. The liver cells need refurbishing as their storage system gets overworked and so does the pancreas which has to control body sugar levels as well as help the stomach in the process f digestion by offering some of its hormones.

Our kitchen juicers, ovens and toasters get clogged up after a while and need cleaning up; so do these individually and collectively working machines of ours; of which we remain so unaware until one or the other is left in the lurch causing indigestion, liver or kidney disorder, diabetes etc. Blessed be the beloved Prophet sws (peace be upon him) who advised to utilize the health before comes the disease. Thanks to our Lord who blessed us with these healthy systems and we are able to fast and renovate them.

Lord be praised who systematized this detoxification in such a simple and natural way that we get this cleansing done free of charge for which otherwise patients are admitted to wards and need the help of medical staff; self or health department spends finances.

Beyond this fact, we need to realize that the fasting prescribed by Allah does not limit this cleansing to our physical systems as do the medical
methods; it rather helps cleansing our souls at the same time by the Prayers/Salah, reading of the revelation/Qura’n; in the state of fasting and during the specific Ramadan schedule; helping reach the goal of Piety/Self Control.

Hence the Essence of the Message from our Creator, the Message of Self Purification applies thereby; even including our earnings which need cleansing by spending for every Cause of Goodness; be it for the help of the needy, or for the help of Spreading the Truth/the Right . ps


The emphasis of the Message of the Way of life from God, i.e. Islam is on Purifying oneself as the Lord has prepared His Paradise for Pure Souls. We will therefore find abundance of advice within the Qura’n, other revelations of God as well as in the teachings of the Prophets regarding cleansing one’s body, surroundings, even company of friends and family.

We must be extremely selfish about our souls and it’s purity; like a little girl whose lovely pink dress which she brought to show me and when I touched to admire she stepped back anxiously and said “Oh my beautiful dress may get stained.” Or like the shimmer of our new car we wish to keep always but cannot keep it locked in the garage and not use it lest it gets dented or loses its shimmer; yet when it gets dim by dust or damaged by dents, we rush to bring it’s sheen back; no matter how much time or money we need to spend on that.

Let us bring the sheen back to our murky crystals of heart.

We just need to look at the blotches on our soul as well behind our faces when we look into the mirrors to find a freckle, white or a black head or a hair to remove. I wish we worry and work hard for t the “Facial” of this soul as we will rush for the “Facial” and make up of these faces around Eid.

May we be among the ones who capture the Nectar of Ramadan, the Purification, within outside. Amen.

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