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The Power of God
Author/Source: Rehan Ahmed Yusufi (translated by Khadija Usman)  Posted by: admin
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Today Arif started the discussion with a question, “Do you know, the extent of God’s Power?” This question was a fore warner of the pearls of wisdom that were to follow. Hence, everyone had their eyes fixed on Arif with questioning looks on their faces. “In a world where God can’t be seen, and those oblivious and disobedient to Him seem to be having all the fun, and man has been given independence and free will, it is still the Command of God that manifests itself.”

He then, went on to elaborate on the point, “Where one is born, when are, they going to die?What they are going to eat and earn.Where they’re going to live? Who they are going to marry? How many children they are going to have? What will be their sustenance? How will they look like? What skill will they have? To which Nation and Ancestry they will belong? What they will and will not get in life. Thus, all these matters, regarding the basic and most important decisions of one’s life and cycle of life are determined, by the Infinite Wisdom of God. In this cycle of life, man has only a limited choice to exert his will. Even in these, choices/actions the result is dependent upon God’s Will. Now tell me, if God is so powerful when He is stillUnseen, then what will be the state of mankind if He were to come in front of them?”

“Man will be further humbled”, answered one gentleman. The answer wiped the smile from Arif’s face, “This is odd. For if a person is a ‘Mumin’ (true believer) then, he will be the King that day. A King, who gets all he asks for and is given whatever he desires. The humiliation and deprivation he had to face in this world will be compensated for. Do you know what this Kingship is in return of?” There was a period of silence and then Arif’s voice rose, “it is in return of acknowledging and bowing one’s head in front of God’s immense power, as compared to man’s limited power/freedom in this world. Paradise, is a reward for the acknowledgement of this humility. The kingship is a reward/return of this slavery.”

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