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Topic initiated on Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  8:21 PM Reply with quote
intention for every work

we should do every work even worship Allah for the heaven and hell(here after) or our intention should to achieve his pleasure (Allah ki raza ) is there any difference between them.
my point of veiw is that there is difference.we should do every work his pleasure(raza)not for the greed for heaven.if we do for his pleasure we obviously get heaven.our intention should be his pleasure. if i m wrong then plz guide me. i think if u love or ishq someone u dont hope renturn from him.there is no doubt that every thing u gain in his love.but ur pupose his pleasure.

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Posted - Sunday, October 10, 2004  -  1:20 PM Reply with quote
There is NO difference between the TWO intentions as the End RESULT of BOTH will be SAME.

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