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Topic initiated on Friday, October 1, 2004  -  2:17 PM Reply with quote
Your Say! Fasting dor All! For Faith!

Fasting For Faith

Your Chance to Write about Fasting and what it means to you.
The Islamic Month of Fasting begins in Oct' this year. If you are going to be fasting for Ramadhan or if you fast for any other reason (from any faith or ethnic background)), we want to hear from you!
Please send to sr. Haneeza Nisar by 8th Oct. to be included in the presentation of the writings received @


To: Dr.Henna Khan
Rep. UK Chap. Studying Islam
"Dear Henna, Assalamualaykum.
Attached are details. I would appreciate if you could let your study group know. Thanks. Haneeza Nisar. Senior Librarian. "

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