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Topic initiated on Tuesday, September 28, 2004  -  9:48 AM Reply with quote
feedback on Studying-islam course

1.The Studying Islam course has been the best todate and most interesting and comprehensive presentation of Islam and Qur'an that I have seen. The meterial is so absorbing that you want to move from one module to the next asap.
Jaza'Akallah for all those brothers and sisters whose efforts have brought this out.

2.The very minor problems that I encountered, then it may just be me with my limited knowledge ,were
a)Some of the words used in the module could have been simpler.or a further explanation of meaning given at the bottom of the page.There are some that I could not find the meaning in Oxford dictionary and had to resort to Google search.

b)Explanation of a new concept or subject.If a new subject is mentioned, it would be helpful for the reader to have a brief insight, all of the students do not have massive background knowledge to know them automatically.Or an explanation at the bottom of the page.

c)The exam questions.some times are not very clear about what they are asking.Sometimes the answer is not in that module but another one.

d) feedback to queries. If possible it could be quicker.sometimes you wait 1-2 weeks before someone replies to your queries.

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