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Topic initiated on Sunday, August 22, 2004  -  12:57 PM Reply with quote
Causes of the Decline of Muslims

History testifies to the fact that during Medival Period, Muslims were far more advance then Europeans in the field of Science and Technology and that period was known as the"Golden Age" for Muslims.
Most of the Scientists during Medival times were Muslims and they greatly contributed in medicines, Astronomy and Mathematics.
But how and when did it happen that suddenly history changed its course and the Muslims downfall started.
What could have been the major causes of the downfall of Muslims?
Lets discuss.....

Posted - Monday, August 23, 2004  -  12:28 AM Reply with quote
Well after the Muslims conquered Spain they experienced their first defeat at the hands of the Europeans, and then they stopped advancing. That was their first mistake. Then they fought amongst each other in Spain and the Europeans attacked again. The ruler of Morocco send forces to help them, and after the Muslims won, he adviced them to stop fighting and return to the Islamic way of Khilafah. But they began fighting amongst each other in Spain once again and then the Europeans attacked once again. But this time the Moroccan leader said he wouldn't help them and the Muslims were defeated and taken out of Spain. The problem with the Muslim Ummah today is that the majority of us are afflicted with a disease. This disease is the love of this world and the fear of death.

Posted - Tuesday, August 24, 2004  -  3:15 PM Reply with quote
Rise and Downfall is a natural phenomena,almost every nation and civilization faces it.
The following causes can be listed as some of the factors which led to the downfall
of Muslims:
1:Indifference to the Quran.
2:Blind Taqleed(conformism).
3:Obssessive preoccupation with Greek Philosophy and Fiqh(jurisprudence) at the cost of the life-giving message of the Quran.This obssession with philosophy and fiqh led to petty squabbles.
4:Instead of adhering to the essence and spirit of the Quran and Hadith,they were reduced to philosophical and juristic manuals.The Quran was not consulted for guidance but to ferret out those verses which could be used as a support for their sectarian,philosophical and juristic doctrines and ideas.
5:Sufism can be counted as cause of Muslim Downfall.It urged Muslims to take rfuge in Khanqas and turn a blind eye to hard realities of life.Quran constantly urges its readers to ponder over the creation of the Univers but Sufism told Muslims to shut their eyes to the nature around them and instead
look into their Batin(their innerbeings).Ascendancy of Sufism resulted in indifference to science.
6:Indulgence of rulers in luxury and orgiastic revelries.
7:Invasion of Mongols which convulsed the entire Muslim World and shhok its foundations.
7: Spain was great hub of intellectual activities and a sanctuary for Muslims and non-muslim scholars and scientists from all around the neighbouring countries.The downfall of Spain was a great blow to Muslims, intellectual progress.

Posted - Wednesday, August 25, 2004  -  11:02 PM Reply with quote
The decline of the Muslim Ummah is caused by many of us not adhereing to the Haqq and the Sunnah the our Righteous Predecessor's did. According to their understanding.

Posted - Wednesday, August 25, 2004  -  11:06 PM Reply with quote
Also,I forgot to include that, which rectified matters such as these in the past, will Insha'Allah these matters presently.
Also, in the previous post the last line should read adhereing to the Haqq and the Sunnah the way our Righteous Predecessor's did.According to their understanding.

Posted - Thursday, September 2, 2004  -  3:46 PM Reply with quote
I think one of the biggest cause which contributed to the Downfall of Muslims is their misplaced arrogance and vanities(amaniya)like Jews,referred to in the Sura Baqarah.Like the Jews Muslims believe that only Muslims are entitled to enter paradise and they are the best and loved one Ummah,no matter what do they do?This vanity has led them to be blind to their misdeeds and weaknesses!Smugly sure of their entry into the paradise,they care very little
to be fearful of Hell or to behave like a responsible community!!!!

Posted - Monday, September 6, 2004  -  2:50 PM Reply with quote
Salaam, Islam was thus to Dominate the world, but
people back then, were more of alittle different from us, and they were for sure, much thinkers then us in this day. When the Prophet has Established Hijra' in seven century Arabia! it was a meciless place. Spain was not the down fall of Islam, Iraq n countless other places had the advancedment that muslims inspired through europ then. But Islam stil stays strong, Is just that the followers have lost doubt in trusting Allah Subhana Watala. While true muslims were indeed truthful in following Islam meaning peace. The Same Kaffirs that they taught life, were stil hungry for world needs, thus they the muslims engaged themselfs with Allah, but Failed to advance in Security and Protection, Military force. Since Islam was build on Structrul Foundation, Mohammed saw, was alwas ready for War, for the protection of the Ummah. Though he avoided every procedure to avoid it. I am alittle a shamed of muslims and their position in life this age. May Allah Guide us All Again. What we need to build again is Establishment, Trust, and Weapons of Mass intelligence! Also is Vital to build a form of force to show our enemies is disagreement accures they cant just act as they like. Surely Enemies fear their opponent if they are Advanced. Allah is Great, I just think thats importent.

Posted - Thursday, September 9, 2004  -  9:26 AM Reply with quote
Asalam Aalaikum

If you take a look at the present condition of the world economy, you will find out that their are 55 Islamic Countries and 34 European Countries.
If you collect all the GDP rates of the 55 Islamic Countries and compare it with European Countries, then you will find out that it is not even equal to the GDP rate of one European Country.
Turkey is the only Muslim Country which has much higher GDP rate then other Muslim Countries but still it is not even equal to the GDP rate of one European Country.
It indicates that Muslims are far behind European countries in Science and Technology and this is the main factor why our economy is not up to their standard.

In this information age, technology plays a key role in the improvment and development of the economy and we should try to improve our economy by introducing advance techology in our business so that we could compete with the Europeans and West otherwise we will in the future end up in Dark Ages.

Islam doesnot want us to remain behind in worldly progress but what Islam wants from us is to prefer our Islamic values over worldly progress which will further enhance our position in the world and raise our reputation.

Edited by: student1 on Thursday, September 09, 2004 9:36 AM

Posted - Thursday, September 9, 2004  -  9:47 AM Reply with quote
The reason why we are lagging behind is also because we are moving away from the teachings of the Qur'an.

According to my understanding and knowledge Qur'an can give us direction in the field of Science and Technology if we concentrate and ponder over it with open mind.


Edited by: student1 on Thursday, September 09, 2004 9:58 AM

Posted - Thursday, October 7, 2004  -  6:07 PM Reply with quote
with the name of allah
alsalm alkum

i don't believe that weapons are the source that gains power. this kind of power destoys and doesn't gain trust. if you fear man, just because they hold a gun aganist your head. then you don't fear the one who created that man. ALLAH should be are only fear. thou, the flesh is weak, ALLAH strenthens the heart. it is only through the qur'an, that we can find our strenght. without the qur'an are power is useless. we as muslim's shouldn't want people to fear us, cause fear only creates a falsehood. we may control are enemy with weapons, but it dosen't change their heart. they will want to kill us, and have control over us. the first chance they get, they will raise against us. even thou, we may have the power, we will still fear are enemy. so, its not by weapons that we gain control over are enemies. we control them by loving them for the sake of Allah. which means, not to rule them, in the same way they want to rules us. the prophet muhammad(sws) was the greatest example to us to learn how to deal with the enemies of islam, and the enemies of a person. we don't view people on common grounds, we view them as kaffirs unworty of islam. and we a kaffir, does become a muslim, we tend to make him or her a second class muslim. you see, my brothers and sisters, we became our own enemies amongst each other, and until we can creit that from within ourselves, the only ummah were going to have here on earth, is the ummah we have right now. we must allow ALLAH to use us, for the sole purpose of spreading the message he sent unto all of mankind.
i pray that ALLAH will allow our feet to walk in the footsteps of the prophet(sws), and his companions(p.b.u.t). not to let our hearts go astray, and grant us his mercy and grace. salam

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