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Topic initiated on Sunday, August 8, 2004  -  9:49 AM Reply with quote

Dear sir,
Thank for your reply,
I m not quite satisfied with your answer bec if when Iblis was living with Malaaikas, it does'nt mean that he became Malaaika, and I also asked this question to many other scholars through such website; they answered such as-
Malaak's means those who ordinate or controll the main works of Allah Who (Allah ) given them different jobs to do in the universe, In those, Iblis was one of them, however, when these main controllers or workers once were gathered or were worshiping, Allah then ordered all Malaaika's (iblis was with them) to prostrate before Adam, all prostrated but Iblis. ( first answer)Second anwser of a scholar:
As Iblis was sitting with Malaaika's and when Allah ordered to prostrate before Adam, suddenly he became proud of himself and denied to prostrate whre this order was not for him and Allah told him that he felt proud himself called Iblis.
Before thinking or understanding the real matter, so Allah who is the creator of universe called him Iblis and even did not tell him the reality bec he felt proud.

waiting for your good response.

A.Karim Khoso

Posted - Monday, August 9, 2004  -  4:02 AM Reply with quote
Salam alaikum.

I'm not quite sure I understood all of what you just said but I will answer one of your questions. Allah s.w.t. knows what is in our hearts and he knows what we reveal and what we conceal. He knew before he created Adam, peace be upon him, that Iblis would attempt to ruin mankind. No one can dispute with the orders of Allah s.w.t. and Iblis as well can only lead people astray by through by Allah's leave. He even asked Allah to let him live until the day of judgement. Allah granted him this request and he was under allah's protection from then on. Does that answer your question?

Posted - Monday, August 9, 2004  -  7:56 AM Reply with quote
I just happened upon your other post which is similar to this one. Theres one thing I wanted to answer in there. Iblis is the father of the Jinn's just like the prophet Adam, peace be upon him, is the father of mankind. And due to his deeds, he was elevated by Allah s.w.t. to the status of a Malaik. He was brought up to heaven but even though he shares the honor and status of an angel, he himself still had characteristics of a Jinn. For instance, we know beyond a reasonable doubt that angels were created to praise and worship Allah s.w.t. And also to fulfill the commandments of Allah s.w.t. Unlike humans, angels do not have a choice. They don't have free will to do whatever they want. They can only do what Allah s.w.t. commands them to. And since Iblis disobeyed Allah s.w.t., that shows that he was not an angel in that regard.

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