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Topic initiated on Thursday, July 29, 2004  -  8:57 PM Reply with quote
Who leads prayers in the Masjid?

Asslamu Alaikkum Sisters and Brothers!

This is the situation:
There is an Imam in one Masjid. He attends (and helps) in other places as well, so, he is sometimes unable to carry out all duties in this masjid.
One family, living close by, has a son, 18 y/o, who became very knowledgable in recitation, usually leads the prayers the rest of the time.
This boy seems to be very enthusiastic on leading the prayers, and has a particular style, making the prayer too long, too slow, with long recitations and every step in the prayer takes more than twice as normal (believe me, no exageration...).
Some members of the community are very upset, and also saying that the Imam allows him to do it because his family is financially supporting the masjid, and things like that (which may be true somehow...). Anyways... I can tell that even to me, new and enthusiastic in Islam, these prayers finally are too long and certain positions such as Ruku or Sajdah difficult for elders...
You can see some faces by the time he stands up front. I witnessed how he does this without even inviting others to do lead the prayer instead.
Beyond this... can you explain certain criteria that applies in regular times and exceptional times in regard of this matter?
Some people is upset with the fact that even a good person, but at 18 y/o is too young, particularly when other brothers are more capable and wiser on the eyes of the community.
In the absence of the Imam, does anyone has the right to stand up front and lead the preyer or should be a previous agreement? Same or different applies for Jumuah?
Thank you!

Posted - Friday, July 30, 2004  -  2:14 PM Reply with quote
wa Aalikum us Salam Dear

Your case is a little tough case. Please keep in mind the following 2 BASIC things in this regard:

Any one can lead the prayer.
Imam (the leader of prayer) should be average in his prayer routine ie not v long & not v short as well as not v slow & not v fast.

Now in your case Mr IMAM should appoint a 2nd Imam. If he wants to appoint that 18 yr old, then he should tell him that it is not only necessary BUT infact Compulsary that while leading prayer he should keep his prayers LIGHT. I hope that the young GUY does know these things. & plz remember that there is absolutly NO HARM if he is leading in prayers despite being so young. On the contrary, it would be mutch better if an Adult leds the prayer.

I hope this will give some guide line to you.

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