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Posted - Tuesday, November 23, 2004  -  12:32 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu 'alakum,
First of all, a hadith wouldnt be sahih in the first place if it was against any injunction of the quran. The muhadditheen would automatically reject any hadith that would say riba is permissible or something (just an example).

Secondly, common sense IS a criteria for judging ahadith. If Imam Bukhari found a hadith saying, "love is of the essence" then I am pretty sure he would classify it as weak or fabricated. It was a common practise of the muhadditheen that if they came accross a hadith that was rather shady in its diction, they would reject it.

Third, a sahih hadith indicates that the words contained in this narration was really by the Prophet (s). And we have the six books of most authentic ahadith. I dont understand what the question about absolute truth is. If we are talking about the diction of the hadith and if the Prophet's words were just as it is preserved in the hadith, then inshallah its safe to say that the hadith is very close to what the Prophets exact words were if not very close. But I guess you cant always be 100%

But if we are talking about the command in the hadith and if thats absolute truth or not, then yes, it is absolute truth and we must act uponn it. For example, in the issue of beard, the prophet (s) commanded the believers to grow their beards and trim their mustaches. We must take this order as absolute truth and apply it in our lives.

Allah knows best.

Posted - Wednesday, November 24, 2004  -  7:50 PM Reply with quote
asalam aleikum,
i was satisfied with the answer being supplied to my question on the literacy of the holy prophet(sws) and act of using islamic charms.
may Allah reward studying-islam opulently.
Regards to the moderator,instructor and all others.

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