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Topic initiated on Monday, July 19, 2004  -  8:05 PM Reply with quote
challenge from a 'murtid'.

please check out this site. http://www.faithfreedom.org/
the originator of the site has left Islam and is trying to do his utmost to persuade others to do the same. he has put up a challenge for anyone to prove Islam otherwise to his eclipsed views. i request our scholars to step in and try to put a hold on this menace. numerous people, believers and non-believers go to that site regularly.
may Allah save us.

Posted - Monday, July 19, 2004  -  9:22 PM Reply with quote
Wa alaykum As-Salamu ,

I have seen instances where this man will not take this site down even if it is disproved, he simply just changes his wordings around. I have also been very skeptical in thinking if in fact he is an ex muslim since he has refused to have a public debate and has also refused to have a debate on line in a way where there is a dialogue not using words but through your own voice. Whether in fact he truly is a ex Muslim who has left Islam because of the things he claims you can easily see if research is done on his claims that he himself did not do enough research but is an excuse in my opinion to be able to do as you please. I would like to see a scholar refute his claims but I don't think the great scholars have time to go on line with this, but I wouldn't doubt that some would do a public debate which the author of this site has refused. Even if a scholar would go on this site refute all the claims and prove him wrong I do not believe that this man would take the site down.

In my opinion the best thing to do is not even click on this site. All his claims are false and half truths and distortions of the sayings. With the internet each time a site is opened it is recorded so when you do a search on Islam a site like this might come up if it is frequented often which is why I suggested to not even attempt to waste your time on this site.

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Posted - Tuesday, July 20, 2004  -  6:28 PM Reply with quote
thank you for your comments. i had also decided not to interfere any more with this menace. it is better to leave such psycopaths alone who don't pay heed to any amount of truth. May Allah Almighty guide us all. Aameen.

Posted - Saturday, July 24, 2004  -  9:23 AM Reply with quote

I dont have enough time to visit the site which you have mentioned but what are his challenges?

Can any one briefly mention the challenges of the author of


Posted - Wednesday, July 28, 2004  -  9:02 PM Reply with quote
i dont know his motives...i went to c the gallery,,,
apart from this murtid thingy...
can anyone explain this shia beating acts....
n wats going on with the professor in Iran.
wat the mullas are doing in our local mosques.
I m not proving this murthaid...all i m saying is y have our common muslims left islam to these fundamentalist, n not denying them n their idiot acts...
If i m a muslim..
---cant i b a handsome man...
---cant i b a happy man..
---cant i b a good sports man..
---cant i b a open minded man
---do i have to always kill sm1 if he looks bad to my women...
---do i have to always live in this uncertain situation ,,,that we dont know how to deal with the world...
----I ask from these scholoars, since 1400 years, all the muslims are useless,,,they cant even find one simple answer to there problems...
---Y dont all these scholoras get us rid of these fundamentalist.
---y my father is confused to get me English education or to get me into madrasa to learn quran by heart.
---Y we never go for any creativity.
---Y is our justice system the worst in the world.(all islamic coutries..specially pakistan)
---Y all the poor are suffering in our society and mullas are increasing day by day.
---Y are men like Hakeem Saeed gets killed in our country.
---Y we always c the bad work ahppens in our country n we look at them like beghayrath with no faith in God n fear from death...
---Is God belongs to only Mullahs..
---There is hundred n one reasons n my heart is burning to say it....

----We never undersstand islam,,,we always think ,,its in arabic ...
i have seen ppl in here on this forum always quoting alhamdullilah, subha nallh, jazaka allah...y cant thjey say it in their own language...they dont have the confidence neither the faith,,,like God does not know urdu or pashto....

I dont mean to disgrace anyone,,,thats all i want to say....

Posted - Thursday, July 29, 2004  -  7:02 PM Reply with quote

----We never undersstand islam,,,we always think ,,its in arabic ...
i have seen ppl in here on this forum always quoting alhamdullilah, subha nallh, jazaka allah...y cant thjey say it in their own language...they dont have the confidence neither the faith,,,like God does not know urdu or pashto....

I dont mean to disgrace anyone,,,thats all i want to say....


its not bout confidence, its mre bout comon sence FOR EXPML v all use ENGLSH ere as most of us now ow 2 read n rite it and like me nearly evry1 HERE NOW DA MEANIN TO DESE WRDS IN ARABIC and if 1 strts 2 rite it in dere lagnue v wuldnt b able 2 comunicte and move 4rwd as dis website is desgnd 2 understnd ISLAM.

HOWEVA it wuld b nice 2 read difrnt lagnuages aswell and understnd dem, 4m our fellow muslims 4m difrnt backgrnds.

and ALLAH is all rond us it dont matr wot u use JST AS LNG as if u r followin wot HE as askd 4 n not make a fuss ovr da laugue and if 1 needs 2 strt finkin like dis den cant u argue Y DOES 1 AS 2 READ DERE SALAH IN ARABIC?

and yes u may b rite bout dat v dnt undrstnd ISLAM but u ave strt relsin n acceptin da facts dat da QURAN is in ARABIC and dat diffrnt sclors trnslted it. hence dere ave been mny mistkes found in da trnslation. so da best advce is 2 UNDRSTND DA LANGUE 1ST N DEN ULL NOW DA MEANIN NATURLY


Posted - Sunday, August 1, 2004  -  1:16 PM Reply with quote
dear, that was not just one point in my post,,,do not point one thing out of the whole story..
yes if i think of my common sense, we can pray in our own language,
as far as arabic is concerned, yes anyone who wants to kno quran by himself shud kno the language, but islam is not in repeating kalimas, if ur writing erything in english y not those kalimas.so that u may kno wat ur saying n does not appear as sm parrot...
do say things in arabic when u n me both knos arabic as english,ok.
it makes to me more sense that when u say, if god wishes instead of inshaAllah, or thanks God than alahum dollilah,,and wat wud u say for subhanallah....?
islam is not chewing gum, that u chew it in the same manner,,,its shud make u more independent, free and creative.

Edited by: gohar on Sunday, August 01, 2004 1:24 PM

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