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Topic initiated on Saturday, July 3, 2004  -  1:55 AM Reply with quote
Nikah:If 'Gawah' is Qadiyani :NEED ANSWER URGENTLY

please tell me whether a Nikah is valid if a girl is a Sunni Muslim, but her gawah for the ceremony, her paternal uncle, who is a Qadyani, signs in the same capacity on the Nikahnama (as a gawah). there are other Sunni Muslims in the room too, who obviously are gawahs, but dont have to sign on the nikahnama. please tell me whether this Nikah is acceptable or not.
sorry, but answer is required within 5 - 6 hours. plllleeaaasse!

Posted - Saturday, July 3, 2004  -  2:10 AM Reply with quote
please some scholar answer this question before 4 o' clock afternoon, Pakistan time today. sorry for the rush, but a situation which my relative is facing has cropped up very suddenly. please help.

Posted - Saturday, July 3, 2004  -  5:47 AM Reply with quote
I think u should send a mail at :

1. query@studying-islam.org
2. tariqmhk@wol.net.pk
3. sbukhary@hotmail.com

I hope that u will get ur answer soon.

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