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Topic initiated on Tuesday, June 8, 2004  -  2:42 PM Reply with quote
Symbol of Luv/Venus


venus in front of the sun today!
last time it happened was 1882.
probably high time to spread luv for the Good of humanity!!
but pls don't look at it directly .
here at royal berks 'n battle hosp.we r seeing thru peoples' hearts i.e. on xray films

use something like that

(this message does not convey to believe in signs/symbols; we take all these incidences as Signs of Allah and take them as an opportunity to remember Him and get further close to Him, recognizing His Powers.
and hv posted just to share this 'n whats up in news today

peace/salams on all

Edited by: hkhan on Tuesday, June 08, 2004 3:29 PM

Posted - Friday, June 11, 2004  -  12:54 AM Reply with quote
dhh..incidently i had to go 2 radiology department that day, even there everyone was watching it through xray films. what was so funny eh.. any way what does islam say about signs and stars and effects on our lives???i know u said not to believe in such things but is there any more information on it?


Posted - Friday, June 11, 2004  -  9:03 AM Reply with quote
ps, may help


Question: I want to know if consulting horoscopes is allowed in Islam. You know, sometimes the things written in them are very true. If we read them, are we doing the right thing?

Answer: Islam wants that we base all our decisions on common sense and concrete facts. Except where it mentions personality traits, it seems that a greater part of a horoscopes is based on conjecture. There is no harm in reading them. However, one must not depend only upon them.

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Posted - Saturday, June 12, 2004  -  7:58 PM Reply with quote
salam to all!

just to add something. I donot know how people perceive it but there is a difference between Astronomy - the science and astrology - the mythical beliefs.

People in general are more inclined to assign certain signs to sightings of
astronomical significance.

If we take this as a study we could probably determine amongst other things, the marvels of nature Allah has created. Ofcourse this makes one feel very small and minute. Is that a way to strengthen our belief ?

I remember reading somewhere that in the 10 - 14 Century times, astronomers also tried to create maps using stars which depicted Mecca as center of the world.

Although the general perception nowadays is quite different, should one actually try to give preference to belief rather than reason where such issues are concerned?

what could have been the motive of these muslim astronomers some of them are reknown not only in our part of the world but also in the West.

Posted - Tuesday, June 15, 2004  -  9:54 AM Reply with quote
i think that astrology is not allowed because it claims to predict the future happenings. the same rule applies to palmistry too.

'There is no harm in reading them. However, one must not depend only upon them.'

now, the thing is, that what if a person reads them without believing in them at first. but one day, everything that is predicted starts coming true. and the person has a shift in opinion. what if satan slowly through this method beguiles him towards believing in horoscopes totally?

we have been told to avoid all which is doubtful. and in the case of anything that foretells the future, i think that should be avoided. except dreams and intuition. that is from Allah. however, the future is known only by Allah. even if some people do possess something that makes their predictions come true, Allah can change the events of the future as well.
from what i have seen, such things cause often more anxiety than comfort. recently, someone told my acquaintance by 'reading' her hand that her fiance' would die soon!!! rubbish! now you can imagine my acquaintance's apprehension and worry.
similarly, another acquaintance who reads horoscopes waits in vain for a 'romantic venture', or an 'exciting event' to happen as predicted in the daily horoscope (read horrorscope).

believing in astrology is tantamount to superstition. it would be better to avoid reading it. that would make life much less complicated.

Posted - Tuesday, June 15, 2004  -  10:52 AM Reply with quote
waalaykuassalaam sr

the sentence u hv quoted is preceded by following

"Except where it mentions personality traits, it seems that a greater part of a horoscopes is based on conjecture. "
so wen it says there is no harm in reading them , it means regarding personality traits only, and even for that its just that there is no harm in reading them but one must not take it seriously.
which is logical as we all try to build our characters on the lines Islam has idealized for us insha'Allah

regarding horoscopes for future reading, u hv rightly given the reasons not to believe in all that

regards 'n peace

Posted - Wednesday, March 29, 2006  -  8:58 PM Reply with quote
and did u see the solar eclipse today? its good to be close to nature sometimes. signs of God keep you close to Him.

Posted - Sunday, April 2, 2006  -  6:48 AM Reply with quote
muslims should not believe in these rubbish things.

Posted - Monday, April 3, 2006  -  8:08 AM Reply with quote
which rubbish things Ms Bhavittre???

Posted - Monday, April 3, 2006  -  12:16 PM Reply with quote
i thought you had left

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