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Topic initiated on Tuesday, June 8, 2004  -  12:45 AM Reply with quote
Professional tired of hiding religion at workplace

Assalaamu Alaikum:

I work in a predominantly Jewish environment and often feel uncomfortable about topics of religion. How do I continue to keep good working relationships, and stop having to hide my religion during the personal Q&A conversation, without the fear of losing clients?

Posted - Tuesday, June 8, 2004  -  5:54 PM Reply with quote
Assalam o Alaikum

I think ALLAH has given you this oppurtunity and you must encash this option. Not in this world but in the life after this world. I think u have golden oppurtunity to spread Islam to non muslims and best way of doing so is to show them practically the beautiful teachings of Islam rather engaging urself in Q&A sessions. Try to be humble and portrait the true picture of a Muslim and I can guarantee you that u can convince many of ur colleagues to the beautiful religion. I hope that every person who has this chance must avail it.

Posted - Tuesday, June 8, 2004  -  11:42 PM Reply with quote
yes, atifrafi is right. and besides that, try this experience. do behave in a nice manner towards them, but stick to Islamic principles. Allah helps those who do so, and soon, your reputaion will be established. it might be difficult in the beginning, and as Allah states in the Quraan, that when believers have adopted this faith, do they think that they will not be tested?? ofcourse they will be. and so, take the test. InshaAllah you will pass with flying colours. keep praying to Allah. and also, keep in mind that in the end, you are answerable ONLY to Allah; not to Jews, not even to Muslims. so why not prepare for that moment when you will be answerable. i know, all this seems easier said than done, but try it. InshaAllah you won't regret it.
lots of prayers for you.

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