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Tariq Hashmi

Topic initiated on Saturday, June 5, 2004  -  9:55 AM Reply with quote
Islam: A Way of Life

"Islam is a way of life," is one of the most favored quotewritten by contemporary Muslim scholars. My question is whether it is a fact acknowledged by all Muslims and on what grounds?

Posted - Saturday, June 5, 2004  -  11:42 AM Reply with quote
Well I am sure that this Quote stands correct BUT only if we follow the directives of islam completely, which most of us don't.

Most Muslims, just quote it. I don't think that we acknowledge it as well as we seldom follow directives of Islam in our daily lives.

Posted - Sunday, June 6, 2004  -  3:25 AM Reply with quote
It is extremely hard to live an Islamic life in nonislamic countries. So much around us leads away from Islam. Sometimes it is a minute by minute struggle to do/act as we should. We are bombarded daily with issues that are contrary to Islam. It also does not help when you see/read news articles where an iman says it's okay for muslim to kill muslim; when you see/read about muslims actually killing muslims; when you hear muslims proclaiming Islam and acting counter to the Qur'an. All my co-workers are Christians and I struggle each day to show the best of Islam. I hold my tongue, smile when I feel like crying, give encouragement when I want to be silent, avoid conversations because they are not proper, and try to let them know that the actions of muslims shown on the news is not Islam. (My belief is that a human consists of a spirit and a soul. The soul is like the phone line to Allah. The spirit is what propells the human to do what it does. The spirit is govern by the soul. A strong soul with good connect and a compliant spirit and everything is in harmony Islamically.) Day to day life wears the spirit down to where it gets sloppy and either doesn't want to listen to the soul or half-ways listens.

Posted - Monday, June 7, 2004  -  7:21 AM Reply with quote
Ironically it is not acknowledged by those who are bent on protecting it.

Threat Sends Aid Workers to Quetta's Serena Hotel: QUETTA, June 06: Foreign aid workers took shelter in a hotel in Quetta after authorities warned them that Taliban rebels were planning suicide attacks against their offices, officials said today. Some 25 expatriates from the United Nations and Western aid groups have left their residences and moved to Quetta's Serena Hotel..........

The aid groups warned of the Taliban plot were UNHCR, the U.S.-based Mercy Corps International, British-based Global Partner, Ireland's Concern, the French Tear Fund, and the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia.

But despite any flaws of liberal Muslims, good work is emanating from singers like Abrar-ul-Haque, Shehzad Roy through their social work. Not to mention Imran Khan's Shaukat Khanum and Asma Jehangir - the voice for women liberation.

Bottom line: Faith can be found where you least expected.

Edited by: junaidj on Monday, June 07, 2004 7:26 AM

Posted - Monday, June 7, 2004  -  8:52 PM Reply with quote
If it means that Islam provides answers to our every problem and furnishes detailed guidance for every thing in life,then I don,t subscribe to this view.
I think Islam and other religions have
provided only broad guidlines to mankind and left the rest for their innate guidance and intellect.
Tariq Hashmi

Posted - Tuesday, June 8, 2004  -  12:42 PM Reply with quote
Salamz Brother Asalam!
You write:
I think Islam and other religions have
provided only broad guidlines to mankind and left the rest for their innate guidance and intellect.

Would you please explain your view a little? How you do you prove your view in this regard.

Posted - Wednesday, June 9, 2004  -  8:09 PM Reply with quote
For example edibles.
The quran has not given any detailed list of dos and don,ts about edibles.It has forbidden wine,pork,carrion and blood and has left the rest to innate guidance.The Prophet(pbuh) forbade some things but those were also in the light of Quran and innate guidance.
The same is the case with punishments.

Posted - Friday, June 11, 2004  -  1:20 AM Reply with quote
assalamoalaykum all

wat i hv learnt from some renowned islamic scholars' opinions from Qura'n 'n Sunnah is that a religion comes to solve the problem related to Death/Hereafter for a man.

there r enough man made guidelines for his worldly affairs like job/career, marriage, buying, selling. it does not mean islam does not entail all these but its main purpose is to guide/solve the problem of Death and life after Death to which Qura'n has referred to as Naba il Azeem(The Great News).
we take a news about a bomb in a car or an aeroplane or about a war as big news/ breaking news as BBC calls it; even if there is a false news about a bomb in a plane, the flight is cancelled without any evidence of the bomb being there;
what about the News that this world is going to come to an end one day. nabi/messenger was called so b/c he came to deliver this naba'/News

therefore we must understand that although islam gives guidance for all spheres of life, wen we look at Qura'n 'n Sunnah together, but the actual purpose is to sort out our Hereafter; which ofcourse depends on our world/dunya; therefore it guides for these matters in a way which actually is related to Hereafter eg. for otherwise a totally worldly matter like marriage, the islamic guidance is to consider Faith of the person one is going to choose as a life partner; whereas if we go by worldly approach in this regard, we would consider other things first like beauty , job , money, caste, pedigree, etc.

pls comment/correct

Posted - Sunday, June 13, 2004  -  1:28 AM Reply with quote
islam isnt a way of life for me.

its more like a book of rules

if you dont follo you burn in hell

if you do u get loads of money and get beautiful and skinny in heaven.

(but thats not why im a muslim its because theres alot of logic behind it. and i dont want to be classified as blind)


Posted - Monday, June 21, 2004  -  4:11 PM Reply with quote
We would like to know your views!!!!!

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