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Topic initiated on Thursday, June 3, 2004  -  3:03 AM Reply with quote
Illegal software

i have a question that has been disturbing me since i came to know that the software we use is illegal. i don't know the details, but the actual software would cost Pakistan what it cannot afford. hence the smuggling.
even the 'windows' program is illegal.
what is the ruling about smuggling and piracy too?
often, we have to get a book of our syllabus photocopied and then students have to buy those copies. this is due to the non-availability of books in the market. once, a teacher of mine said that it depends on certain situations too. he said that sometimes rules don't apply to some things, as in the case of copying the book for syllabus. what is the solution to this? is this a sin?

Posted - Friday, June 11, 2004  -  10:00 AM Reply with quote
Assalam o Alaikum

No response since long time, I think its a very important questions. I am also facing same problem. I am working as a software engineer and most of the softwares that we use are Pirated. What should we do in this case. & specially at home where we can't afford Licensed softwares.

I hope that we will receive some answer, soon.

Posted - Saturday, June 12, 2004  -  8:10 PM Reply with quote
assalam alaikum !

I think this is a valid point that is raised. It also applies in general to other studying materials like books e.t.c.

In professional studies especially, there are lots of books which cost not less than a few thousand ruppees if we buy it from the original publisher. Therefore some local publication houses print it illegally as cheap newsprint editions. This makes the cost of books nearly 100 times cheaper and hence more affordable for the general reader/student.

I personally am not against this measure keeping in view the current circumstances-rising inflation and cost of studies. However, this important issue could be raised with the authorities concerned. There should be some sort of communication with the publisher or software vendor to give publishing rights / licences at a lower price. But who should take this responsibility ? How much can we as students can contribute ? Till the time such a measure is implemented, what is the best approach ?

Posted - Sunday, June 13, 2004  -  7:12 AM Reply with quote
Wa alaikumus salaam
thank you for your comments. we know that there is a solution for every problem. and i firmly believe that where there is good invlolved, Allah helps the believers. in this case as well, If the usage of such material is a sin, then there must be a solution to it. yes, we can put up an appeal to the companies owning the software to allow us to use it on educational pretext. or to let it be provided while remission of the prices are inculcated. the government ought to have a hand in this as well; and it can be funded by some private organizations as well. if the need arises, i am sure many of us can also pitch in to give of what we can.
taking such a stance will not only ensure the pleasure of Allah, but other nations will respect us too.
does anyone else have any other solutions? please comment.

by the way... what about anything being given in the form of a gift? i mean, if some pirated stuff is given to me as a gift, what is its value? a gift is a gift. mmm, maybe, one should take steps, gift or no gift, when one is sure that the stuff has been bought illegally.

open to further comments.
Allah bless you all. Aameen.

Posted - Friday, June 25, 2004  -  11:18 AM Reply with quote
Looking for some answer, please help in this regard.

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