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Topic initiated on Thursday, May 20, 2004  -  4:48 AM Reply with quote
honour killing

Are the honour killings have any base in Islam? And if there are people on the board living in Muslim countries - what is the law there in relation to honour killings and what kind of punishment is written in them?

Posted - Friday, May 21, 2004  -  6:01 PM Reply with quote
Honour killing is plain killing,absolutely forbidden in Islam.
In pakistan there has been many incidents of honour killing.I don,t know about any specific laws in this regard.There is some legislation in the offing about honour killing.

Posted - Monday, May 24, 2004  -  2:14 PM Reply with quote
i think the only tym wen a muslim chooses 2 take the punishment of death is 4 adultry in saudi arabia and even then they hav a choice
because thats the only way they will b 4given 4 that sin
its ether deth or hell but its their choice
ther was a hadith that a woman returnd 2 the prophet 3 tyms b4 he agreed to giv her the punishment of deth 4 her crime half heartedly
its totaly 4biden 4 reasons such as "my daughter went out with a christian" fathers sum tyms kill their own daughters 2 kp these things frm spreading around but they eventualy land in prison if their caught-which they almost always r in places such as britain.
honour killings r another misconception of islam-confusion between old traditions and religion. Islam forbids it in any form. 2 force deth on sum1 and giv religion as a reason is nt allowd at all
Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Wednesday, May 26, 2004  -  9:49 AM Reply with quote

Islam allows a court of law to administer capital punishment in two cases only, namely, intentional murder and spreading disorder in land (nuisance). Nowhere does the Holy Qur'an decree that people guilty of fornication be put to death. On the contrary, it prescribes the punishment of 100 stripes for the fornicators after the crime is proven in the court of law following the prescribed manner.

If the matter relates to a husband and wife, the Shari'ah ordaines the method of Li'aan. This shows that the Holy Qur'an leaves no room for honor killings. Moreover, Islam never allows individuals to take the law into their own hands and play with the lives of others. It is only the court which can decide what is to be done in a specific situation since all the directives pertaining to justice and society at large are addressed to the state.

From the individual perspective, there is an immediate need to look into reasons why an individual resorted to the undesirable means to gratify ones' desires. People usually do not commit mistakes but under the trance of physiological and psychological influences. A state is no doubt more concerned with the implementation of law and order. But an individual should be more concerned with the moral disposition of other people; he should strive to find out the reasons. In most ocassions it is the simple matrimonial arragement that will resolve the problem. In other cases, the concerned people may not be discharging their duties well toward each other, which leads to extra marital relations. Directing the consequence of one's own mistakes toward the other person is entirely absurd.


Posted - Wednesday, May 26, 2004  -  12:28 PM Reply with quote
Its clear that there is no room for Honour Killing in Islam. in relation to this, Suicide is also not allowed in Islam. I want to ask that is there any special case in which suicide can be allowed, like if a women kills herself to save herself from someone. What will happen in that case.

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