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Topic initiated on Monday, May 17, 2004  -  3:47 PM Reply with quote
is query service working/address changed?

we, members at studying islam circle uk, have sent 4 queries which propped up during our routine weekly studying islam uk circle; more than a couple of weeks back to
query@studying-islam.org and
and we r in our third circle today since then

because we did not get any rejoinder, we sent a reminder email
however we hv still not heard from them about receipt of same
therefore speculating whether the addresses hv changed or the service is working no more?

waiting to hear
many thnx/JK


pls note change of our email address from studyingislam@aol.com to
and send the replies to same

members @ Studying Islam circle UK

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Siddiq Bukhary

Posted - Tuesday, May 18, 2004  -  10:04 AM Reply with quote
The reply was mailed, and after your intimation regarding the change of address, again it was mailed to you even then it did not reach. Sorry for inconvenience.
The same is being copied once again.
"1-Local Ijtehad should be done by locals keeping in view all facts and figures. UK is a place where Muslims have been living since decades, and I think, the issue will have been considered in detail. Please try to find the opinion of the local scholars who practically face like problems. If however one feels extraordinary difficulty to manage the situation he should do personal ijtehad by analogy with the nearest area where you think such system prevails.
2-Loose sleeves should be designed, however if one feels extraordinary difficulty in wudu, she can do Masah. The reason behind the allowance of Masah is to avoid the exceptional inconvenience and the rule can be applied in this case also.

3-The hadith pertains to the situation when a wife refuses without any genuine reason. Islam always gives proper weight age to the circumstances which a person faces.
Husbands should also do that and should not refuse without proper and genuine cause.
4- Covering heads while in toilets is not obligatory.

Posted - Thursday, May 20, 2004  -  8:20 PM Reply with quote
many thnx/jk

if any further issue came up from other members in our next circle, wud convey to you.

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