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Tariq Hashmi

Topic initiated on Friday, May 14, 2004  -  11:18 AM Reply with quote
Virtues of Surah Ikhlas

The Prophet is reported to have said:

Is one of you not able to recite a third of the Qur'an in a single night) This was something that was difficult for them and they said, "Which of us is able to do that, O Messenger of Allah'' So he replied, «اللهُ الْوَاحِدُ الصَّمَدُ ثُلُثُ الْقُرْآن» "Allah is the One, As-Samad'' is a third of the Qur'an.) Al-Bukhari

This and similar other narratives have us believe that reciting Surah Ikhlas equals one third of the Qur'an. I would request the forummates to comment on the possible implications of the words 'equals' or 'is equal to' in the narrative. In what aspect the Surah equals one third of the Qur'an? We want to reach the nature of the comparison between the Qur'ana nd the Surah.


Posted - Sunday, May 16, 2004  -  5:19 PM Reply with quote
Surat al-Ikhlas is heavey in meaning. He who has believed firmily that Allah is one, He is the strongest, that Has not been born, nor has a child, nor does He have equals. Opposing this belief is what the problems in the world is about.
1-People either believe that Allah has partners, and this is in what they allocate time to. So television can become a partner, if we give it more time and priority over Allah.

2-Similarly if we are in trouble and seek the help of other people to the point of humilation, rather were we to truely believe that Allah is all capable then we would only go to Him.

3-Association of Allah with a father or with a Son is what the Greeks, Romans, and now the christians fell in to. This notion of having a son is dangerous because it carries the implication of favor because of kin. and the hereditory governance. To its contrary those of us are best who are most pious.

4- To finally believe completely that Allah has no equal. That there is no other lord but him, that there is nothing worth giving time more than Him, that there is no carer and provider but Him, that no matter how many high speek technical gateways man is able to 'Create' he will never equal Allah.

Now tell me, if we had this instilled in us so deeply, surely it would be an attitude that will bring us much comfort, and sucess.

Allah knows best.

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