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Topic initiated on Thursday, May 6, 2004  -  7:32 PM Reply with quote
Fluctuation in Iman

I face fluctuations in my Iman.sometimes I feel transportated to great spiritual heights;sometimes I feel hurled to spiritual abyss.sometimes the mention of the very name of Allah moves me to tears,but sometimes I feel no feelings.Sometimes,overwhelmed by the surging feelings of gratitude or helplessness urge me to prostrate before my Lord then and there but sometimes I skip my prayers.
Any suggestions to fortify my spiritual progress?

Posted - Thursday, May 6, 2004  -  10:36 PM Reply with quote
waalaykum assalaam

i think this is the situation the prophet's sws companions went thru as well. they were worried too and the beloved sws told them if they did not experience such ebb n flow,they wud b angels!

Posted - Friday, May 7, 2004  -  6:59 PM Reply with quote
Thank you for the post!
Losing the pleasure of my Lord is my biggest fear.A life without the belief in God is hell,a dark tunnel with no opening;I have experienced it,I,ve gone through it.The very thought of falling back in to the abyss of disbelief makes me shudder.This thought keeps me restless and worried.What if lose the pleasure of My Lord?

Posted - Saturday, May 8, 2004  -  2:53 AM Reply with quote
assalamu aleikum,
I can understand how you feel because I think all of us have periods in which we experiance high Iman and thankfulness and we have periods when we feel down and we have dificulty in performing our obligations in the best way. Or at least I do have. We are only humans and I think it is quite natural to have low and high times. I read somewhere that Rasul Allah (sas) said that our Iman wears like the clothes on our back wears and we need constantly to renew it. I think if we happen to enter the low point we need to look around us and count our too many blessings. I understand what you mean you afraid to not fall back in the darkness, I was there too. But I think the fact that you aknowledge sometimes you are not doing enough or feel you are far from Allah is a sign that you are a believer and you what to correct yourself. Be patient and ask Allah for help(just do your best to always offer your Salah on time) and he will run to you. I wish you the best!

Posted - Sunday, May 9, 2004  -  8:32 AM Reply with quote
salams Plamena,,
thank you for ur insightful post!

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