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Topic initiated on Thursday, April 15, 2004  -  6:55 PM Reply with quote
Help me

Assalam o alykum everyone its soo nice to c htis site back :)
i wanna ask an advice abt teenagers .. the matter is that i have started teaching in a school and teach islam .. i take only 15 to 20 mins ...today was my fist class with boys of o levels adn a level ... i failed to catch the attention of all the students there were 4 to 3 students who kept on disturbing and making remarks or passing or u can say trying to act funny ... but that hindered the concentration of those who want to listen ... so can anyone sugest some tip to catch their attention also and secondly can u also tell me what and how should i go abt teaching them... what topics should i deal first and what last...
Jazak Allah

Posted - Friday, April 16, 2004  -  5:57 AM Reply with quote

well, i'm assuming that u dont have to follow any specific guidelines (like certain topics that must be covered for examination purposes) and that all your students are muslims, with a fair knowlegde about islam, when i write this reply...

the key to good teaching is to have the students actively involved - it should be more of a two-way conversation as opposed the teacher lecturing away expectin everyone to be listening intently..

the thing with teaching/learning (and always remember yourself that the best way to learn is by teaching - ie u probably will learn more yourself than what your students will learn from you..) islam is that we should always be in search of the truth, and shouldn't be afraid of questioning our beliefs.. so, u could maybe start by asking each student individually of why they think islam is the ultimate truth - when they give u an answer, u dont say "ok" and move on to the next person.. u should equip yourself with responses beforehand to get them thinking about why they believe what they believe (see example below).. most often than not, they'll get stuck very early on, and after that, there's a curiousity inside them - they want answers as to why islam is the truth (and as you're the one asking the question, they'll assume u have the answer - and believe me, u'l have their full attention after that...)

so, i'd say the first topic u should cover is to establish why we believe islam is the truth (and make sure to have plenty to back this view - not only the arguments for, but also mention what anti-islamic critics say.. u wont have a long-term affect on them if u dont go about teachin the truth, and telling both sides of the story...), and when interacting with the modern generation of youngsters, The Qur'an and Science has to be right up there in convincing people (including yourself) that islam is the truth... there are many websites out there dealing with this topic (i'll list them below), but make sure u go in search of anti-islamic websites in search of counter arguments to some of the claims made (as quite a few of them are unconvincing), make a list of the ones that u find most fascinating and teach them in class...

now once this is done, the students should find a new eagerness to learn more about islam, as they've been shown islam to be true through logic - as opposed to it being hammered into them (not necessarily a bad thing) as children.. and u could go on to different topics from this...

here's the sample conversation

Teacher: "Assalaam Alaikum, so, you in the front seat, Ahmed, tell me why u believe that islam is the truth?"

Ahmed: "Well, it's a way of life and if u follow it properly, u will be very content with your life"

Teacher: "True, but a Christian, or a Buddist would also say the same thing about their religion - how do u know that our way of life is better than their way of life?" (you can use a similar answer for a lot of the points that may be made)

Ahmed: "Well, Islam makes more sense than those religions do" (If he comes with examples, u should be able to

Teacher: "Have u done extensive study on all of those religions to see what does and what doesnt make sense?" (and all the time, dont be getting aggressive towards him.. constantly remind him that "i'm not pickin on you - just trying to get u to see the truth")

Ahmed: "Not really"

Teacher: "Then how can u make such remarks about those religions - u could have heard lies from people" (Another thing to keep in mind is that just because some things in other religions dont make sense, it doesnt always "prove" islam - you've atheism to deal with as well..)

and finally, when he's got no more to say..

Teacher: "Don't worry - that's what we're here to do.. to learn more about islam and why it is the truth..."

(and instead of aiming all your questions at poor ahmed, after he answers a couple - ask the next question to the fella sitting behind him - and so on.. also make sure u ask the "messers" questions as well - u want the whole class involved)

and from there, u go into teaching The Qur'an and Science... always remember than no matter how hard u try, there will still be the few that refuse to pay attention - if they dont want to learn, u cant really force them.. just try and be professional about it.. and yeah, that's about it - good luck with the research and dont hesistate to email me if u have any questions regarding the choice of topics for The Qur'an and Science thing - i've be very familiar with a lot of the counter arguments made..

the websites include:

and a few counter arguments can be found at:

it's a hell of an awful lot of work to do, but definately worth it - may Allah reward u for your efforts, Ameen.

Posted - Friday, April 16, 2004  -  8:50 PM Reply with quote
Assalam o alykum,
yes u r right i have no syllabi to follow .. i have to decide topics my self ..abhi tuk i have given two lectures adn co incedentally they coincided to what u have said i have asked them ... y should we follow religion .. and quran as a manual ...
and i will now tell them abt ur topic its a very nice one ... do tell me how and what should be its sub topics ??????
and do tell me ur email so i can tell u and ask u daily .. as i am really in a fix coz its a very big resposibility that Allah swt has endowed on me
Jazak Allah

Posted - Saturday, April 17, 2004  -  6:06 AM Reply with quote

do tell me how and what should be its sub topics??????

grand so, what i'll do is i'll list the topics that dont have too much vagueness surrounding them and have been reasonably well established as regards their meaning in terms of modern science.. it's important to remember that our interpretations of The Qur'an may be wrong and we may not look at the verses with an open mind - what one person says a verse means, another may think it to mean the opposite, if u get me...

1) Astronomy/Cosmology

www.rationalreality.com (for detailed analysis)

The Big Bang (Koran 21:30)
The Expanding Universe (Koran 51:47)
Early Universe "As Smoke" (Koran 41:11)
The Collapsing Universe (Koran 21:104)

The arguments for and against the Sun and the Moon topics u'll find on that website are quite complicated, so i'd wait a while before bringing them up

2) Embryology

http://members.aol.com/masadi/bio.htm (a link from the same website above)

All the points 1-7 made in the above link are very relevant.. just a quick note on a few of them - point 4 could as well as the ovum being composed of 75%-80% water, may be referrin to the fact that as we are today - our bodies are composed of 60% or so water.. it's also important to realise that point 5 doesnt contradict another verse in the Koran (75:38-39) which basically says that the sex of the embryo isnt determined until after the 'clot' stage (you'll understand this once you've read through the link above), but the two verses rather compliment each other.. the first verse states that the sex of the embryo is determined genetically by the "ejaculated drop", but anatomically, it's not possible to tell the difference between a male/female embryo until it's passed the 'clot' stage... and finally, some critics would claim point 6 to be vague and maybe not referring to the mixture being the sperm and the ovum - just mention this criticism to the class (as this may be an example of a misinterpretation by us Muslims of The Qur'an) and let them make up their own minds...

now, those are just a couple of the very many scientific subjects covered in The Qur'an.. for now, just read over them, try understanding the science behind each topic - if something doesnt make sense or has a potential criticism that's been overlooked, please dont hesitate in asking me (my email's below).. i think it would also be a good idea to print out pages of the lecture and hand them out to all the students - makes it easier to follow the topics..

and one final comment, The Qur'an is indeed an amazing revelation with all the scientific facts mentioned in it, but we must remember that there are still loads of unclear matters and apparent contradictions in it that need looking into (a comprehensive index of them is available at http://answering-islam.org.uk/Quran/Contra/index.html, although a lot the arguments made on this website seem to be very well researched, the answers often lie in misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions - u have to take each point one by one to get what i mean..) and it's beautiful the way that when u go in search of the answers to these "problems", u sometimes end of discovering a hidden message.. ie u dont ignore something that doesnt make sense, u go in search of the truth - and when u discover it, it's a very nice feeling.. so, as well as teaching the Science aspects of The Qur'an, i'd also encourage people to look into these "contradictions" - in search of the truth... Jaza-kullah and May Allah show the right path and have mercy on us, Ameen.

By the way, my email's shaz5050@hotmail.com - if anyone else has any questions regarding any of the matters mentioned above, fire away!

Edited by: Shahzad on Saturday, April 17, 2004 6:12 AM

Posted - Wednesday, April 21, 2004  -  7:06 PM Reply with quote

its v. pleasing to hv such knowledgeable comments from our young medical student.
may Allah bless ur time br. which u spare despite ur demanding studies, but indeed no knowledge is complete without the knowledge of Qura'n
good luck for ur exam!

if we see this verse re: embryology (pls see link
in the light of the beloved's sws saying that by 40 days all basic features of an embryo r complete then we can understand v. well that its not denying the scientific fact that the sex is determined at the time of conception whether Y or X containing sperm of the male finds a female sex chromosome, which has no choice but to offer X only; passing on the responsibility to the male partner for sex determination!(note that in our culture mostly women r blamed for this; however muslimahs and muslims believe the word of Allah that its only His will which determines this fact; if We wish We bless you with sons/daughters/both/none. (Ref:Qura'n))


Posted - Friday, April 23, 2004  -  10:27 AM Reply with quote
ass'alaykum amby, its great to hv u back on forums; we missed u;
and still grand to know about ur teaching
i'm sure shahzad's tips will work insh'
v. good luck

Posted - Friday, April 23, 2004  -  12:32 PM Reply with quote
Assalam o alykum,
yes i missed the forums and all of u too my teaching is going great and yes his advice was good but the kids want more and more day to day examples ..so if u can tell any experience relating ikhlaqiat u r more than welcome .

Posted - Saturday, April 24, 2004  -  6:02 AM Reply with quote

his advice was good but the kids want more and more day to day examples ..so if u can tell any experience relating ikhlaqiat u r more than welcome

that's odd - i would've thought that most teens would be very interested in the science aspects of things (i certainly am!), but i guess it's only a good thing that they'd like to know how Islam should affect the things they do everyday.. but i'm afraid ikhlaqiat (not too sure what that word means - assuming it's got somethin to do with rules and guidelines - somethin vaguely to do with Sharia law?) wouldnt be one of my stronger topics.. try searchin the net for islamic websites that would have stuff on it - there are bound to be hundreds of articles out there...

Posted - Saturday, April 24, 2004  -  10:47 AM Reply with quote
by ikhlakiat i meant morals and ethics like pride.. lying...drugs and such issues...

Posted - Tuesday, April 27, 2004  -  6:18 PM Reply with quote
one of our jr. members has written some v. useful info re: drugs and will b posted soon insh.
do look for it.
and these young students can also tell us wat they expect fom their teachers.

Posted - Saturday, May 1, 2004  -  3:07 PM Reply with quote
dear amby, nice to see u agen. i feel very guiilty 4 gettin u in2 this state as i suggested teaching :P
but i have ritten an article about drugs so u may wnt 2 hve a luk at it. u cn find it under SOCIAL ISSUES in the articles section and i hope 2 get the solutions on the site soon.

Posted - Sunday, May 2, 2004  -  9:10 PM Reply with quote
Asslam o alykum,
thanx for the articel i wil read it abhi... and dont feel bad as Allah swt has to take His work from us so He chose me.. i am just worried that i do it rightly..so everyone please pray a lot for me ... as i dont want to be the cause of hatred for anyone for islam.. i wanna ignite enthusiasm and love for ALlah swt in them...so any more ideas and some tips that can help me motivate them or which r interesting .. like quizzes or anything...

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