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Topic initiated on Wednesday, April 14, 2004  -  5:47 PM Reply with quote
The biggest threat to Islam

1) 5 Britons from Guantanamo

2) shoe bomber,

3) Spain (Madrid) bombing,

4) U.S. Muslim soldiers espionage

5) Council on American-Islamic Relations?

6) John Allen Muhammad

7) most recent British raid & ammonium nitrate


A University of Idaho graduate student went on trial Tuesday on charges he supported terrorism by running Web sites that recruited militants and raised money for groups promoting violence against the United States.

Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, a Saudi national working on his computer science doctoral degree, is charged with three counts of aiding terrorism and additional counts of visa fraud and making false statements.


Hungarian police say a detained Palestinian has told them he planned to bomb the Holocaust Museum in Budapest.

10) The above focuses on the West, where poverty, unemployment, and frustration are hard to pinpoint for violence on part of Muslims as elsewhere in Palestine and Iraq.

No wonder then you read the following news (apart from French ban, US immigration policies etc)


Mosque bid stirs feelings in Slovenia

The most recently proposed site for the mosque is in central Ljubljana... next to the ring road, beside some allotments and perfumed by the proximity of the city refuse dump. But some politicians remain firmly against even such a modest location.

"I wouldn't build a mosque here," says one woman adjusting her sunglasses in the bright sunshine.

"Slovenia is so small and I don't want a mosque here because we know what kind of people are behind all these recent explosions... We don't need that here... I'm against it."

MORAL: Fanatics are the biggest threat to Islam. A greater foe than all our detractors combined.

The above also addresses the question on the roots of terrorism, which is explained more so by 'evil ideology' than poverty, unemployment or any other factor for that matter.

Edited by: junaidj on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:52 PM

Posted - Friday, April 16, 2004  -  6:09 AM Reply with quote

very true, mate.. i received an email in relation on how to counter these extremists - i'l copy and paste it...

"I notice your comments about Islam being hijacked by terrorists.
What are you going to do to change these terrorists minds?

I suggest the following

Islamic extremists claim they are following Mohammed's example.
What can we do?

First, we must find rebuttals that specifically address all the
arguments which extremists, who call themselves Muslims, use
regarding terrorism.

The ideal rebuttal would be one which lists all the arguments for
terrorism which are based on verses in the Quran, Hadith and early
biographies about Mohammed, and then counters those arguments using
those same respected texts. Only then will the extremists listen.
The world might have been a different place today if those involved
in the September 11 attacks had of read such rebuttals while they
were still moderate Muslims. The lifeblood of Islamic terrorism is
the type of propaganda that encourages Muslims to fight in order to
spread the domain of Islam. Without recruits terrorist organizations
will eventually collapse. (Books have been written which claim Islam
is a peace loving religion. However, in order to refute the
arguments extremists use, a book ought to argue the extremists case
as solidly as they themselves argue it and then show from the texts
which they regard as sacred that they have got it wrong, if that is
the case. Unfortunately, I have found no such books.)

If you agree that this is the way to fight Islamic terrorism you can
do two things.

1. Find such books and pass them on (particularly to the young)

2. Pass this message on."

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