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Topic initiated on Friday, February 20, 2004  -  10:30 AM Reply with quote
Sunni or Shi'ah

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Assalaamu Alaikum. I'm a recent revert to Islam by the grace and mercies of Allah. Isha-Allah I will take some courses and maybe earn a certificate.

I want to ask a question. It's not my intention to offen anyone. However, I would like to know if this is a Sunni or Shi'ah site. I have nothing against the Shi'ah; however, Allah brought me to the His path through Sunni brothers. Therefore, I'm interested in studying Islam from a Sunnie perspective.

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Friday, February 20, 2004  -  12:03 PM Reply with quote

Hmm. This is great that you have embraced Islam. I extend to you a heartily welcome. May Allah reward you abundantly.

Please do not think that anyone is going to be offended by any your of questions. You may ask whatever you feel like. As for your present question, I'd like to tell you that Studying Islam is a site of the Muslims , adherents of the religion of Islam . We believe that we all have one identity and that is Muslims. The Prophet Abaraham (pbuh) also named us Muslims, which is endorsed by the Holy Qur'an. Please see [Surah Al-Hajj, 22:78].

I'd also like to add that when a person sets out on the path of God, what he/she should be concerned about is the soundness and authenticity of the information that they seek. If they sincerely set out on His path, He definitely helps them see 'what is wrong' as wrong and 'what is right' as right. Sincerity with God can only be demonstrated when a person is convinced that he should submit to the truth no matter if it is coming out of the mouth of a sweeper or a ten year old child. Truth is what we must seek and not some label. Label will not earn us salvation. Our submission and utmost sincerity will.


Posted - Sunday, February 22, 2004  -  5:43 AM Reply with quote
Assalaamu Alaikum.

“We believe that we all have one identity and that is Muslims.”

Thank you for your reply. The above sounds good, but it can cause a myriad of problems at the local mosque. Without sounding rude, I would appreciate a straightforward answer.

Thank you for this excellent site. Insha-Allah, I look forward to studying with you.

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Monday, February 23, 2004  -  11:39 AM Reply with quote
You are most welcome.

Hmm. I think I responded to the point unequivocally. There shouldn't be any other identity than the one given to us by Allah. Anyway, this website is not of the Shiite faction . Again, I assert that it is the soundness of arguments based on the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah which should matter in case of Islam. Not the label. If a Shiite comes and argues with us and we are convinced of the veracity of his standpoint, we will definitely submit to the point. Similarly, if you choose to study with us and you bring some solid points to our notice, we will embrace the same without any amount of hesitation. 'What is right' must be submitted to. 'What is truth' must be embraced.

Posted - Monday, February 23, 2004  -  11:34 PM Reply with quote

i think i can hv a say here b/c i come from a family of mixed background
my father belonging to sunni belief/faith and mother from a shiite family
so i had a chance to look at both v. closely
i'm pleased to remember that my parents never had an arguement on this matter therefore we were lucky to join each of them to both the teachings

the result was that as i reached an age of understanding i realized that really its a matter of understanding wat Abraham alah e salaam brought to us, which was TOTAL SUBMISSION to the One, with a qalb e saleem, an obedient and peaceful heart
the aim is to become an obedient, peaceful and satisfied soul,nafs e mutmainna, as Qura'n calls it(surah Fajr, surah no. 89)
so that wen we die, we die as satisfied soul too, as Paradise is prepared for pure and satisfied souls
(sorry if i'm straying from the subject)
but wat i mean all here is that its the True Submission in every story, whether it b the story of Abraham a.s., Joseph, Moses, Jesus, Maryam/Mary,Mohammad sws, or Hussain raziAllah anhu
all of them proved to b the True lovers of Lord and that is wat we ought to b insha'Allah
there is no doubt that our dearest br.Thomas must hv faced the awful aspect of our ummah today, sectarianism

but the good news for u br. is
that this website u hv reached is clean of sectarianism and orthodoxism

do browse it for a while and as u intend, do join certain courses

insha'Allah He will bless u and embrace u


Posted - Tuesday, February 24, 2004  -  10:23 AM Reply with quote
Assalaamu Alaikum brothers.

I appreciate the replies. Insha-Allah I will begin my first course soon. Thanks.


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