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Topic initiated on Wednesday, February 18, 2004  -  6:41 PM Reply with quote

haw it is stated in quran abt HIJAB. when n haw was it enforced.
wat is the implication of HIJAB for the present day muslims?
both for europian muslims n in muslim countries.
wat do u say abt the banning of HIJAB in sm europe countries?
was it really applied in the sense of "haya" by the girls or was it just the symbol of identity?
can a hijab be justified if other parts of the body are prominent.
it was also banned in turkey, being a majority muslim country, so wat do we get from it?
It also differs in application in pakistan, some have strict rules while others dont even apply it.
shud we keep bad perception abt the women not wearing a hijab.
Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Thursday, February 19, 2004  -  10:54 AM Reply with quote

The issue of Hijab has always been a difficult topic to touch on especially given the current scenario where feminists and fundamentalists are both working at extreme ends.

I do not believe that any country has a right to interfere into personal likes and dislikes of people. However, if there are some administrative reasons, obviously, the banning of Hijab may be justified though this seems not to be the case in the example of Turkey or France. Sometimes, it is these diehard fanatics which create an environment where any 'symbol', which otherwise would have been quite 'normal', become a thing to detest and protest against.

Can Hijab be justified if other parts of body are prominent?

The purpose of dress, which a person wears keeping in view the norms of morality, is to purify the soul. How can they attain purification when they are revealing themselves? Diaphanous or skin tight clothes run quite averse to the objective of inner purification.


Posted - Monday, February 23, 2004  -  12:59 AM Reply with quote
and this issue has been discussed more in detail on page 4 of general discussion forum, viz, "women's issues"


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