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Topic initiated on Wednesday, June 1, 2022  -  2:16 PM Reply with quote
Makkan & Madinan Verses


In Arrangement of the Qur'an A. The Classical View (p.8) Suyuti is quoted saying that there are 3 views regarding the Makkan and Madinan classification.

Which view is taken by the Contemporary approach?

I have read the course notes, Islam: A Comprehensive Introduction and Dr Shehzad Saleem's Introduction to the Qur'an but I am yet to find the answer.
"...the Madinan Surah's bring out the practical implications of the doctrinal statements made in the group's Makkan Surahs..." (Arrangement of the Qur'an B. The Contemporary View, p.4). Is this what distinguishes Makkan and Madinan Surahs, the Makkan contain doctrine and the Madinan contain the doctrines' practical implication?

Thank you.

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