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Topic initiated on Thursday, February 13, 2014  -  4:55 PM Reply with quote
The contents of Qur'aan are بَصَآئِرُ: Visual imag

The contents of Qur'aan are declared بَصَآئِرُ: Visual Imagery

The objective of a book is accomplished when its text creates an impression in the reader's minds. A powerful tool to achieve this objective is imagery, a figure of speech, which employs words to create mental images in the mind of the reader. It makes the reader feel as if he is present in the very moment, right between the lines. Words that do not stimulate imagination are just symbols sprinkled on a blank piece of paper. Images and emotions are recreated by using vivid descriptions and comparisons with the help of sound words.

Grand Qur'aan illustrates in a unique way by the choice of such words whereby it produces images and describes events as though were happening in front of the reader. Its vivid descriptions portray image in such manner as if it were being displayed in a live recording. The reader feels watching the past and future events visually. Let us listen the elevated Messenger of Allah the Exalted:

You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "It is a fact; evocative luminous enlightenments: Verbal descriptive passages of Grand Qur'aan picturing-imaging the past and the future have since reached you; a communication from your Sustainer Lord.

Like the purpose of authoring a book, the objective of critical reading is accomplished when semantic information is filmed in the explicit memory; he has formed a mental picture particularly of that information that may occur or be possible in the future. This enables him to remain on guard since retrieval of pictured information from memory is most easy and spontaneous. It is elaborated:
It is our everyday experience that some visuals instantly effect us; pleasingly or disturbingly. Many people start weeping feeling melancholic on watching a scene-tragedy in a movie. Horror movies terrify. A critical and careful reading of marvelously worded passages of grand Qur'aan creates similar imagery and effect on the reader:

The day we start reading the Grand Qur'aan following the norms about how to read a book using our own brains for imagination and grasping the imagery; the time-space will be squeezed in the eye of our heart. The exalted universal Messenger Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam has unfolded for us the invisible realities by the explicit will of his Sustainer Lord, Allah the Exalted Who confirms:

Grand Qur'aan is alive in time and space. Its sublime characteristic is that it warps the space-time. Its par excellence imagery can make us feel living in the remote past as well as in the remote future despite being beyond the catch of our visual faculty. We should read it extremely carefully to locate ourselves as to where are we placed ultimately: hell prison or the Paradise.

The contents of Qur'aan are declared بَصَآئِرُ: Visual Imagery

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