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Topic initiated on Sunday, June 30, 2013  -  9:18 PM Reply with quote
doors of ilham for Momineen is open or not??

there is an argument presented that doors of wahi and ilham are open for pious people.
1, very first argument given is that in ummat e musvia ilham was blessed to even women and men aswell who were not from prophets ,so how can this khair e ummat left from this blessing.this ummah has thousands of mulhimeen and mukalimeen and this would be the significance for it.
can anyone please share knowledge to let me understand this matter because i have read a lot about this and i have many questions about this matter in my mind. jazakallah

Posted - Wednesday, July 3, 2013  -  5:04 PM Reply with quote
Read surah 6:93
the translation is like this "And who is a greater evil-doer/distorter/creator of imbalances/disorder/over stepping than the one who conjectures a falsehood attributing it to be from Allah which is neither written in the Book of Allah nor there is tangible evidence from knowledge
or the one who said: "Revelation has been communicated to me" while nothing of the sort was communicated to him.
{[any one who claims that what he says is that he gets from the same source the Chosen and Elevated Servants of Allah obtained, i.e. directly from Allah, he falls in this category of evil-doer/distorter].
I think this should answer your question.

Posted - Thursday, July 4, 2013  -  12:49 PM Reply with quote
jazakallah i have read that ayat and tafaseer of different mufasireen as i could. as per i understood there it is mentioned that whosoever claims revelation and in actual Allah Has not revealed upon him he is great evil doer as Musailma ,Aswad Ansi and some gave the example of Abdul bin sarah who was katib e wahi.
1.those who claims they have received revelation from Allah in present and past never claimed that this wahi is of nabowat . they claim that as it was revealed to companions of Jesus a.s and revealed to mother of Moses a.s and this doesnt have any realtion with deen and nor they were prophets .it was for just their satisfaction.
so from their point of view it is blessing for this ummat to get satisfaction their matters.
hope you have got my question. if you can refer me any article about this discussion or any other refrence thats well and good i would be thankful.

Posted - Tuesday, August 20, 2013  -  3:56 PM Reply with quote

................ they claim that as it was revealed to companions of Jesus a.s and revealed to mother of Moses a.s.........
That revelation was before the declaration in the Qur'aan that "this day I have copleted the deen......." So now that deen is complete there will not come any more wahiyi.

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Posted - Saturday, September 21, 2013  -  4:42 AM Reply with quote

I am not sure about companions of Jesus(PBUH) but in Quran about Maryam (PBUH) and mother of Moses (PBUH), it is mentioned that Angels told them the GOD ' s intention. So angels came to them but they were not prophets. It may indicate that angels can come and talk people other than prophets as well. Again here one important point that this happened before the last prophet era.
So can still angels come to somebody ?, we can never be sure, what we are sure that Muhammed (PBUH) was the last prophet and no new prophet will come now till qayama.

The bottom line is; if anybody claims this, we would never be bound to believe that guy. Even if theoretically, a real angel is coming to him/her , we are never bound to act according to his/her any advice.

Secondly, this should be considered as personal experience for that guy, not for other people.

And lastly any person who thinks angel comes to him/her, he/she must get his/her own psychiatric assessment and clearance from a good psychiatrist before really believing it.
Hallucinations of seeing angels and talking of God are very common symptoms in psychotic illnesses.


Edited by: safimera on Saturday, September 21, 2013 4:54 AM

Posted - Monday, November 11, 2013  -  1:16 AM Reply with quote
thanks for the clarification

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