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Topic initiated on Friday, July 15, 2011  -  11:16 AM Reply with quote
Live and let live

Live and let Live

This simple slogan is the main key to peace in our lives. It helps us in living our own life in the best way we know how. When we live and let live, we don't need to criticize, judge, or condemn others. We have no need to control them or try and make them conform to our way of thinking. We let others live their own lives and we live ours. When we practice tolerance in our lives we are liberated to work on our own issues. When we use this slogan we end many of the conflicts in our lives and gain the ability to stop new ones before they build into big ones.

"Believers, adhere to justice by bearing witness to it for God. And the animosity for a nation should not induce you to not do justice. Be just; this is nearer to piety. And have fear of God; indeed, God is well aware of what you do. (5:8)"

"[Paradise is for Muttaqeen] who spend their wealth [seeking approval/ appreciation of Allah] in prosperity and in adversity and they suppress/control/ curb the rage/anger or sublimate [divert excessive energy into positive direction instead wasting it in negative activity] and they overlook/ignore the excesses from people.(3.134)"

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