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Topic initiated on Sunday, August 1, 2010  -  6:55 AM Reply with quote

"Thank you" message from Khan

"patriotism is not enough. there should be no bitterness or hatred against anyone"
"what doesn't break you makes you strong"

"as you all are aware i decided to step down from my voluntary & honorary service to the site a couple of months ago. sadly some unpleasant incidents happened at the time due to some misconceptions amongst the colleagues which is quite usual where us- humans- work together. however i apologised & apologise for any discomfort that i personally caused to anyone. i am deeply thankful to my teachers (shzd saleem sb & javaid ghamidi sb) for all that i learnt from this treasure of knowledge and wish them all the best in their mission of bringing light of knowledge to the world.

as we move fwd together, we could be working for the same cause but with some differences. i feel that these people are doing great job but because of their commitment with the basic work on shariah, they are a step behind the work currently needed in europe & other parts of the world i.e. interfaith work. however, i hope and pray that they will be there soon insh'Allah as this dire need of the time cannot be denied and they will come face to face with this at every step as they move out globally. the teachers they quote and claim to follow, hameeduddin farahi & ameen ahsan islahi (their souls be blessed), have already written a lot on interfaith that needs to be brought forward instead of being pushed under the piles because they are busy with the basic important stuff. if some people are busy with no time for this genuine work, then others must come fwd & should be encouraged to take this up as we cannot expect everything to be done by the same people.
insh'Allah we shall be pursuing this interfaith work via "Faith Anchor". we need our teachers' prayers for this sacred interfaith mission of hameeduddin farahi, actually of Muhammad(pbAh) and God Himself!

the 2nd field they need to concentrate on is the position of women in islam, again at a global level & in changing times and roles. 'coz this change can also be not ignored. "wal-asr" gives this message clearly about the all- time changing circumstances and the need to find islamic solutions to the issues that raise time & again.

اللاھم الف بيننا قلوبنا - واصلح ذات بيننا"

Posted - Monday, August 2, 2010  -  4:52 AM Reply with quote
first of all!!! I agree with hkhan what she said here about

1) interfaith dialogue
2) woman in islam

Living in Canada, I also believe in the same way,.....people in west have learned the tolerance in discussion and peaceful way of arguments....which is not very common in present eastern culture and muslim world as well..

...may be, this generation of west may embrace the real message of GOD more openly, which their older generation could not do....

Secondly as we accept that many sincere people are busy in other important jobs and somebody else has to do about such issues (according to hkhan)...so what and where hkhan is doing in this regard and how someone could know about it and contribute his/her efforts.

hkhan should answer us????

Lastly!! I am wondering why still hkhan is giving message thru others??

still she is ban to send a single comment here by herself???
if it is policy of admin......then this is too much from admin.

saba!!! u could answer this!!!!????

Edited by: safimera on Monday, August 02, 2010 4:58 AM

Posted - Thursday, August 5, 2010  -  6:01 PM Reply with quote
Safimera i am sorry I cannot help you here, I have no information that I can pass on to you.

Posted - Sunday, August 8, 2010  -  10:07 AM Reply with quote
samra==> can you tell us how to contact hkhan about such activities (interfaith dialogue)....

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