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Topic initiated on Friday, June 18, 2010  -  8:44 PM Reply with quote
‘Islam’s relations with other Religions’

Look out for our fresh booklets on "Common Misconceptions about Islam; Women and Non Muslims" at the Exhibition"
(Our scholars still working on some sections in "Misconceptions about Women and Islam" and we wish them the best for that)

With compliments
Studying Islam UK
Dean and CEO Faith Anchor
Renaissance Readers Club UK

As Salamu'Alaikum

Please see the following information on 2 significant events for June 2010

Exhibition Islam and The London Central Mosque and the Islamic Cultural Centre are pleased to announce the:

Exhibition on
‘Islam’s relations with other Religions’

At The London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in London, UK,
between 19th and 24th June 2010.

The 6 day exhibition will witness the introduction of brand new exhibits and displays that are
currently in production from the Exhibition Islam team. The exhibition will also showcase a
number of manuscripts, coins, and other artefacts that show how the Islamic faith gives
immense importance to the freedom of religion and recognises people of different faith

Posted - Saturday, June 19, 2010  -  4:20 AM Reply with quote
This is very important thing and needs to be highlighted in non- Muslim countries as much as possible. May Allah reward you for your noble efforts!

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