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Topic initiated on Thursday, June 3, 2010  -  10:32 AM Reply with quote
Are we going to help them? Killers!


The prophet sws advised to help not only the oppressed but also the oppressors, by trying to stop them from oppressing people. Today's modern psychological studies tell us that most of the time the oppressor himself is oppressed.

We cannot ignore the education of the people we live with by discriminating them because of their religion, class or creed. A large number of people in UK are on some sort of so called 'relaxant' from stress and depression, be it in the form of excessive alcohol, substance abuse or sleeping pills and anti depressants. People need some sort of support, something like a Faith Anchor.

Similar incident happened in Berkshireover 20 years ago. As I walked down the street in Berks yesterday, that was full of lovely children and pigions, I thought he victims of such incidents can be anybody in the area, Muslims or Non Muslims. So when it comes to helping such people who involve in these crimes because of their mental status and high degree of stress levels, how can we say that 'Our educational system is for a certain religion and class of people only!" And whether such a suggestion comes from a man or a woman, regardless of who is it coming from, the pioneers of Truth must look at the message and think!

People are looking for answers to their questions about life, it's purpose and how to go through this test of life. It's becoming a global problem. God wants to help them. Don't we?


Dr.Henna Khan CEO & Dean- Faith Anchor A project of Renaissance Readers Club UK

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Posted - Thursday, June 3, 2010  -  12:41 PM Reply with quote
Yes I think it is very important as God reminds us in Quraan to be aware of the evil that surrounds you and even the innocents can be the victims of such evils if the innocents don't come forward to do something about it.

I don't believe that such suggestions for helping in these scenarios should be thrown behind our backs because it comes from a woman or somebody unknown or unrelated or even ...an animal as Allah says in the Quraan that He will even bring out an animal from the earth to call people to God, when people will stop listening to each other! Some religious scholars are trying to do research about this that what will be this animal? Initially it was thought it could be Dolphin but dolphins come out of sea and have no clear message to give so far.

Posted - Thursday, June 3, 2010  -  2:39 PM Reply with quote

...an animal as Allah says in the Quraan that He will even bring out an animal from the earth to call people to God..........
Please provide reference such as Verse number, Surah etc.

Posted - Saturday, June 5, 2010  -  6:14 PM Reply with quote
Please do that for me as you are so good at that. I can tell you this much with guarantee that it is in Quraan!!

Posted - Sunday, June 6, 2010  -  2:14 AM Reply with quote

Please do that for me as you are so good at that. I can tell you this much with guarantee that it is in Quraan!!
You wrote that and the burden of proving it rests on you.

Posted - Sunday, June 6, 2010  -  8:34 PM Reply with quote
Dear Brother. I am not 'burdened' by such egoistic complexes. That's men's world! My aim is to take the best of the opportunities for learning and sharing. If I knew I would have shared; but if you know you say you won't- because you are burdened with your 'men's special' the egoistic complex :P

Posted - Sunday, June 6, 2010  -  10:30 PM Reply with quote
thx for your responses. may God help us to help the oppressed and the oppressors (by trying to divert them from oppression)
I have been away on a weekend intensive course on 'human factor' given by an RAF professional to nhs doctors regarding human error, personality understanding & relationship, behaviors during conflicts etc. a very useful content. I suppose many of us must have had at our religious and other professional scenarios.
(i was wondering if we cud also organize for our faith and interfaith bodies? as surely we deal not only with each other but also with a vaste variety of public factor)

was just watching the cumbria victims' service and it's so touching to see & hear the verses from the revelations and an extensive and detailed service based on the strength of faith that is crucial during these difficult times. again I feel that we as faith bodies have a critical role to play to comfort the public during these stressful times of financial and other difficulties and stresses so that such tragic events could be avoided.

may God be with our sincere and joint efforts to serve His people and look after ourselves and each other too. amen


another peace message from mj I keep hearing from children:)

"what about us??
the heavens are falling down
what hv we done to the world
look wat we hv done
did u ever stop to notice
all the dead children from the war

i always used to see beyond the stars
now i dont know where we are
but i know we have drifted far....."


henna khan
VC Slough Faith Partnership
Chair Renaissance Readers Club UK (Faith Anchor)

H.Freeman (Jewish MuslimWomen's Forum West London)

Dear All
I thought you might be interested in reading what I am saying to the congregation tonight in my sermon. I am trying to say two things.. that being surrounded by people who express hatred and the wish to 'wipe you off the face of the earth' makes Israel extra conscious of security needs and not to take chances, whatever the international response, but also that the loss of life is a tragedy to be avoided and that the ordinary civilian population in Gaza are the people who really suffer and need help
I do think that we as a group can perhaps transcend boundaries and talk about things on a level that most groups are not set up to do
Sorry I won't be with you guys for the next meeting but do think we need to follow up together
Love to all
you may write to jelen on

From: Rita Halbright
Subject: Re: voice

Dear Henna -
As always, thank you for your thought provoking message.

I think it is fair to say that we are all deeply troubled by any loss of life. I can just say for myself, that the hardest thing for me is that it often seems to be a counter-productive situation.

Palestinians are suffering deeply because they cannot get basic supplies. Israelis are afraid that the Hamas-led Palestinians will attach them so they want to control what goes into the area. How do we support both sides so they can feel safe and looked after?

I know our next meeting won’t give us time to reflect on this issue, but I would welcome the opportunity to speak with some members of our group either one-on-one or in small groups to see how we can learn from each others’ reactions and insights.

In peace,
you may write to Rita on ritah@dircon.co.uk

Rabbi Zvi Solomons
Here in Reading I have repeatedly tried to set up dialogue between the ladies of my community and the Muslim community, but keep getting blanked. We really need to meet each other socially and talk to each other – there is far too much importation of foreign politics and talk of oppressors and oppressed when this is actually a complicated issue worthy of even-handedness and fairness. I have found that my very small community here in Reading have already suffered from the Gaza incursions last year – at the hands of Muslim youths, which I find most ironic, since we try to foster good relations with Muslims in Reading. I find that it helps not to avoid issues but to see the matter from the eyes of the other side, and work towards true understanding whilst maintaining our integrity.

Let’s not let this become a tribal issue. It’s not Muslims versus the world, it’s a small group running Gaza versus the Israeli Government. To state otherwise would be to cause unnecessary conflict.

Please note that we’re so very small that we don’t even have a synagogue in Slough – but we do have one in Reading which serves the Jews of Slough.

Rabbi Zvi Solomons

Rabbi Zvi Solomons
Reading Hebrew Congregation
7 Goldsmid Road
Reading RG1 7YB
0118 957 1018
Mobile 07828 742282

On 6/1/10 9:36 PM, "HKhan135@aol.com" <HKhan135@aol.com> wrote:

the <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/10208027.stm>;

gaza convoy attack;very disturbing news. some friends & children were asking;ur interfaith & jewish muslim forums colleagues must hv written to the embassy~wondering if we are designing a letter or something
there are 42 british citizens


henna khan
slough faith partnership
CEO & Dean Faith Anchor(A project of Renaissance Readers Club UK)

Posted - Friday, June 11, 2010  -  8:55 AM Reply with quote
Currently it's a hot topic on BBC and other news channels that what caused the incidence recently where a middle aged local man killed some people out of desperation and rage and finally took his own life in UK. Life style is being discussed as well as education of the public; but along what lines?? no one is clear. People looking for the options.

It's high time we present the beauty of the Message of God and his Messengers in order to present the options to Serve Humanity in the best way instead of wasting time on ignorant clashes amongst ourselves. Both the parties (UIUK and SIUK) have said what they had to say. There are times when God wants us to use our skills in diversity in order to serve various purposes and requirements around us.
UIUK seems to be in Phase 1 still and alhamdulillah SIUK has already moved into Phase 2 as they initiated much earlier & working on multiple fronts.

May Allah be with everyone's sincere efforts.amen

wassala'm (peace)

Dean and CEO: Faith Anchor

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