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Topic initiated on Tuesday, May 25, 2010  -  9:07 AM Reply with quote
Hadith Al-daif-6 (Zaeef hadees)

Hadith Al-Da’if - 6 (Zaeef hadees)
“People will be called by their mother’s name on the day of judgment.”
This is a fabricated hadith. The above mentioned words are referred through Ishaq bin Ibrahim Al- Tibri. Ishaq said that we were told by Marwan Fizari who was told by Hameed Taweel and he referred to Hazrat Anas RA for these words. Ibn Adi who has referred this hadith, said that as per narrators this hadith is detested as the narrator Ishaq bin Ibrahim is who disbelieves ahadith.
Ibn Habban said Ishaq Bin Ibrahim is a disbeliever of ahadith and it is not recommended that his narrated ahadith be quoted. Ibn Hakim and Ibn Jauzi also support Ibn Habban’s opinion. Allama Nasir uddin Albani has also categorized this hadith as inauthentic in his book ‘Silsila Al ahadith al-zaifa wa al-mouzua’.
The authentic hadith in contradiction to that mentioned above is available in Sunnan Abu Dawood. According to that hadith Hazrat Abu Darda RA said “on the day of judgment you will be called by your parental and forefather’s name”.

Posted - Tuesday, May 25, 2010  -  3:11 PM Reply with quote
THanks for sharing! more of them in this very thread!

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