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Topic initiated on Monday, December 29, 2003  -  1:06 PM Reply with quote

sir my name is wajahat haider from pakistan my question is that income of bank workers is legale or illegale in islam.
And next qs is that plastic surgery is allowed in islam or not.
PLZ give me brief answer

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Saturday, January 3, 2004  -  7:15 PM Reply with quote
We the Muslims have been prohibited to cooperate in matters of evil. Since working in a company is actually equivalent to helping it perpetuate and grow, it is wrong to work for a bank because of its interest business. However, if any person fails to find job anywhere other than a bank, his case is different. Since he is under compulsion, Allah will surely make allowance for that fact.

There is nothing immoral involved in plastic surgery. I therefore do not see any reason to consider it bad or inappropriate. Considering the spirit of Islamic directives, I rather find myself appreciating it because it is a method that helps cure the victims.

Posted - Tuesday, January 13, 2004  -  5:43 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
May this message reach you all in the best of health and increasing emaan.Ameen.
since the question was asked about banking, i was hoping if anyone would kindly explain to me why exactly is interest haram? i understand the basics of it, but feel that i do not know enough. i would appreciate it if those of you who knows would reply.
Jazak Allah Khier.
Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Wednesday, January 14, 2004  -  12:24 AM Reply with quote
The first and foremost reason is that it has been proscribed by Allah. It may sound a bit weird to those who look into philosophical reasons before accepting a propositions. Indeed, there are many matters which humans cannot resolve justly with their intellectual ability. These matters have been taken up by the Law and explained amply.

The other chief reason which seems to me is that interest is another name of exploitation . This exploitation may be of the borrower or the indirect consumer.

Posted - Tuesday, May 3, 2005  -  9:11 PM Reply with quote

· Those who swallow down usury cannot arise except as one whom Shaitan has prostrated by (his) touch does rise. That is because they say, trading is only like usury; and Allah has allowed trading and forbidden usury (2: 275)

· Allah does not bless usury, and He causes charitable deeds to prosper, and Allah does not love any ungrateful sinner. (2: 276).

· you who believe! Do not devour usury, making it double and redouble, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, that you may be successful (3: 130).

Usury is no doubt forbidden but what is it (usury). Is it not to straiten a needy person who has borrowed? The definition by brother Jhangeer Hanif, “interest is another name of exploitation and this exploitation may be of the borrower or the indirect consumer” seems to be more appealing i.e. if there is NO exploitation then we can further ponder.

Regarding the plastic surgery I again agree with brother Jhangeer Hanif.

FEW WORDS ABOUT PLASTIC SURGERY (For general knowledge only)

Plastic is derivative of Greek word “ Plastikos” which means, “that may be moulded”- same as the material- plastic, which is moulded to form the things. In plastic surgery the surrounding local or distant tissue of the same body is moulded to achieve the goal. The primary goal of Plastic Surgery is not the APPEARANCE or beauty of the part of the body, which is secondary, but the HEALING and the FUNCTION.

Posted - Thursday, May 5, 2005  -  11:31 PM Reply with quote
Can someone please translate the words Usury and Riba which everyone appears to equate with modern day interest.

Posted - Friday, May 6, 2005  -  10:26 PM Reply with quote
Assalamu alaikum,

QUOTE: Can someone please translate the words Usury and Riba, which everyone appears to equate with modern day interest?

According to my understanding it is as follows.

If someone borrows some money and after sometime he/she has to return not only the same amount but the added extra amount too, this extra amount is called USURY. If someone can’t return the money during the specified time then the extra amount becomes increased and increased with the passage of time. If RIBA and the INTEREST play same types of the cards, then all three (Riba, usury and interest) are one and the same.

Not sometimes but most of the time we say like for example, “The cutlets of the meat are Haram but their soup is Halal” and this in general, seems to be backbone of the disagreements between us, if I have succeeded to explain by closing the river into the bowl. As long as we have our hands, mouth and the stomach same as those who had been eating Riba then surely, “The meanings of the interest, playing the same game, would remain unchanged today OR same as Riba”

God hates those eat usury which is an extra unfair amount paid AFTER A PERIOD and what about those who charge extra money AT THE SPOT by a sophisticated manner and consider it, with their full confidence, Halal for them??

These are my views. Some comprehensive approach may add.

Wassalam with the SAYING OF GOD

O you who believe! Most surely many of the doctors of law and the monks eat away the property of men FALSELY, and turn (them) from Allah's way; and (as for) those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah's way, announce to them a painful chastisement. (9: 34)

Posted - Saturday, May 7, 2005  -  2:26 PM Reply with quote
According to my understanding it is as follows.

With due respect. It would help everyone to make up their own mind on the subject if we knew the exact meaning of RIBA & USURY.

Posted - Sunday, May 8, 2005  -  6:15 PM Reply with quote
Asalam Aalaikum

Basically the interest based banks function by giving interest to people and by keeping a small amount from the people as reserve and lending or investing the same money at high interest rate or return.

So these banks generate most of their profit and revenue from interest and Islam forbids interest.

But Islamic banks donot function this way.Their is no involvment of interest in Islamic banks.


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