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Topic initiated on Saturday, April 24, 2010  -  8:30 AM Reply with quote
Pearl~concept of charity

"The giving of love and mercy to others is also a form of charity." April 24

Although I have taken this quotation from an interfaith calender in today's date and this particular quotation is from a Faith group called 'Brahma Kumaris' but we can see that there is a saying of Prophet Muhammad sws that gives a similar message i.e. even smiling to someone is a charity, if we can't do more.
However as simple it sonds, it's not easy. A smile reflects the inner self. We notice that if we remain angry at heart, it's difficult to smile at others because we have not been able to forgive people and we blame them for our calamities. Only true faith in heart & trust in God for our good & bad times can change this state of mind and bring a smile to our lips even in the face of the hurts recvd from the people. A shining example of this is found in the Sunnah of the Prophet sws when he travelled to the valley of Ta'if. It was his strong faith in his Lord and the love of His people, that was again because of His love that made him pray for his oppressors!

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