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Topic initiated on Friday, April 9, 2010  -  4:40 PM Reply with quote
Need to learn from the Mistakes

Here is a copy of the mail I recieved regarding the violence that followed Meeladunnabi in Heyderabad (India)


Subject: Need to learn from the Mistakes
In Hyderabad this year Meelad-un-Nabi was celebrated with special gusto and pomp. Ask why?? They made models of the Ka’aba and the green dome on the Rawdah of Rasoolullah (SAS) and paraded them all through the old city. At many places they had these models near cross roads with loud speakers blaring Qawwalis (Nasheeds with all sorts of shirk words) blaring late into the night. Green flags with the crescent moon, as you can see in the picture, were strung up all across the roads and the whole old city turned green. Young men on motorcycles roamed the city all through the day and night, wearing green turbans and waving flags with pictures of swords and the Kalima written on them. In the picture below as well you can see one man with a plastic sword replica in his hand standing next to the model of the Ka’aba. People who passed by these models did so reverentially and paid homage to them in various gestures of worship. These young Muslim men who roamed the streets, stopped people at will and rubbed green color on their faces.
During recent visit of Acharya Dhirender to Hyderabad who held meeting of Hindus and provocated hindus to show Hindu's strength during Sriramnavami and Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations to counter the show putup of Muslims during Meelad-un-Nabi.
Then came Sriramnavarmi and Hanuman Jayanti a few days later and the Hindus decided to celebrate this with equal and more splendor. They tried to take down the green flags to put up their saffron flags and small clashes developed. How can Muslims allow their green flags to be removed? What we put up has to remain there till the Day of Judgment (Qayamath). Then on the day of the festival the Hindus took out a huge procession (after all there are more Hindus than Muslims – 80-20) and damaged the walls and minarets of some old masaajid and burnt some prayer mats and attacked Muslim shops and burnt them and so on.
The police clamped a curfew and issued shoot at sight orders to bring matters under control – which was a very good thing otherwise matters would have become even more grave. However the curfew naturally caused a lot of distress and trouble to people in the old city where it was in effect and the majority there are Muslim.
Is celebrating Meelad-un-Nabi in this way, causing all kinds of public nuisance and disturbance, necessary?
Does ‘demonstrating strength’ mean only to cause problems for people? And if so what kind of strength is that and what image does it create for us?
How about demonstrating strength by feeding poor people or holding medical camps or starting schools or cleaning the horribly filthy streets and so on? It takes much more strength to do those things than to string up silly flags and make sujood to plastic and cardboard models of the Ka’aba and the green dome.
Ah!! Our leaders and our brainless public................ We do not know when we will stop baseless, cropped up and show putup festivals of islam and rituals like Meelad-un-Nabi celerations etc..

This was our Muslim action in Hyderabad which is totally against Quran and Hadith. THE RESULTS ARE BELOW


Regret: unable to upload the pictures.

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