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Topic initiated on Monday, February 1, 2010  -  4:03 AM Reply with quote
My year as a Muslim... observations and reflection

I have been a Muslim for one year and it has been a great year. I have found solace, peace, wisdom and a wonderful wife in my year as a Muslim. I could not connect with any other faith the way I have with Islam. After reading the Quran it was almost instant that I had to learn more. The first 3 times I read the Quran I read it with a mind of a Christian and warmed up to the text, the next 3 times I read it, I read it with the mind of a Jew as I am a born Jew and I found I began to love the Quran. The next 3 times I read it I discovered I had to let anything that was in my eye go and read the text as it is given upon its own merit and I now cherish the Quran and continue to read it many more times.
I have not learned any of the hate, violence and negativity that so many prescribe to the Quran and Islam. I have found none of that in any Islamic text I have come across. I have failed to see what people's arguements with the Quran are about. So I must surmise that it is a vast ignorance in which those negative statements reside.
Sadly, I see some Muslim disconnected from the Ummah and the Quran and seem rather confused and displaced in the Muslim community. It is not surprising to me since there is so much negative media spoon feeding the minds of Muslims as well the poor actions of some Muslims that choose to disregard the true teachings of Islam and commit horrible astrocities as well as about how bad and violent we are. If someone gets whipped enough I think they begin to believe that they deserve the backlash and feel that Islam holds nothing for them, instead of shoring themselves up within the Ummah and drawing strength from their faith they shy away.
I see so much potential in the Ummah and sadly I see that deteriorating. We seem to be dispersing and falling away looking for other faiths. I wonder if that it because we feel the unhinging of the Ummah and no hope for it as if it's beyond repair. Here in the States it is very hard to get an Islamic education let alone have the ability to pay for it and excel at it. I find a lack of support when I speak to Imams about how I might live a life more in accord with Islam and have employment that works with that. As well as develop friendships with other Muslims that I may also offer support to them and vise versa. It may be a difficult task to repair the Ummah, but NOT an impossible one.
Granted this is just my observation and desire being put to words. I feel strongly about Islam and what it has to offer and the liberation one can feel in submission to Allah, but ultimately it is He that decides whom He guides and whom He chooses not to guide. I am grateful that I have Islam and I am happy being a Muslim. Thank You Allah.

Asalaam Alaykum.

Posted - Thursday, February 4, 2010  -  5:37 PM Reply with quote
thanku and welcome to our site with sala'm sufiyan; thx for the v touching writing. u r right~it may be difficult but not impossible; this is why we are here
as for communicating and making friends in ur area u can always join our studying islam or serving humanity communities.

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