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Topic initiated on Saturday, December 26, 2009  -  8:35 AM Reply with quote
Hadith Al-da'if -2 (Zaeef hadees)

Hadith al-da’if - 2 (Zaeef hadith)
“My companions (RAA) are like stars, to ever whom you follow you will be on right path (guided).”
A da'if or maudu' hadith, as stated by Ahmad b. Hanbal, Ibn 'Abd al-Barr, al-Bazzar and many others. According to Allama Albani this is a concocted and baseless hadith.
Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal this is not a correct hadith as described by Ibn Qaddama in his book “Al-muntakhib”. At another place this hadith is narrated by a chain of narrators and that ends up with Hazrat Abu Hurrairah RA and Jafer Bin Abdul Wahid is one of the narrators. According to Imam Darre Qatni Jafer used to fabricate ahadith.
Ibn Abd al-Barr in “Jama’e ul Ilm” while commenting on the sanad (chain of narrators) said this hadith is not worth believing as one of the narrators Haris Bin Ghussain is not trustful.
Ibn Hazm in ‘Al-ehkam’ says that the sanad if this hadith is not worth believing as one of the narrators Abu Sufian is an old man and the other narrators Haris Bin Ghussain and Salam Bin Suleman are in a habit to narrate ‘maudu’ (fabricated) hadith and this is one of them.
Ibn Hazm further states that not only is the isnad unsound, but the hadith cannot be true for two further reasons: (i) the Companions were not infallible, and hence may make mistakes, so it would be wrong to say that following any of them leads to guidance; (ii) the comparison with the stars is wrong, for not every star guides one through every journey.

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