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Topic initiated on Friday, December 18, 2009  -  3:59 PM Reply with quote
islamic new year & non islamic new year??

hv jst returned from a medical conference in middle east;and hv found the forums here so deserted~wats up!where s everyone gone? to celebrate the new year ?
i hv recvd quite a few messages of 'happy new islamic year' since morning. i m grateful and really appreciate this.i think we must remember these dates because lot of islamic hx is attached to these and also it keeps us uptodate with our religious festivals.
however some of our muslim brothers & sisters are quite adamant about the fact that we must stick to the islamic new year wishing only and i was wondering do we really need to discriminate between new years now from where we live." this is islamic new year-this is non islamic new year." whereas all the year long we follow the schedules as per the solar calender.

Posted - Monday, December 21, 2009  -  8:57 PM Reply with quote
walaykum assalam. As far as I have learnt we must not make any difference. If we are living in a time and age where we use solar calender for our every day routine, therefore people wish happy new year to eachother, there is nothing in it which is against Islam.The Prophet saw and his colleagues or sahaba akram have never celebrated any particular new year nor does Quran say anything about it.

Posted - Thursday, December 24, 2009  -  11:21 AM Reply with quote
Actually the so called Islamic calendar is the Moon related year & it's readjustment marked the Migration/Hijrah of our beloved Prophet PBUH.

Posted - Friday, December 25, 2009  -  12:15 AM Reply with quote
B i s m i l l a a h i r R a h m a a n i r R a h e e m (in the name of God the most gracious, the most merciful)

Al-Hijra (The Migration)!

Happy New Hijri Year-1431 !

The Georgian Calendar starts from the Birth of Holy Prophet Isa (Hellenized Jesus) P&PBUH, and Islam's revival from the Migration of Prophet Muhammad (P&PBUH) from Makkah (where his followers, mostly the poor and weak, were prosecuted, harassed, tortured) to Medina (inhabitants of which, two rival tribes, wanted the Prophet of peace to come and harmonize between them)

Happy New Hijri Year by Harraz.


A Celebration of Light and Unity (for the entire humanity).

Sahara by yanasawa.

Prophet Muhammad (P&PBUH), changed, with the migration
as he (P&PBUH) travelled across the desert, from Makkah to Madinah,
to start peace and unity, for the entire humanity!


The only thing he fought for, and wanted to preserve
was the religion of Al-Islam, so Allah (G&EBH) alone we could serve!


For 13 years he (P&PBUH) taught Tawheed (Oneness), until the hearts were firm
with knowledge that Allah (God, G&EBH) is the Only God, worth of worship!

Remembrance of Allah (Printing Format) by Deen-ul-HaQ.
The time had come to leave Makkah, under Allah's command
Then the Prophet (P&PBUH) and his followers, migrated to a new land,

Madinah Al-Munawwara (meaning, in English, the Enlightened or Radiant City)


A place where they could establish, the laws set by Allah (God, G&EBH)
The initial group of followers was small but united, in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarrah


The migrants went with happiness, leaving all their wealth behind
Being with the Prophet (P&PBUH), was the only thing on their mind!


The Ansar or the "helpers" (for the "inhabitants of Medina"), welcomed the Prophet (P&PBUH) to their land
To him they pledged allegiance, for Islam (submission to the One God G&EBH) they took a stand!

32046H by ebtikar.

They all sang songs of welcome – Men, women, and the youth,
For Islam brought to humanity – Justice, Peace and Truth!


And from that trip in 622 AC, Islam spread far and near...


To every corner on the Earth, to both hemispheres!!


Muslims standing together, with no cultural boundaries.. ..


It doesn't matter if you're black or white, Arab or Chinese.

Deeds (Printing Format) by Deen-ul-HaQ.

The only thing that unites people,


so beautifully and strong...


Is the belief in Allah G&EBH) and all His messengers (P&PBUT), as you cannot go wrong!


The year is now 1431, after the Hijra (Migration)...

And still the number of submitters continues...

...to grow in size!

Jamarat Day by jamalaly.

O people smile for this One Religion of God G&EBH!


Be proud of be submitted to the Will of the One God G&EBH!

The more united humans will stand, the stronger they will be (against their common ennemy, Satan)!

Maghrib-Isha at Muzdalifah by Raimy Sofyan.

Here's a special message from our family!


We are thankful for the Hijra (Migration), a celebration of light and unity!


Be proud to be a submitted to the Will of God (or a Muslim) -- in faith and in following His Commandments (the same commandments in the Old Testament, the Holy Torah, the New Testament, the Holy Bible, or the Last Testament, Al-Qur'an).

Islam (Submission to the One God) is what all prophets (some 124,000 in total, very few Allah G&EBH did not mention to us in examples) taught to their tribes and nations over the history of human kind (starting with Prophet Adam, P&PBUH)


So as Muslims today, what can we do?

Help by donating and praying, to and for all humans!

Mercy Nights .. by q8 girl.

As while we enjoy the conform of peace in our homes in USA, Canada, others in many parts of the World live day to day, and daily under occupation, prosecution, fear, or may not have the basics of life (water, food, medicine)...

And remember "None of you is Momin (true believer in God and all His appostales including Prophet Muhammad P&PBUT, His Scriptures in their original forms, the Day of Judgement, destiny good and bad) unless he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself", a Hadith (or saying of Prophet Muhammad P&PBUH) as compiled in Sahih Bukhari -- or collection of Imam for Leader in Faith, Al-Bukhari, May God G&EBH Be Pleased with Him)

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