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Topic initiated on Saturday, September 12, 2009  -  12:25 AM Reply with quote
9/11 and the misconceptions about non- muslims

every year this date reminds us that there are multiple gaps between muslims and non muslims even when living together in various parts of the world, which does not help understanding eachother, hence leading to misconceptions and hatred.
these gaps need bridging up by educating both the groups with the true concepts of islam.
this website & it's sister projects havealso endeavoured to do some work in this regard
Check out the relevant videos on you tube


and the special issue on this topic in our monthly Renaissance journal.


Whither International Relations?
Shehzad Saleem

Almost six months have passed since that fateful morning of September 11 when several thousand innocent civilians of the United States were mercilessly massacred by a team of suicide pilots. The ghastly incident landed like a bolt from the blue and left the world shell-shocked. This time it was not the ‘Japs’. A band of ‘aggrieved’ Muslims had gone on rampage. Besmeared with the blood of peaceful citizens, these pilots or the masterminds behind them could never have imagined the extent of the carnage they were ultimately able to pull off.

The affects produced by this incident are far reaching and have influenced almost every domain of life. One such domain is the sphere of international relations. Of particular mention in this regard, is the question of Islam’s relationship with other religions and polities of the world. This question assumes great significance when it is taken into account that the perpetrators of this terrorist activity have put forth religious arguments for the mass murder they committed.

In my opinion, when we look at the arguments presented by these diehards and at the general Muslim stance regarding Islam and its relationship with other religions of the world, we find that there is something desperately wrong with the Muslim approach.

As a student of Islam, I have tried to ascertain in my humble capacity what exactly is ‘that wrong’. In the following pages, my findings appear in the form of a research article that spans the whole of this journal. I would request the serious reader to critically and carefully go through this work and send me his/her observations. I would specifically ask activists engaged in interfaith-dialogue to spare some time for this article.

Posted - Sunday, September 13, 2009  -  5:27 PM Reply with quote
Has Osama Bin Laden been dead for seven years - and are the U.S. and Britain covering it up to continue war on terror?


Posted - Monday, September 14, 2009  -  9:12 AM Reply with quote
hmm...watever uncle;i think we must take all this as an opportunity to present our beautiful deen to the world wat do u think
(while i write this, i can hear this song being played in our clinic 'loving me loving u a ha..' so really come what,we must see how can we spread our love and peace to the ones around us and get the same for our brothers and sisters in difficulty in various parts of the world)

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