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Topic initiated on Tuesday, August 11, 2009  -  1:54 PM Reply with quote
Health crunch and Credit crunch.--Life styles.

Check out latest intensive projects from nhs for 'stop smoking'
as it has been clearly proved now that smokers have 50% low immunity compared to the background population, hence making it difficult to treat for any infection specially chronic illnesses.

similarly other plans and projects are in way for Drinking and it's negative consequences on health.
Appaarently, it's the whole life style of "Free Lancering", do what you want, not settling down in a disciplined or "Giving" life style. Just "wht I like", getting oneself indulged in smoking, drinking, holidays, free intermingling,ending up with various diseases, causing more and more money to the Health facilities, being rather a burden on the system and funds.

Even the people who are working hard otherwise & earning money, in free time they feel okay to indulge with the other activities thinking this is the best use of their free time and money.
This is taking the present generation no where but to a further downfall of health and credit.

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